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Sagittarius Full Moon May 21st 2016: Energy Blast!

Sagittarius Full Moon May 21st 2016: Energy Blast!

Welcome to a fantastic weekend - a real energy blast with a Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius (1:14 degrees) on Saturday night at 22:14 BST (17:14 EDT). The Moon is conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, so if you look up in the sky all night Saturday you will see the beautiful and rare sight of the full moon next to the red planet, the latter shining ever so brightly for being at its closest to the earth.

Mars is retrograde in Sagittarius and it is today, during the full moon, that it reaches its closest point to the earth. This is like being able to get close to someone or something that normally feels out of reach. Warrior Mars is usually off gallivanting or fighting bravely in some war. Now he has wandered to your doorstep, away from the battle-field and nearer to home. He is suddenly accessible, like a Hollywood star who has accidentally wandered into your neighbourhood. Dare to enjoy this special moment! The presence of the moon showcases Mars, bringing the exotic into the familiar and giving you access! Venus’s proximity in Taurus also brings luxury, romance and beauty into the mix. Talk to that handsome stranger and enjoy that moment. This weekend is so special that you could remember it for a while to come!

Communications planet Mercury stations direct within a few hours of this full moon, creating a heightened sense of tension and anticipation to top things off. Bizarre things can happen! Enjoy this moment but commit to nothing. With Mercury in Taurus - the money sign - you may also spend a whole lot of money without realising so be careful. This is no time for long-term investments. If you are travelling, make sure you have all your belongings with you at all times.

Great Things to Do:
  • Talk to a handsome stranger
  • Travel to someplace new
  • Have fun with your sweetheart
  • Explore the unfamiliar
  • Keep an open mind

This weekend is a drop of magic. It has the capacity to change your perceptions and enrich your life. But this day is also unpredictable: Things could get a little crazy / too hot to handle. But even then events will open up new horizons for you to explore. The Full Moon’s rulers, Jupiter in Virgo and Mercury retrograde in Taurus are in harmony, which is a fantastic sign of things flowing positively.   Enjoy this magical time!

How does the Full Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Mars affect your Sign?

Excitement lurks in every corner. Will you meet a handsome stranger? Will you kick your feet up and have fun? Read your star-sign and find out!  People are much more than their star-sign. Get a personal reading by speaking to one of our trusted astrologers on 0207 111 6384! 


Mars is your planet, up there, glowing reddish in the sky and you may be shining equally brightly somewhere far away from home. If travel is not on the cards, then a handsome stranger may catch your eye. Enjoy this moment and expand your world. Watch out for any dogmatism and be open to new possibilities. Give yourself permission to try something new. Use your brain and catch your Chinese Horoscope for some wise counsel. The energy this weekend gives you a sense of sustenance and security, enhancing your wellbeing.  


An intimate encounter changes your perceptions. This is the perfect time to deepen your bond with someone or explore your sexuality. Watch out that you don’t go overboard with your spending - especially if it’s someone else’s money. This is a super-sexy weekend when love and happiness knock on your doorstep. You may receive a gift, money from oversees, a grant or loan. Remember to rely on your own physical strength and resources too. 


You’re the life of the party!  You may find yourself irresistibly attracted to a handsome newcomer, who may even be a bit of a bad boy/girl. How compatible are you? Find out in our compatibility between the star-signs tester! Enjoy the flirtation, as this whole thing may change your perspective on relationships. Your charming manner can win people over professionally too. The energy this weekend is perfect for putting something to rest once and for all. 


An exciting opportunity may arise at work that allows you to expand your contacts or learn new skills. Or a major work project may come to culmination, which requires you to travel abroad or seek further qualifications. It’s all about your brain power and communication skills and your social network is very supportive right now. Use your intuition, which has always been your best guide. If career is on your mind and you’re wondering which way to go, why not get your career analysis report, helping you find your niche?


This is the sexiest most romantic weekend of the year! Have fun with your sweetheart, explore unknown territory and celebrate your love! If you are single, circulate. You could meet a wonderful stranger who opens your eyes to new possibilities and makes you feel valued and respected. If in doubt, your intimate lover report can reveal what kind of lover would make you happy. On the professional front, things may reach a turning point with a business endeavour or a creative enterprise, as someone from the past may return with a creative proposal. Trust in your friends. 


This weekend could create a lot of excitement at home. It may be a moment of truth with a matter from your past, your family or those closest to you. It may be time to revisit the past and get closure. Something is coming full circle inside you and you’re ready to embark on a personal journey of discovery. This could be building your own home, moving in together or starting a family of your own. It all depends on how ready you are to leave the past behind and take on new responsibilities. You’re about to get everything you want, so pull out all the stops till September this year! Find out all about where your luck lies in spring-summer 2016!


Consider this weekend to be super-conducive to networking. You could meet strange and wonderful people who change your views on the business and romantic front alike. If you are single, this is a great time to go out and mingle - there’s no doubt you’ll meet someone who piques your interest. This weekend also energises your mind and is great for a spot of writing too. Anything you do this weekend will have a therapeutic effect on you, allowing you to see the big picture and move on. It’s all about healing the past and your natal Chiron can tell you more about that in Chiron in the 12 houses.


You ooze sex-appeal this weekend. A relationship may turn physical and it will become crystal clear where your priorities lie. Someone may be acting erratically and won’t settle easily. This also looks to be an expensive few days - but no less rewarding for it. It is important to show trust in one another now. A 2016 love tarot reading can answer any misgivings you may still have. Events this weekend will cement your relationships, friendships and position in the community.


You are on the cutting edge of developments, dear Sagittarius. An important dream may be about to come to fruition or a personal endeavour may reach a major turning point. Something you wish for dearly may seem closer than ever, but you need to hold your nerve. Hold onto that feeling of limitless possibility and let others help you in your endeavours. Meet them half way. Your career could take off as a result of these events. Read your weekly career horoscope to keep you ticking over meanwhile. Romantically, all eyes are on you. Take your pick!


Out of sight out of mind, they say, and you’re involved in something very big behind the scenes these days… What are you keeping under wraps? Another of those ambitious Capricorn schemes? Plan for success by consulting the planetary hours. You could come into contact with the rich and famous this weekend. Enjoy your moment of exclusivity. This could be the ticket to a happier, sexier and more abundant life. Clandestine sexual encounters could also rock your world. A good work ethic will be helpful in all this. Take a moment to connect with yourself.


Your social life is on hyperdrive! It’s all systems go and it’s ever so exciting. Are you planning a party? If so, friends are congregating from all corners of the earth and it promises to be a big one. If not, then make sure to attend one. It will be a blast! Single or attached, your focus is on love and a social gathering as exciting as this weekend’s is sure to promote your cause. Check your love numerology: are you two compatible? This weekend’s events can cement your family bonds or, alternatively, give you the strength you need to put the past behind you and dare to trust again.


Time to go public with whatever is on your mind. Do you have a bone to grind with an in-law or superior? You won’t be able to keep it in much longer. Time to stand up for yourself!  Exciting news about your career open up new possibilities. Take time to connect with your roots before moving forward. Your relationship is reaching an important turning point too. Or, if you are single, then put yourself on display - you'll be sure to attract someone interesting. Your life is changing fast: read all about what the 2016 eclipses have in store for you. 

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