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Pluto in Capricorn: Earth Shifts and Global Transformation

Pluto in Capricorn: Earth Shifts and Global Transformation

Pluto is in Capricorn until 2024 and the world is terraforming (or is it terrorforming?) before our very eyes! Pluto entered the sign of the goatfish in November 2008, heralding the world financial crisis and making it clear that the old ways would no longer work. Thus began a process of global power-shifts and major structural and socio-economic changes.

Capricorn, the star sign presides over political, social and economic institutions that form the backbone of society. It’s the master of the physical realm. Associated with the establishment, it rules hierarchies and people in high places. Pluto is the harbinger of change and transformation. (Check his profile in the planets in astrology) As a representative of our collective primal instincts, it pushes us to extremes to discover what we're made of. It is the destroyer of what's rotten and the bringer of new life. This often generates an intense power-struggle, as what’s dying clings on for dear life - by any means.

Pluto is power. And with Pluto in Capricorn power is now amassing in high places: governments, churches, institutions and large corporations. To quote Lord Acton:

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

We will come to know the truth of this claim as this transit unfolds. As well as what happens when people begin to think that the ends justify the means or that might makes right. Many in the grip of this transit may espouse these ideas because it suits them to do so, or because they believe that they have no other choice...

Whatever Pluto touches eventually becomes unrecognisable. Whilst Pluto was in the star sign of Sagittarius (1995-2008), we saw religious (Sagittarius) atrocities (Pluto) – a dark side of that placement. But we also saw a huge economic (Pluto) boom (Sagittarius) based on easy borrowing, globalisation and technology. We had easy travel, easy money and easy education expanding our horizons and making us believe that anything is possible. And let’s not forget the world-wide-web, which broke down barriers in previously unthinkable ways and made our lives unrecognisable by 2008, beyond what we could imagine back in 1995.

If Pluto in Sagittarius saw expansion at all costs, Pluto in Capricorn will see structure and organisation (as well as power and control) at all costs. Our collective instincts are geared toward contraction, austerity, consolidation (and bureaucracy!), increased controls and the centralisation of power. We could scarcely imagine the current turn of events back in 2008 when Pluto made its first entry into Capricorn, much less what the world will look like by 2024 when Pluto leaves! Earth’s tectonic plates are truly shifting.

Historical Times with Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto takes 248 years to go around the zodiac. Past periods of Pluto in Capricorn have seen major shifts in power, as well as oppressive tactics by those in power, leading to conflict and reform. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn in 1762-77 saw the American Declaration of Independence! The one before that in 1515-32 saw the Reformation! The bloody French Revolution followed a Pluto in Capricorn transit which was encapsulated in France by a decadent rule that widened the gap between rich and poor. Where reformation was not achieved we soon had revolution (once Pluto entered rebel Aquarius). Powerful empires can be built under this transit. The USA is a case in point, as is Charlemagne’s Holy Roman Empire (his forceful European conquests largely taking place between 778-795 with Pluto in Capricorn). The Roman Catholic Church (the mother of all patriarchies) was arguably also founded with Pluto in Capricorn with St. Peter’s visit to Rome in 45AD. Funnily, so was London, at around the same time (47AD), which seems to be building a mini-empire all of its own these days, ever since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008! These are certainly fascinating times we live in. Let’s hope that whatever new powers arise by 2024, it wil be a change for the better.

Things we can expect with Pluto in Capricorn

  • Global power shifts: the decline of old empires and the rise of new Super-Powers
  • Radical reform in society, government and the economy brought on by major regulatory re-structures
  • Centralisation of power/ absolute authority / totalitarian regimes/ monster bureaucracies
  • The exposure (and cleansing) of rotten hierarchies and corruption at the top
  • The transformation of energy industries (e.g. oil): both via new extraction technologies and greener alternative sources
  • Earth shifts / earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign - literally 'moving' or 'pivoting' earth)
  • Military coups / breakup and reconfiguration of world nations
  • Blind ambition, power-clashes and ruthless empire-building
  • Financial catharsis, giving birth to a new cycle of economic growth

Pluto, Uranus and Saturn: Aspects that Shape our Future

Since 2012, Pluto has been in mutual reception with Saturn in Scorpio, allowing governments and banks to work in tandem to maintain the status quo. Now, with Saturn in Sagittarius, legal, ethical and philosophical questions are bringing another dimension to the global chess-game, with 2015-2017 marking a transition phase. By the time Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn (2018-20) we will see radical changes at the very top, with people in power having to answer for their choices and the beginning of a new socio-economic cycle of growth. Meanwhile, the 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto square represents an irrevocable clash between centralised power and the individual's fight for independence and self-mastery. While Uranus in Aries square Pluto has  brought conflict and struggle, by 2026 global changes will flow much more rapidly, when Pluto and Uranus trine in air-signs.

