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Saturn in Scorpio until December 2014: The Final Countdown

Saturn in Scorpio until December 2014: The Final Countdown
Saturn has been toughening us up, turning us all into survivors ever since he first entered Scorpio in October 2012. Saturn is to leave Scorpio on 23rd December 2014 to return only for a last brief stint in the summer of 2015, mid-June to mid-September. Saturn's final passage thus represents one final survival test - the big finale - where we need to show our mettle. Upon leaving, Saturn gives the greatest gift of all: what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger!
Keywords for Saturn: responsibility, discipline, austerity, limitation, structure. Saturn is not called the taskmaster for nothing. He brings hard life-lessons that 'build character', making sure we learn and assimilate his teachings through direct experience.
Scorpio is all about grit, blood and tears, fire and brimstone, the stuff of life. The most intense sign, it presides over taboo subjects such as sex, death and rebirth, power, trust and betrayal. Concerned with the flow and transmutation of energy, Scorpio's symbol is the phoenix, which dies and then rises from its ashes.
During Saturn's stay in Scorpio, character-building experiences become a struggle for survival, an austerity marathon, stripping us to the bare essentials and revealing our core strength. This brings us into contact with our deepest truth and transforms us through crisis. The past two years of Saturn in Scorpio have taught us that life isn't always nice, but also that there is more to us than meets the eye and that we are stronger than we ever imagined. Make sure to remember that as Saturn prepares to leave the murky depths of Scorpio and enter higher ground...
Saturn in Scorpio on the World-Stage
Saturn also represents authority figures, including those in government. With Saturn in Scorpio, we have been stripped of delusions about these figures, seeing them in a starker light. Scorpio is not about justice. Financial restructuring - a perfect image for Saturn in Scorpio - doesn't necessarily mean fairness. It is about the survival of the system and - given Saturn's mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn putting banks and governments in cahoots - those in charge of it. Meanwhile the individual has had to fall back on its own resources. With Saturn finally preparing to make its way out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius, we are reaching the end of this easy collaboration. By next year, we should start seeing the full extent and consequences of the last two years' corrupt political and financial policies.  While Saturn was in Libra in 2010-2012, government was seen as doing what it could to restore balance, avoid ugliness and act in fairness. Now with Saturn in Scorpio, it became obvious that ugliness cannot be avoided - indeed, a lot of it resulting from the previous period's feeble actions. Now, as Saturn prepares to enter Sagittarius, ethical and legal questions will begin to be asked as it becomes apparent that more and more basic human freedoms are being curtailed to maintain control with an iron grip. The long stretch is nearly over. Time to shift the rules of the game...

How to Make the Best of Saturn's Last Stretch in Scorpio

  • Embrace change!
  • Face crisis / test your limits and toughen up!
  • Discover your core strength!
  • Face the truth (about yourself, your finances, your partner, the government, or anything else that you have been lying to yourself about)
  • Take a critical look at your intimate relationships
  • Re-examine your financial entanglements, sort out taxes, restructure debt
  • Understand the ways of power / empowerment versus powerlessness / power-dynamics / the abuse of power
  • Strengthen your deepest bonds, test your loyalty (and that of others) and dare to trust
  • Assess your attitudes to sex (and other murky subjects)
  • Conquer your deepest fears / darkest demons and master self-control
  • Deal with fearful, hateful, jealous, controlling or manipulative behaviour in yourself or others
  • Commit to your own truth and survival no matter what

By December 2014, make sure that you

  • Recognise how the crises of the past two years have made you stronger
  • Rejoice in your ability to survive no matter what life throws at you
  • Reaffirm your commitment to your own path
  • Be ready to receive Saturn's gift to you, as a particular life-lesson comes to an end...

How Saturn in Scorpio affects each Sign

Saturn in Scorpio has been affecting each of us in a very particular way, with those with planets and points in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) feeling the brunt of it. Read your Sun-sign and Ascendant below. Draw your free birth-chart to find your ascendant, or see if you have any planets in the fixed signs. Need a more personal approach? Talk to one of our experienced astrologers!


Saturn has been teaching you a few lessons about trust, intimacy and survival over the past couple of years. It has been going through one of the most intensely private sectors in your chart - the one to do with intimate relationships, sex and joint finances.  This is Scorpio's natural house, so you have probably had your fair share of secret crises and trials behind closed doors in the last two years. Chances are you have had to restructure debts and financial agreements and sort out taxes, or you may have seen diminished returns or found it difficult to get a grant or mortgage. Note that any new debt taken on now may require great commitment on your part. With Scorpio in your 8th house, you are probably quite intense close up in any case and the past two years saw your loyalties and the trust you put in your closest bonds put to the test. The gift you can expect as Saturn prepares to move on? Serious commitment; coming into your own power; greater honesty and intimacy in relationships; people by your side who you can trust; greater control over your financial and emotional entanglements.


