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Pisces Full Moon 2017: Magic spell!

Pisces Full Moon 2017: Magic spell!

For all you dreamers out there, we have a super-romantic, magical full moon in Pisces coming up on September 6th! Not only is this full moon dripping with romance, it’s also closely conjunct glamorous Neptune in Pisces, the planet of dreams, beauty and unconditional love. Forget keeping to schedules, fulfilling duties, or sticking to a strict discipline. Let your mind wander! Divine creative inspiration is also a hallmark of Neptune and of Pisces. At its best, Pisces is pure love. Universal love, romantic love, love of your fellow man, love for God. Pisces opens your heart, not out of ideology or moral obligation, but because it feels you. This is a time for miracles, healing and creative inspiration.

This Pisces full moon has a dark side too. It can get you lost in a maze of lies and deceptions, self-pity and delusion, weakness and even substance abuse. Anything to escape harsh reality, which is often too cruel for Pisces’ bleeding heart. If you feel overwhelmed by sadness, loss or confusion during this time, don’t worry. It will pass. The sun in Virgo is offering a counterweight in the form of simple, practical tasks (and crafts) you can do to stay sane. Keep your hands busy. DIY, doodle or scrub things clean. Ground your body in the every day and let your imagination take flight. Pay attention to your dreams! Don’t commit to anything yet for definite as Mercury has only just gone direct and things lack definition. Wait a week. Saturn in Sagittarius in hard angle to the full moon is keeping you aware of any thin red lines you should not cross. And Pluto in Capricorn in wonderful harmony to this full moon gives you strength you never knew you had! Make the most of this magical moment!

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Pisces Full Moon Horoscope for your Star Sign

The Pisces full moon takes away your protective coating and makes you vulnerable. Where? The horoscope for your star sign has some clues. Disturbed by strange premonitions? Let the professionals handle it! Call now on 0207 111 6384 for a reading with one of our gifted psychics!


You may feel somewhat helpless and strangely emotional. This is a time to withdraw, heal and pray. It’s a time to give thanks and let others take care of you for once. Stolen moments with your sweetheart could be incredibly romantic. If you’re artistically inclined, this is a truly inspired time! Keep a  dream journal.


This full moon marks the moment when a romantic dream or aspiration of yours finally comes true! Alternatively, it may be time to release a dream, let it go and look for fresh inspiration. You may have a glamorous event to attend, or experience a magical moment of love, forgiveness and healing with a friend or someone in your circle. 


This is a magical moment for your career, dear Gemini! Something you’ve been aiming for is finally coming to fruition and you can hardly believe your lucky stars! Enjoy this moment of beauty and inspiration and don’t push for results. You are looking very glamorous and that’s enough. Fame and glory, here you come! 


Let your spirit soar! Are you on a late summer holiday? This is a sublime romantic moment when you can soak up a foreign culture, relax by the water and leave the daily grind behind. Romance and creative inspiration are to be found way outside your comfort zone. Open your mind! A spiritual message you put out there could go viral.


You’re feeling especially sensitive at this full moon, dear Leo. If you’re single you might be missing the intimacy of a relationship. You're ready to open up to love!  Hitched? Make time to be alone with your sweetheart at this most romantic, ecstatic full moon! Don’t sign any financial papers because you’re probably unclear on key matters.


This is a big, magical relationship moment. Hitched? You’re inspired about your future together and are willing to let bygones be bygones. Single? The full moon brings a vision of your ideal union! A creative partnership could also be on the cards. You’re ready to step out there and channel your creativity!


This full moon fills your day to day life with magic, dear Libra! Maybe a big work project is coming to a head, or maybe you’re perceiving the beauty in life’s little things. If you’re looking for work, a moment of inspiration could show you the way. Your body is extra sensitive right now so take care, avoid substances and get a good night’s sleep. 


You’ve hit the jackpot, dear Scorpio. This, the most romantic full moon of the year, is in your love and pleasure zone! Get ready to fall in love all over again - with your sweetie or someone new - try for a baby or simply experience sexual delights! Your creativity is at its best too, so engage your imagination and let divine inspiration flow.


Your home is looking very glamorous! You’re inspired to clear away junk and add beautiful touches here and there that tickle your imagination. It’s time to connect with your creative source, heal emotionally and wash past sorrows right out of your hair. A family member could be feeling vulnerable and need your help, something you’re willing to offer.


You’re surrounded by glamorous people and tantalising ideas! Has a film crew just moved into your neighbourhood? Or maybe you’re scoring a media success? This is a good time to try your hand at automatic writing or put pen to paper and let inspiration flow. Words entice. Take them with a pinch of salt. A short trip is dripping with romance!


This romantic full moon comes with a word of warning for you, dear Aquarius. Don’t sign any money away! You might be taken for a ride. That out of the way, this could be a magical moment, validating the things and people that you hold most dear in life. A financial dream could come true. Sacrifices may be needed but you can channel your talents and resources into something truly worthwhile.


You’re a vision to behold, shimmering with an otherworldly glow, dear Pisces! This is a very important moment for you, when you can close the book on a miraculous and transformative few years. Take up the mantle and be an inspiration for others! Dreams, visions and illusions all blend into one infusing you with a fresh and more inclusive sense of self. Enjoy the moment. You’ve earned it!

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