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Saturn in Aquarius 2020-2023

Saturn in Aquarius 2020-2023

Saturn enters Aquarius on March 22nd 2020 to stay there until March 2023, marking the beginning of a new era. We are moving from survival mode to having a vision for the future.

Saturn moving from Capricorn to Aquarius, on March 22nd, is only an introductory tour. Saturn will return to Capricorn to tidy up some loose ends in the second part of 2020, then he will get back to Aquarius ready for Xmas and the new year. So right now, you’re getting a taste of where the world is heading. This is where you, also, want to be headed. And that’s the kind of work you need to put in so you can get there. In case you don't like the direction things are taking, there's still time to reconsider!

From December 17th, 2020 onwards, once Saturn settles in Aquarius for the long haul, we are all embarking on a journey into the future...and there is no going back. Ready? We've turned the page on a brand new and exciting chapter. And this is only the beginning.

Saturn transits dates 

Mar 21, 2020: Saturn enters Aquarius
Jul  1, 2020: Saturn Rx enters Capricorn
Dec 17, 2020: Saturn enters Aquarius
Mar  7, 2023: Saturn enters Pisces

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Saturn in Aquarius transit meaning

Saturn represents structure, limitation and authority (read more about the meaning of Saturn in Astrology) and Aquarius is a community and humanitarian sign. Meaning that this is a global community we live in and it’s time to start realising just how interconnected we all are. And that’s a good thing! It means you're not alone. No matter how it might feel sometimes, you're so connected, such an integral part of everything and everyone out there. What you do, think and say counts!

One thing is certain with Saturn in Aquarius: the truth will out! Whether it's about religion, politics, education, science or the markets - and this will change our outlook for good! The greatest danger of this transit is false morality, dogmatism and fanaticism: things getting ugly in the name of Truth or some other high and mighty principle.

As is always the case, you will experience the darker side of this transit to begin with, until you become aware of the inherent dangers and start building for a better future.

Having survived the storm, it's time to raise your eyes to the horizon and ask yourself: What's my purpose? How do I want my future to unfold? Find out what principles your will stand for and let the lessons you learned inform your guiding vision! You are now truly building our future.

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How will the transit of Saturn in Aquarius affect each zodiac sign?

Saturn moves into Aquarius bringing big priority shifts for all star signs! Read your Star-Sign and Rising Sign (or "Ascendant") to find out how this transit will affect you and you'll be ready to begin a whole other life chapter.


Saturn's entry into Aquarius is activating your 11th house of friends, social groups and shared dreams. With Aquarius ruling these matters, you are a natural visionary and very high-minded about giving back to the community. Saturn's transit represents a culmination of your efforts in the outside world. You are reaching the top of your game and the challenges you will face now are worldly ones, allowing you to put your new public image to the test.

It's time to pursue your vision, prove your worth on a larger scale and earn your community's respect. By meeting competition head on and expressing your vision you will become an integral member of society. Becoming part of a community that reflects your ideals will allow you grow in stature. You may also join groups that enhance your public persona and make crucial allies over the next few years. As this is the house of friendship, any new friendships you form now are here for the long haul. False friendships, by contrast, will fall away. The time is here to put in the work and make your dreams a reality!

Good questions to ask yourself: What do I dream of? What do I want to contribute in the world? Who are my friends? Which communities do I want to align myself with? Who are my people - those who truly share my dreams? How can I be an active member of society?

What you can look forward to: By the time Saturn leaves Aquarius in 2023, you will have achieved much on the world stage and raised your public profile. You will have been accepted and even hailed as a much-respected member in the social circles of your choice and feel that you have something to contribute to the world. And you will have solid like-minded friends by your side.


Saturn moving into Aquarius is activating the very top of your chart - the 10th house of career and public image. With Aquarius there, you normally like to be seen as someone with vision, knowledge and high principles. Saturn is here to ask whether your professional choices truly reflect your vision and principles. If you have been cutting corners, Saturn can bring a fall from grace now. But if you have been putting in the hours your efforts will be acknowledged and rewarded in a very public way - possibly with a title or honour.

Old role-descriptions will disappear to be replaced by new ones and you may find yourself at a crossroads - a space full of career possibilities. In many ways, you are coming full circle professionally and are thirsty for new horizons, eager to discover a true sense of calling. Saturn’s passage will bring increased public responsibilities and higher visibility - both for your successes and failures. You may have to bear with criticism, as you reach for something greater, but this is only natural until you find your new bearings. You may also find that a parent is going through a hard time and needs you to step up and take on some responsibilities. If so, this is a maturation process helping you develop your own sense of authority and leadership.

Good questions to ask yourself: Who do I want to be in the eyes of the world? What's my true calling? Wherein lies my life direction? What are my successes and failures so far? And where do I want to go next? Am I ready to handle power and authority responsibly?

