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Saturn in Sagittarius: The Shape Of Things To Come

Saturn in Sagittarius: The Shape Of Things To Come
Saturn enters Sagittarius on December 23rd, where it will test our principles and our faith until December 2017. After two years of Saturn in Scorpio putting us through the wringer, Saturn in Sagittarius will urge us to ask some big questions: What do we stand for? How should we structure our economy? Who's right, who's wrong and who do we hold accountable? Wherein lies our future? 
Saturn represents structure, limitation and authority. (Read about him at the Planets in Astrology) Sagittarius is all about freedom, expansion and our guiding credo. As Saturn moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, we are moving from survival mode to having a vision for the future. We can expect major advances at this time, but growth and expansion won't come easy - only true growth will last. A rigid world-view in the name of what is Right may become our defence mechanism against chaos, justifying all kinds of controls. The greatest danger of this transit is false morality, dogmatism and fanaticism: things getting ugly in the name of Truth or some other high and mighty principle. As is always the case, we will experience the darker side of this transit to begin with, until we become aware of the inherent dangers and start building for a better future.  One thing is certain: the truth will out! - whether it's about religion, politics, education, science or the markets - and this will change our outlook for good! 
From mid-June to mid-September 2015, after Saturn announces his presence (and forthcoming audit) in Sagittarius, he will backtrack into Scorpio for one final check up. (There he'll wrap up unfinished business and give credit where credit's due - remember Saturn in Scorpio's gift!) The period from now until June 2015 is therefore a taster of things to come - a preview of the future. If we don't like the direction things are taking, there's still time to reconsider! From September onwards, once Saturn settles in Sagittarius for the long haul, tentative ideas will become dogma and discussions about what's proper will become legislation. From that moment on, we are all embarking on a journey into the future...and there is no going back.

What to Expect with Saturn in Sagittarius

  • Legislation will be aimed at regulating sustained economic growth.
  • Increased market controls may make profit more difficult.
  • We'll have important scientific advances and major explorations into uncharted territory.
  • Far-reaching vision can now be tested and adjusted in the face of reality.
  • Questions of right and wrong and what constitutes a human right may take centre stage, as mounting regulations may be seen to curtail human freedoms. 
  • A period of depression and hopelessness may lead us to take refuge in rigid ideologies at worst or embark on a spiritual quest at best!
  • This is a test of our integrity!
  • New rules may make travel, international trade and foreign exchange more cumbersome.  
  • Authority figures will be visionaries at best, dogmatic and fanatical at worst!
  • The ugly side of religion, education and the media will come to light, leading to fundamental restructures and reforms.
  • There may be cruelty in the name of Higher Principles, such as Law and Order, Truth, Science, Religion, Growth, Morality, or Freedom.
  • By the time Saturn leaves Sagittarius those who make decrees, judge and regulate may themselves be held accountable.
  • By the time Saturn leaves, we will know where we stand, with only real economic growth and a sustainable philosophy having survived this period. Our spirit will be stronger and our outlook more mature.
The last degrees of Sagittarius are associated with rocky financial terrain, with sharp rises and major stock-market crashes: the market crash of 1929 happened when Saturn was in the last degrees of Sagittarius (at the end of a big rally), as did Black Monday of 1987 (in the midst of the 80's boom). His passage through this sign in the late 50s brought a brief recession in what was the post-war economic boom. Given that the world economy is still on rocky ground (unlike the mid-50s and mid-80s) the next few years will be decisive. We may see initial growth (led by future technologies) but with Jupiter (the planet of growth) weakened in Virgo mid-2015-16, gains may be modest. And we have a possible danger zone in 2017 when Saturn crosses the latter degrees of Sagittarius once more. 

How to make the most of Saturn's transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius

It's time to embark on a new adventure! Having survived the storm, it's time to raise your eyes to the horizon and ask yourself: What's my purpose? How do I want my future to unfold? Find out what principles you will stand for and let the lessons you learned inform your guiding vision! We are now truly building our future. You can grow and expand your base of operations now, but only what is built on true and solid ground will stand the test of time. Foreign cultures have a lot to teach us now too. Remember, there are other (equally valid) points of view in the world!
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