Saturn has been teaching you a lesson or two about committed relationships, about what it is to carry your share, to let others carry theirs and behave responsibly. You are emerging from this period much wiser and stronger vis-à-vis your partner. Whether it’s a new partnership or an existing one, relationships that survive this period are here for the long haul. Alternatively, you may have established a partnership with someone older who has much to teach you. With Scorpio in your partnership zone, relationships are an intense all or nothing affair for you anyway, and it is now time to show your loyalty and commitment. It is also time to leave toxic relationships behind. The gift you can expect as Saturn prepares to move on?  A relationship or business association that is solid as a rock; a partner who has something to teach you; greater honesty and understanding of what it is to have an equal partnership; greater wisdom in what you seek out of relationships.


Saturn in Scorpio has been teaching you self discipline, testing you at work, and urging you to establish productive and healthy daily routines. You may have greater responsibilities at work, or you may have had to address a long-standing health matter. Any new exercise and eating routines you establish now will have long-lasting effects, so you better choose wisely. With Scorpio in your work-zone, you may be used to intense working schedules. Saturn now urges you to make sure you manage your time efficiently, eliminate bad habits and minimise waste. The gift you can expect as Saturn prepares to move on? Greater discipline and efficiency, better habits, restored health and wellbeing; maximum productivity; greater knowledge of your own body and physical rhythm.


Saturn in Scorpio has been urging you to get serious about playtime and discover your bliss. You may have been experiencing a dry spell in love and romance as you try to figure out exactly what it is that makes you happy. You may have got serious about a hobby or a creative project, taking it to the next level. Or you may have given extra time and attention to your children or to the thought of having children. Unable to derive pleasure from your usual distractions, you are being forced to look deeper to find happiness. With Scorpio ruling your fun-zone, you are passionate about love, creativity and children anyway. Now Saturn in Scorpio urges you to listen to your deepest yearnings and do something concrete about them. The gift you can expect as Saturn prepares to move on? A deeper source of and capacity for joy; greater commitment to your creative self-expression; better relationships to your children; an artistic work, or the concrete realisation of creative talent; solid love bonds.


With Saturn in your sector of home and family, you have had a tough couple of years sorting through all kinds of family affairs. Any property bought or sold now will have profound and lasting effects. With Scorpio ruling your roots, the home environment has always been somewhat intense, with a fine balance of power to navigate around.  You may have had to take on greater responsibilities at home, experienced a difficult period with a parent or a change in residence that threatened your sense of safety. You are undergoing a profound restructuring at your very core, which is laying the foundation for your future. This is a good time for therapy and for revisiting the past to making your peace. If you dare to descend within, the treasures you will receive are priceless. The gift you can expect as Saturn prepares to move on? Absolute self-reliance and a sense of security that comes from deep within; a budding sense of inner selfhood upon which to grow and flourish; a new, stable home; a greater sense of belonging; strong roots; solid family bonds.


Saturn has been rearranging your back yard, teaching you new tricks and schooling you on the development of clear and useful communication skills. You may have been slowly but surely establishing your operations in a new environment. With Scorpio presiding over your mind-zone, you cannot stand superficial contact at the best of times. With Saturn there, your tolerance for idle chatter has gone down to a bare minimum, as you struggle to formulate your ideas, develop your mind and connect with people who have something to teach you. Transactions with others, exchanges, as well as short trips, may have proven hugely instructive, leaving their mark. Alternatively all your attention may be taken up by a sibling. The gift you can expect as Saturn prepares to move on? A discriminating mind; greater trading/communicative skills; greater knowledge about your trade or environment; a budding sense of authority in your immediate circles; a more honest relationship with your brother or sister.


Saturn in Scorpio has been restricting your financial flow and urging you to tighten your purse-strings. Chances are you have had to examine how you handle your resources and cut needless expenses. You may have had to evaluate your liabilities and make your assets work for you. On a deeper level, Saturn has been urging you to develop your talents and gain a deeper sense of self-worth. You may also have had to put existing skills to the test and monetise them. You are now adding flesh and bones to a new sense of identity (sketched while Saturn was in Libra 2010-2012) and examining all the resources at your disposal. Your personal values are important to you now and you may find it hard to do things that you do not find worthwhile. With Scorpio in your financial house, you have an instinct for quality. Saturn is asking you to put it to good use. The gift you can expect as Saturn prepares to move on? A tried and tested set of skills and abilities; a solid sense of self-worth based on your talents; a set of values by which to live your life; solid assets that cannot be corroded by time; financial savvy.