What you can look forward to: By the time Saturn leaves Aquarius in March 2023 you can expect a major change in your career or social status. You may have grown in stature in your existing work or taken a completely new direction, more in line with your life-goals. You will have a budding sense of authority and mastery and have made a mark in the world in some meaningful way.

In a world full of changes and a life full of surprises, knowing what the future holds can help you stay ahead of the game! Embark on Brand New Era and make the most of the changes that it holds for you, with your Personal Year Ahead Predictor!


Saturn in Aquarius activates your 9th house, which signifies the principles by which you live and which give your life meaning. Saturn will cause you to question these beliefs and you will most likely go through a period where things seem meaningless or where nothing fires you up as it used to. Saturn is not a brute, he's a teacher. Nothing happens without rhyme or reason where Saturn is concerned. So if you find yourself losing some of your faith and enthusiasm for life, then it is only because you are asked to look more deeply at what ideas drive you and to explore uncharted territory. This will give you a new sense of purpose and allow you to grow in stature in years to come.

Embarking on a long journey or a serious study will involve life lessons, with the power to change your world-view, and matters involving travel, education or faith are likely to gain increasing importance over the next few years. Any difficulties you experience on these fronts are here to ensure that you pursue only what is in accord with your highest good. Legal disputes now may be drawn, forcing you to question where you stand. On the other hand, you can resolve anything that has already dragged on. If you are in publishing or broadcasting, it’s time to establish your authority.

Good questions to ask yourself: What do I believe in? What would give my life purpose? How can I develop my intellect and expand my horizons? What’s my vision for the future?

What you can look forward to: By the time Saturn leaves Aquarius in 2023, you will have grown in intellectual stature and the principles by which you live your life will have been tried and tested, offering you an infallible inner compass towards your future.


The transit of Saturn through Aquarius ftom March 2020 to March 2023 activates your 8th house of empowerment, transformative experience, intimate relationships and joint finances. With Aquarius in that house, you have a naturally principled approach to these matters. Saturn’s presence over the next few years will herald a hefty mop-up of all the sticky points – both emotional and financial – in your close relationships. Make sure you are spotless and timely where taxes or loan repayments are concerned during this period, no matter how burdensome this may feel. If a financial matter (or the division of labour or property) has been dragging on for some time, it can now be sorted. This will require hard work on your part but you will feel so much better and more empowered for it!

The next few years will also urge you to draw clear boundaries in your intimate relations and take responsibility for what happens there. Doing so may feel restrictive at the time, but it will provide a firm foundation for greater intimacy and more powerful bonds in future. You can also use this time to think about establishing a source of passive income.

Good questions to ask yourself: Am I being honest with my partner? What are our shared values? Am I carrying too much/too little of the financial load? What are the lines I will not cross? Am I honouring my principles in all my financial dealings with others?

What you can look forward to: By the time Saturn leaves Aquarius you will have undergone an initiation into your own emotional and financial empowerment! You can look forward to strong, solid bonds, founded on honestly, vision and on proper principles.


For you Leo, Saturn moving into Aquarius activates your 7th house of one-to-one relationships. Other people are your greatest teachers over the next few years. This period will test your relationships on every level: intimate partnerships (such as a spouse), business associations (as in a business partner), relationships with competitors, contractors and all kinds of agreements you both enter as equal parties fall under this category.

With Aquarius in your 7th house from March 2020 to Mrch 2023, you naturally look for someone who has vision and purpose and who can teach you something and stimulate your mind. Over the next few years, your relationships will mature as their spirit is tested. Meaningless associations are likely to fall away as a result and those founded on something true are likely to rise up and take a place of honour in your life. Most likely, it will be time to either commit to one important relationship or call it a day. You now need true, real relationships with others, based on honesty and a shared vision.

Good Questions to Ask Yourself: Is he/she the one? Am I ready to take this relationship to the next level? Am I being true? What can I learn from my association with this person? What do I seek in relationships? Who is my other half?

What you can look forward to: By the time Saturn leaves Aquarius, those relationships that have passed the test will be truly committed and solid as a rock. You will have a veritable partner and teacher by your side. If a relationship falls away now, then it has been a long time coming. This will release you to find more fulfilling partnership.


Saturn's entry into Aquarius is activating your 6th house of daily habits, work and health. This is your cue to address any long-standing health issues, kick bad habits and find a better work-life balance in your life. With Aquarius in this house, you naturally seek meaningful work that stimulates your mind and allows you certain freedoms. Over the next few years you will think more deeply about how to improve your experience on that front. If you find yourself trapped in a job you hate - or unemployed - this is Saturn slowing things down so you have time to think more deeply about what you want in your working life. He will make sure that you do something that is meaningful each day and urge you to renew your commitment to your own wellbeing above all else. You may also find yourself addressing chronic health-concerns and getting yourself in ship-shape so you can be your best! Aquarius rules ankles, calves, shins, and circulatory system, so something may come up on that score.

