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Why Princess Diana Was The Ultimate Cancerian

Why Princess Diana Was The Ultimate Cancerian
If Princess Diana had been alive today she would have been celebrating her 55th birthday on July 1 2016. She is probably the most famous Cancer Sun sign woman in the world and here are some of the reasons why.

Princess Diana’s Key Cancerian Characteristics

The Name
Cancer is the sign of the zodiac that’s ruled by the Moon and one of the most famous Moon goddesses in mythology was named Diana. A Roman Goddess, Diana meaning ‘heavenly’ or ‘divine’ was goddess of the hunt and the virgin goddess of childbirth and women. In mythology, Diana was one of three maiden goddesses who swore never to marry.
It would be interesting to know whether Princess Diana was aware of the mythological status and history behind her name. Sources state that she was named after a distant relative who was also known as ‘Lady Diana Spencer’ before marriage and like Diana was a prospective Princess of Wales.
The Nursery Teacher
Diana was a nursery teacher when she met Prince Charles at the age of 19, perfect for a caring Cancerian, the sign that rules motherhood, babies and children due to its association with the Moon. In fact, most of the employment she was engaged in before marrying Prince Charles fits her Sun Cancer profile perfectly, the sign of nurturing and caring, and the symbol of the Domestic Goddess.
Diana was first a nanny, she then took an advanced cooking course at her own mother’s suggestion, did some cleaning work for her sister and friends and acted as a hostess at parties. Her most famous employment, however, was as a playgroup assistant for pre-schoolers and once the first photos appeared of the future Queen aged 19 looking slightly timid and demure, she quickly gained the nickname, ‘Shy Di’.
The Aristocratic Background
Cancer is the sign of the zodiac that’s associated with heritage, lineage and tradition. Therefore it’s fitting that Lady Di was born into an aristocratic English family with royal ancestry that connected her family with most of Europe’s royal houses. She was the daughter of Viscount and Viscountess Althorp and Diana’s title as a child and young woman was The Honourable Diana Spencer.
At 31 years of age, Prince Charles was said to be under pressure to find a partner with suitable lineage to sit on the throne of England as his Queen. Although he’d previously dated her older sister, Sarah, his relationship with Diana began in earnest in 1980. Diana ticked all the boxes and she was chosen to be his young bride.
The Family
Cancer is the sign that rules the family and in marrying Prince Charles, Diana joined one of the most famous families in the world. Their marriage took place at St. Paul’s Cathedral on July 29 1981 and from the outset Diana rose to her duties as royal consort. There were many trips abroad representing the Royal Family both as a couple and as a family, once their two young boys joined the royal dynasty.
However, it can’t have been an easy existence for Diana as Cancer is typically a private sign, indicating a person who enjoys the comfort of a close knit family and simple pleasures. Plus it soon became apparent that theirs wasn’t a happy marriage as Charles rekindled his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, another Sun Cancer, and Princess Diana began a relationship with Major James Hewitt.
The Mother
Diana flourished when she became a Mother and some of the most beautiful photos of her time in the Royal family show her laughing with pure delight as she enjoys fun days out with her two boys. Prince William was born first on June 21 1982 and two years later Prince Harry joined the family on September 15 1984.
Some Royals put duty before family but you sense that Princess Diana was a mother first and a Royal second, so typical of her maternal Sun in Cancer. She wanted the boys’ lives to be as normal as possible and for them to enjoy the love and care of a close bond with their mother. She was a young Mum too and only 20 years of age when William was born. The relationship between Diana and her sons flourished until she died prematurely at the age of 36 in 1997.
The Peoples’ Princess
In Diana’s chart, she has a Sagittarius Ascendant, the global and international sign, plus her Moon is in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. Put the two together and this is a woman who excelled in her charity work around the world and she obviously found this area of her royal duties deeply fulfilling.
She famously backed the charity to ban landmines but whether working with the homeless, the vulnerable, the bereaved or the elderly, her Cancerian gifts of sensitivity and compassion shone through. It was, however, her work with children around the world that most notably evoked her natural warmth and understanding. You could see that children around the world loved her and her tender cuddles with children suffering from Aids made a big difference to the public’s awareness of the disease.
The Eclipse Cycle
Eclipses are relatively rare events in the astrological calendar as they take place in pairs twice a year and one of the planetary bodies involved is Cancer’s ruling planet the Moon. An eclipse takes place when the Sun, Moon and Earth are in a unique pattern in the heavens and the Moon intersects with the karmic Lunar Nodes on the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun through the zodiac.
Eclipses pinpoint events in the lives of key individuals intertwining their own individual journey with the path of destiny. They often play a prominent role in the lives of royalty as the Sun represents the King in astrology and the Moon the Queen and not surprisingly Princess Diana’s role in the Royal family was closely linked to the eclipse cycle.
Diana married Charles on July 29 1981 two days before a solar eclipse, her first son William was born on June 21 1982 the day of a solar eclipse, the announcement of her separation from Charles was announced on December 9 1992 the day of a lunar eclipse and Diana died on August 31 1997 within 24 hours of a solar eclipse.
Diana’s fate and her role in life were inextricably linked to the heavens and especially the Moon. She was a Cancerian, the sign ruled by the Moon and her name Diana referred to a Moon Goddess. She brought Cancerian values to the authority of the Royal family and is remembered for being warm and caring, a fun-loving mother and the Peoples’ Princess.
She would have become Queen if she’d remained happily married to Charles, stepping up to the symbolic role of the heavenly Moon.
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Diana, Princess of Wales, July 1 1961, 7:45 pm, Sandringham, UK  
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