How does Pluto in Capricorn affect Each Star-Sign?

The effects of Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) are felt externally by all of us with global financial and political changes affecting all our lives. Nonetheless, Pluto’s transit also offers an opportunity for radical personal transformation! ‘Pluto’ literally means 'riches' in Greek, so you could truly uncover treasure wherever Pluto is transiting in your birth chart. (You will have to dig through some dark tunnels to get there - but it's worth it!) Read your sun sign and your ascendant to find out more.


With Pluto at the very top of your horoscope (your 10th house of fame and honours), you are undergoing a very public transformation.  Since November 2008, your outer image and life-direction are slowly being de-constructed to be replaced with something new. The upheaval may be extreme in some cases, ranging from a complete career change to a rise to fame (or fall from grace) to life-altering experiences of marriage and children. People's perception of you is changing radically. Meanwhile, your relationship with a parent is also being transformed. This may give you a taster of what it's like to be the one in charge (or, equally, at the mercy of someone else on top). Power-struggles with authority figures in general are likely and you may develop worldly fears and phobias, fearing what's "out there".  All that is out there, arguably, is the things that you yourself project. This transit is asking you to own your power and not give it away to others. There is always treasure to be uncovered where we find Pluto if we are brave enough to face change. Your treasure will be achievement against the odds, personal power and authority, and the knowledge that you can make your way in the world come what may. 


Pluto in the house of your guiding credo (the 9th house) is radically transforming your outlook on life. The early part of this transit, starting November 2008 may bring a loss of faith as you experience change and corruption in institutions, people and ideas you hitherto admired and aspired to. But by the time Pluto leaves in 2024, your philosophical outlook, sense of purpose and intellectual standing will look radically different. Intense encounters with foreign cultures and powerful ideologies may cause you to go on a quest. You may embark on a demanding course of study, go on a life-changing journey, become a passionate voice for something or even change your religion. Travel to foreign lands is likely to bring intense experiences over the next many years. You may develop religious phobias or a fear of flying (or travel). If so, this only reflects your fear of the unknown. What this transit is asking of you is to be brave enough to leave petty thoughts behind and seek greater vision and understanding. Where there's Pluto there's treasure. In your case, this can be wisdom, a mentor-like influence and a powerful future vision. 


Pluto in Capricorn since November 2008 is raising your life's intensity to the max. It's in the most passionate and private part of your chart (your 8th house), where it makes it very difficult for you to live life on the fun and frothy surface (where Gemini likes it best).  Pluto's presence is testing your limits to see what you can and cannot live without - whether this is sex, influence, money or a special someone. Your joint (household or business) finances are put through the wringer with divisions of property, mergers, commissions, gains and losses becoming life-changing events. The balance of power within your relationship is changing. Sex is a transformative experience right now not to be taken lightly - as is abstinence. You may experience both as you're undergoing a crash-course on closeness and trust. Fears and obsessions around sex, death and money reflect your soul's desire to experience life raw without sugar-coating it. This transit is asking you to face your fears of intimacy and dependence (of being in too deep) and to commit to someone heart and soul. The paradox is that by letting yourself be changed through intimate emotional and financial involvement, you will uncover your true power, as well as something indestructible deep within your soul - a priceless and fearless treasure!