This is an excellent time to establish life-enhancing habits, address nagging concerns and begin a good exercise and nutritional programme! As the 6th house rules pets too, a pet may be instrumental in a change of life-style.  Relationships with people under your employ have a lot to teach you now too.

Good questions to ask yourself: What work do I find meaningful? Am I using my time efficiently and purposefully? Am I taking proper care of my body? How can I establish a healthier life-style?  How do I want to occupy my time? Is it time to delegate?

What you can look forward to: By the time Saturn leaves Aquarius in March 2023, you can look forward to a better work-life balance, a more meaningful occupation and a healthier lifestyle. You will have addressed any nagging health concerns and be feeling healthier and happier.


Saturn in Aquarius activates your 5th house of happiness, love and romance, creativity and children. This is the house of joy and self-expression and with Aquarius there, you are naturally happiest when you are free to follow your heart! But now that Saturn is there too, love and romance will become a serious matter. If you have been frolicking about in meaningless romances you may now experience a dry spell while you think more deeply about what makes you truly happy. On the other hand, if things on the love front have been quiet, Saturn will bring an important love-affair (possibly with someone older) who will teach you about love and reveal to you the inner workings of your heart! Either way, the usual distractions are unlikely to please you, urging you to seek a deeper source of joy.

You may fruitfully throw yourself into a serious creative or speculative project now and come up with something significant to show for your effort! Children may also require serious attention at this time and addressing problems together will help create a deeper relationship with your kids. If you have been trying for a child, you can now get to the bottom of things and come up with a plan.

Good Questions to Ask yourself: What makes my heart sing? How can I give the things that make me happy a central place in my life? Am I expressing myself creatively? Do I dare take a risk in love? What are my views on children?

What you can look forward to: By the time Saturn leaves Aquarius in March 2023, you will truly know your heart! You will have had a taste of true happiness and discovered your source of personal joy. You may well have produced creative work you are proud of, or showcased your talents in an undeniable way! You will also have a closer bond with your children.


Saturn's entry into Aquarius is activating your 4th house of security, home and family. Get ready for home and family matters to take up more of your time as you set your house in order and establish a firm foundation for your future growth. With Aquarius at the root of your chart, your home-base or family has always been a source of spiritual sustenance for you, informing many of your beliefs. Saturn will now urge you to better understand your roots and become more mature, taking on responsibilities in the home, with your family or in matters of real estate. Saturn will teach you self-reliance and allow you to use your inner strength as a springboard from which to rise to life's challenges.  A parent may be going through a tough time now too, requiring attention and maturity on your part.

In years to come you will look back at this period as having provided the cornerstone (and philosophical bedrock) of your future development. This is an excellent time to research your family tree or undergo deep therapy. You are about to learn who you really are and that the deepest source of security and sustenance lies within your own spirit.

Good questions to ask yourself: Where do I come from? Who am I deep inside? Where is home? What do I need to feel secure? How did my family shape me? Am I ready to develop greater self-reliance? Am I ready to put down roots?

What you can look forward to: By the time Saturn leaves Aquarius in March 2023, you will have gained absolute self-reliance and a solid sense of self and belonging. Any family, home or real-estate matters that have been dragging on will be resolved and you will have set the cornerstone of your future unfolding.


The transit of Saturn through the sign of Aquarius is activating your 3rd house of movement, learning, communication and immediate environment. With Aquarius ruling your daily comings and goings you have a natural thirst for freedom, knowledge and information. Saturn will now eliminate frivolous interactions and focus your world on those exchanges that have something to teach you. You may become more serious-minded as a result, or go back to school. You can now fruitfully embark on a serious fact-finding mission, learn new tricks, put your ideas to the test and consolidate your communication skills!

You are becoming a force to be reckoned with in your immediate circles and your interactions with your peers are helping you mature. It's time to get serious about the influence you want to have over your environment and measure your words and actions in concrete terms.  Saturn may also test your relationship with your siblings, asking you to be there for them and build a bond based on proper principles. 

Good questions to ask yourself: What do I think? How can I best bring my ideas across? How can I influence my environment? Is there anything I wish to learn? What's my business style? Who do I want to interact with on a daily basis? What are the facts?

What you can look forward do: By the time Saturn leaves Aquarius in 2023, you will have gone a significant way toward establishing yourself among your peers and you will have learned a lot about how to best communicate, trade and interact with people. You will also have developed your intellectual faculties and be able to provide proven record of your written and communication skills.