Saturn’s stay in your sign has been a maturation process for you. It may have been dark and difficult at times, but it is almost over. The transformation of your outer personality and your own sense of identity is almost complete and you are ready to show a more mature face to the world. Saturn has placed heavy responsibilities on your shoulders for the last couple of years, and it seems that everyone has been looking to you to rise to the challenge. With so much on your mind, you have had to decide what is truly important and restructure your priorities. This is a very important process, as the decisions you make now will literally affect who you will become. What is most important to you? Focus on this and let the rest fall away. The gift you can expect as Saturn prepares to move on? Metamorphosis; a fresh start; a budding new sense of identity; a clearer knowledge of who you are and what you want; possibly a new name or outer appearance; a personal sense of maturity or authority; a taster of life on your terms.


Saturn has just spent two years in the deepest and darkest part of your chart, which relates to unconscious drives and collective forces that influence your life. You may have just seen your life unravel as many things you took for granted began to fall away. This can often seem like a period of self-undoing that can be likened to the dark night of the soul. Anything that fades or falls away now is not worth holding onto. You may be experiencing isolation from the normal flow of life, whether willingly or not. Saturn is teaching you how to let go. With Scorpio involved, this may feel threatening or like a power-struggle to you. But release will finally feel good! You will soon be embarking on a journey of self-discovery and you want to be travelling light! This is usually an excellent time to undergo therapy, or immerse yourself in meditation and the study of metaphysics or the mysteries of life. The gift you can expect as Saturn prepares to move on? A greater sense of connection to the cosmos; healing and release; return to innocence; disentanglement from the mundane day-to-day realities; total surrender to the mystery of life, trusting you will be held in the universal bosom.


Saturn has been testing your friendships, bringing you new allies and doing a total overhaul of your social circle. Any friendships that survive the test are made of gold! And while certain friendships may have ended, it is very likely that you gained important new ones. You may have started moving in circles that truly reflect your ideologies, as a result of an urgency to find a place in society where you belong. You are developing a social conscience! You are now examining your goals and dreams for the future and committing to your ideals, all the while seeking like-minded people with whom to take your place on the world-stage. With Scorpio involved, you may well have found yourself entering secret societies or associating with people in power. You are nearing the end of a process of social maturation and this is often a time of reward for past efforts. The gift you can expect as Saturn prepares to move on? recognition by your peers; acceptance in a group; solid friendships; new powerful allies; a greater social conscience; a maturation of ideals; a sense of fellowship.


Saturn has been in the most public part of your chart, forcing you to step up and make your mark. You may have had greater responsibilities in your career, with your moves publicly scrutinised at every turn. This is a time of reckoning; the completion of a cycle of professional advancement and the start of a new one. You may now clearly see your failures and successes - as can others - becoming established in your field, your name out there, for good or ill. Either way, you are now looking for a career re-boot and for new mountains to climb. With Scorpio at the top of your chart, it is likely that you prefer to be your own master professionally in any case. With Saturn there now, you are learning the ways of power in a very public way. A parent may also have taken a lot of your attention over the past two years, fuelling your desire to succeed or rise to the challenge of becoming an authority in the eyes of others. The gift you can expect as Saturn prepares to move on? Recognition of your achievements so far; a new beginning in your career; a budding sense of authority; a clear view of your successes and failures; a more honest relationship to a parent; a very public transformation / career reboot, much like the phoenix who rises from his ashes.


Saturn in Scorpio has made you question your beliefs and even your religion, this being largely a philosophical and educational transit for you. You may experience disillusionment with your usual aims, depression and even a sense of meaninglessness as you undergo what is essentially a crisis in faith. As you examine your beliefs, obsolete and calcified views are being demolished to make way for a fresh and more far-reaching outlook on life. Any contact with foreign cultures and civilisations over the past two years has had a deep and lasting effect on you. You may also have had to deal with legal or ethical matters, or worked hard towards getting a degree or toward a publication or dissemination of your ideas. If so, what transpires now will form your mental outlook for long time to come. Opt to establish a bird's eye view and a long-range, daring vision. The gift you can expect as Saturn prepares to move on? A new sense of purpose; personal beliefs you can truly call your own; greater intellectual authority; mature long-term vision; commitment to your future; a mature philosophy of life, seasoned through experience.  
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