Relationships have become an all or nothing affair ever since Pluto entered Capricorn (and your 7th house) back in November 2008. Pluto brings transformation through partnership - wether business or romantic - but it can also create powerful enemies and fierce competition (also a form of relationship).  Your most intense experiences come through your encounters with others now and until 2024. It may be that your spouse's circumstances change radically over the course of this transit or that you marry or do business with someone powerful - or someone in a crisis or even someone who is highly demanding. Either way, relationships require change from you. Marriage is likely to be a life-changing experience. You may develop paranoias and obsessions about others whilst feeling powerless yourself under this transit.  This is because you sense that other people have the power to change your life. But you are far from powerless. Indeed your encounters (whether friendly or not) are awakening you to your own potency! This transit is asking you to engage in relationships fully, holding nothing back. Pluto always brings treasure. While others may guard the chests, there is a large share of that treasure that is yours. All you have to do is meet them half-way.


Pluto in Capricorn (in your 6th house) has begun a slow and thorough restructure of your work and daily habits since November 2008. You may be going back to work after a long sabbatical, re-training, getting new staff or seeking to change your job into something more fulfilling. It's time to perfect your skills and increase your efficiency. You may experience health phobias or fears around work and your function in society during this time. If so, these only reflect your new-found respect for the way small things have the power to affect large things, such as your body (comprised of organs and nutrients), your day (comprised of minutes and hours) and your business, household or society (comprised of people with different skills). Fulfilling work is a must with this transit - you just cannot do any odd thing. Being of service and having an important function feels empowering now (this is different to putting yourself in a subservient position which feels disempowering). Paying attention to your body, exercising and eating healthy is also empowering (this is different to obsessing about your food/health which is disempowering). It's all about finding the right balance. Pluto in Capricorn is asking you to sit up and take notice of all the little things that make up a large organic whole. Your treasure at the end of the rainbow is a kind of mastery: by mindfully taking care of all the little things each day, the big things will simply fall into place! 


Pluto in Capricorn in your (5th) house of children, romance and creative self-expression since November 2008 is awakening you to your generative powers and your capacity for joy. Love affairs can be life-changing now, allowing you to experience intense highs and lows, while existing love bonds are becoming totally reinvigorated. This is also a time of prolific (even obsessive) creativity, where you derive intense pleasure through self-expression. Having or raising children is likely to be an all or nothing affair during this time, bringing you face to face with your own fears but also with unimaginable joys and an unshakable source of strength within you. You may have phobias around bearing children or expressing what's in your heart during this time, as you sense the transformative power of these experiences. You may also be afraid to take a risk and fall in love, sensing that you would not be able to hold back. Your need for love is intense and all-consuming now as is your urge to realise your creative potential. This transit is asking you to dare to take risks: dare to love passionately and be hurt; dare to express yourself and risk censorship or criticism; dare to be happy even if it's for a fleeting moment; dare to let life flow through you with abandon! The treasure of a fulfilled heart that has truly lived will be what awaits you at the end of the rainbow.  


Pluto at the root of your horoscope (your 4th house) is shaking up the very foundations of your existence. A gradual transformation of your home and family structures since November 2008 may now find you in the midst of a difficult or unrecognisable living situation. Real-estate matters may be dominating other aspects of your life generating deep insecurity. Ripping out the old and putting down new roots is going to be a life-defining experience with this transit - it may be scary, but by the end of it your foundations will be far stronger than they ever were before. Your relationship to your parents is also changing: they may be going through difficult times leaving you to build your own secure foundation. This is an excellent time for therapy, to recalibrate family bonds and reclaim your personal potency. This transit is asking you to let rotten foundations crumble and build solid new ones, whilst internalising all the things that give you a sense of continuity, history and belonging, and which make you who you are - without relying on external structures for this. By the time Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2024, your living situation and family dynamics will have changed radically and you will feel empowered by the experience. The foundations of your new castle will house an invaluable treasure: a sense of total self-reliance providing you with security and continuity; an empowering knowledge of where you come from; deep family bonds; and a solid new base of operations.


Pluto's presence in the (3rd) house of your everyday exchanges since November 2008 has brought you gravitas, radically transforming the environment in which you conduct your day to day affairs. You are raising your game, coming into contact with powerful people and handling big business and important transactions that are literally life-changing. Your daily interactions with others are likely to remain very intense in the coming years. Pluto in Capricorn is sharpening your mind - and for a mind as sharp as yours this should give us pause for thought. This is an excellent time to purge your thoughts through some form of therapy, confession or dialogue, as well as for going back to school and learning something new, as whatever you learn now will be etched in stone. If you have siblings, get ready for your relationship to become intense and demanding, and eventually radically transformed. By the time Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2024, how you think and interact with others will be totally different. You may have power-clashes with siblings, neighbours and other small unpleasantries during this time too. If so, it's because this transit is asking you to sharpen your powers of observation and engage with your surroundings on a much more real and gutsy level. Knowledge and greater influence over your surroundings, passionate new interests and an invigorated mind - those are the treasures that Pluto will confer to you.  