Saturn is finally leaving your sign - hurrah! Now that the personal transformation is complete, Saturn enters Aquarius to focus on the inherent value and resources (income, talents and value-system) of this budding new personage. With Aquarius in your 2nd house of income, you bring a sense of faith and vision where your financial survival is concerned. This vision will be tested now. Saturn may bring a narrow passage in your cash-flow, urging you to reconsider your expenditure, consolidate your assets and focus only on what is of real value. If you have been over-spending you will be urged to make cuts now. Even if this period feels less abundant, you have a real chance to invest in what matters and build a foundation for your future income.

Saturn will test your values now too - for when resources are not abundant, we are all forced to discover the things that are truly worth our effort, time and money. This process will reveal who and what you rate the most and help you create an income based on your core values and principles. The most difficult part of this transit is perhaps that it may make you doubt your self-worth. But this lull in external reassurances is only here to make you discover your own worth for yourself and thereby know it beyond a shadow of a doubt in all your future exchanges. You may also begin to discover, develop and monetise hitherto unused talents during this time and start building a solid income. 

Good questions to ask yourself: What do I value most? Does my life reflect my values? What can I do to make it so? Am I making the best of my talents? Would I invest in myself? What do I believe I am worth? How can I increase my income? Where can I cut expenses?  How can I take better physical care of myself?

What you can look forward to: By the time Saturn leaves Aquarius in March 2023, you will know your worth and have greater financial savvy. You will have consolidated your finances, uncovered talents and found ways to make money in accord with your values. You will have a new sense of self-worth and will not be prepared to settle for less than you deserve.

In a world full of changes and a life full of surprises, knowing what the future holds can help you stay ahead of the game! Embark on Brand New Era and make the most of the changes that it holds for you, with your Personal Year Ahead Predictor!


Buckle up Aquarius, for the great taskmaster Saturn is entering your sign! You have been undergoing a period of deconstruction and isolation, clearing away debris and readying yourself for a new beginning. You're now wrapped in a protective cocoon and it's time for your transformation to begin! While you may come face to face with personal failures or other unpleasantness during this time, there is nothing to be afraid of. Saturn is a fair teacher and he only wants the best for you! But he knows that this cannot happen without commitment, hard work and self-honesty.

Saturn in Aquarius will be strict with you if you've been selling yourself short, lying to yourself or acting irresponsibly toward yourself and others. But he will also give your appearance a more distinguished air in the process, enabling others to recognise that you are becoming more mature. They may therefore start giving you certain responsibilities! It's your moment to step up to the plate, commit to what is important and start living life according to your own personal principles. Anything irrelevant to who you are becoming will begin to fall away now. If a health-matter comes up now, addressing it will help you mature and set the right priorities. The choices you will make over the next couple of years will define who you will become so make sure they are the ones you want to make for yourself and no one else!

Good questions to ask yourself: Who am I? What do I want out of life? Am I capable of commitment, responsibility and maturity? What vision informs the way I meet the world? What’s important? What's my relationships with my body?

What you can look forward to: By March 2023 when Saturn leaves your sign your have a shining, brand new identity forged in fire! You may have a new body or even a new name to show for it. You will also have proven yourself in some way that nobody can take away from you, showing that you can play ball with the big boys and girls! Having blocked out noise, you will better know what you want out of life and will not settle for less.


Saturn entering the sign of Aquarius is activating the most spiritual part of your chart - the liminal space where our dreams still form the world. It's time to let go of worldly concerns and trust in your spirit to guide you. With Aquarius in your 12th house of secrets, your unshakable sense of faith is always revealed to you in your darkest hour.

Now, when the future is unclear, it is time to reconnect with that inner sense of faith. You are entering a period of deconstruction, when present concerns and associations will begin falling away. Sometimes Saturn manifests as hidden enemies getting the upper hand or as large institutional restructures leaving you feeling powerless or irrelevant. This is Saturn cutting you off from the outside world so a magical inner transformation can take place. Quiet periods of contemplation, prayer or meditation can work wonders for you in the next few years and you may even have your most poignant experiences whilst alone, renewing your faith. There are great spiritual forces at work here! The best you can do is let go and allow them to carry you to your new destination, trusting in their infinite love and wisdom.

Good questions to ask yourself: What do I need to let go of? Do I trust in a higher power? Can I find meaning in my present experience?  What is the best thing about having more time to myself? Can I forgive and move on? Am I ready for something new in my life?

What you can look forward to: By the time Saturn leaves Aquarius, you will feel lighter. You'll have shed old baggage, ready for a fabulous new beginning! You will have undergone a spiritual initiation, and renewed your connection with the cosmos. Having faced your inner demons you'll feel better for it, held as a baby in the universal bosom.

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