Pluto has settled into your 2nd house of money and resources since November 2008, prepping you for a total financial transformation.  You are likely to experience financial extremes during Pluto's stay - from untold riches to absolute poverty - and by the time Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2024, your income and expenses will look radically different to what they did back in 2008. As you experience various extremes, your values will also undergo a huge transformation, becoming more wholesome. This transit may naturally generate fears around money and your self-worth. But there is nothing to fear as it is ultimately an empowering transit. It's asking you to utilise your talents and build your assets from the bottom up, for that's the only way to understand how money and energy flows in the world and witness your ability to attract it. This will give you an unassailable sense of what you are truly worth. It is of paramount importance that you make the best of your talents, resources and earning power during this period.  'Pluto' means 'wealth' and the treasure he will leave behind for you will be a veritable goldmine of talents and resources for you to utilise and give your life substance. 


You, dear Capricorn, have hit the jack-pot. Everything is changing and you are changing with it. Since November 2008, Pluto has turned you into a survivor, making it very clear that you need to forget the old ways. Pluto is showing no mercy, stripping away unthinking attitudes, toxic emotions and failing life-structures, transforming your body and physical appearance and making way for a new and improved you! One danger is that you succumb to a doom-and gloom or cynical outlook in an attempt to manage your expectations and maintain what little control you can. This is a futile exercise and you may as well let the dark stranger that is Pluto abduct you and find out what he has in store. This is what happened to the Greek goddess Persephone after all and she ended up a queen of a whole new kingdom! As Pluto may bring power-clashes, another danger is that you become too dominating, ambitious, ruthless and brutal, losing your humanity and behaving like a callous tyrant.  Abuse of power will not go unpunished during this time. The best way forward here is to welcome change and behave gracefully, but this advice is probably falling on deaf ears as you feel that your very survival is at stake and so that anything goes. The truth is that you are being reborn. This transit is introducing you first hand to nature's transformative and regenerative powers and bringing you into contact with something greater. Its treasure is a new and indestructible you, with a mature, deep inner strength, like a diamond forged through fire.


With Pluto ensconced in the most indefinable part of your horoscope (the 12th house) since November 2008, there is an aura of mystery about you. You may find yourself involved with large corporations, powerful institutions and behind the scenes activities; or you may have powerful backers, join secret organisations, and participate in major philanthropic works and collective movements. You are surrounded by power like a fish is surrounded by water - and your only way of participating is by osmosis - by becoming one with everything around you. You may also acquire hidden enemies during this time. If so, the best thing to do is call for spiritual help and protection as these are likely to be your own inner demons in the flesh. You may develop a fear of mass or unseen forces while Pluto is in Capricorn, but it is in coming into contact with what is hidden and merging into the collective that you can become empowered. Prayer, meditation, isolation and mystical experience are likely to have a transformative effect on you these years, leaving their mark. This transit is here to teach you that there are powerful undercurrents in the world, beyond what is immediately obvious. Working constructively with universal forces, access to the world's riches and an unshakable spiritual faith can be the treasures that Pluto grants you, before he enters your own sign by 2024.


Friendships are going through major ups and downs ever since Pluto entered Capricorn in November 2008. Betrayals, obsessions, intense attractions and power-struggles in your social circle are teaching you about society and the ways of the world. Pluto is here to purge your life of toxic associations and put powerful allies your way who have the wherewithal to help you accomplish your dreams. Joining like-minded groups and communities can grant you the power you need to effect change in the world. Your influence is likely to increase, slowly but surely making you into someone to be reckoned with. If there's anything you need to guard against it's becoming too fanatical and absolute in your ideologies and your pursuit of change. This transit is awakening you to your social conscience, to being passionate and committed to something beyond your immediate needs. The treasure, by the time Pluto leaves in 2024, will be an unassailable position in your community, true friends and the knowledge that you are an integral part of a greater and meaningful whole.


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