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Saturn sextile Neptune 2019: Realise your Dreams!

Saturn sextile Neptune 2019: Realise your Dreams!
Saturn in Capricorn
Neptune in Pisces
31 January, 18 June, 9 November 2019

Saturn in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces three times in 2019, in January, June and November. Saturn represents structure, limitations and making the best of what you’ve got. Neptune stands for your limitless imagination, all the things you dream of, your romantic ideals. Put the two together in 2019 and you have the perfect recipe for making your dreams come true!

The 2019 Saturn-Neptune sextile brings the cynic and the dreamer in you into creative harmony! It’s an opportunity to ground your dreams in the real world, to give them shape and form and even generate revenue. Suddenly the world doesn’t look all that drab. It becomes a creative platform into which to pour your spirit and work at it. There’s little pockets of magic to be found in even the most mundane of places in 2019 and all you need to do is take the first step. And then another. And another. Brick by brick, you’re planting your feet firmly on the ground and reaching for the stars!

Note that both Saturn and Neptune are in their home signs in 2019, something that hasn't happened since the late 17th century! And even then, it only happened for the briefest moment. In 2019 it happens 3 times! Since both planets - the dreamer and the realist - meet from a position of strength, they treat each other with respect. This is a special time, when you are called to use your imagination to build a better world. It’s no time to poo-poo your dreams. Nor is it a time to ignore worldly challenges or cut corners. Honour your wishes and roll up your sleeves! Spiritual, charitable and artistic practices are especially productive at this time. Check out 2019’s Jupiter-Neptune square too and find out how a healthy dose of inspired realism can help you realise all your dreams in 2019!

Saturn in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces 2019 Dates:

  • 31 January 2019, 14:54 degrees of Capricorn-Pisces, 14:14 GMT
  • 18 June 2019, 18:43 degrees of Capricorn-Pisces, 10:46 GMT
  • 9 November 2019, 16:01 degrees of Capricorn-Pisces, 02:45 GMT

Your Saturn sextile Neptune Horoscope 2019

What’s the key to realising all these dreams and longings bursting out of you in 2019? Your Saturn-Neptune horoscope has something to say about that so read on and check out how the stars influence your zodiac sign this year.


You’re not really known for being a good samaritan, dear Aries, and yet you’re inspired to use your power for the greater good now. The flip side of that is: what good are all your dreams if you have no power to make them happen? And right there is the key. This is you opportunity to to step up to the plate and take charge! Accept a position of power and authority, take responsibility for the direction your life is headed and for those who look up to you for structure, guidance, maturity. A spiritual, inspired attitude will now serve your career (and the world too).

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You have such exquisite dreams, dear Taurus, and they all involve building a better world - or, at the very least, being part of an inspired community of like-minded souls. You seek uplifting friendships and associations, and to find your place in society. What’s the key? It’s deciding what it is you stand for. What are your beliefs and morals? Are you prepared to go public with them? Are you prepared to study hard for an accreditation or degree? Taking intellectual responsibility for your vision is what will allow you to ground your dreams. Look to your friends for inspiration.

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You’re reaching for the stars, dear Gemini, for the impossible dream! No goal is too crazy or unlikely for you to aim for and the more unlikely the goal, the greater your desire. You want to be an inspiration for others and touch their hearts and souls. But you cannot do it without some serious backing. What’s the key to you achieving fame and glory? Financial investment. Strong bonds. Sponsorship and good money management on your part. Honour people’s trust in you! Pay your debts. Be responsible with money, feelings and energy shared. Brave this intimate enclosed space and the the result will be no less than magical!

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Your spirit is soaring high, dear Cancer, and you’re dreaming noble dreams. Maybe you long to publish a book? To get a degree or develop your own website or broadcast? Or perhaps, you’re dreaming of moving abroad in search of some exotic uplifting soul food? The key to making it all happen is finding the right partnership. With some good solid support from your spouse, an agent or business partner, the sky is the limit! An iron-clad contract could be just the anchor you need to let your mind soar. This is a time to honour your agreements. And if your relationship has become a bit drab, why not spice it up with an exotic trip for two?

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What does it feel like when two souls merge and become as one? That’s something you yearn to know, dear Leo, and you’d like nothing more than to experience absolute intimacy and even ecstasy! Maybe it’s time to get proficient in some tantric techniques? Or perhaps you’d rather do away with all this dirty business and focus on finding a platonic connection? The key to keeping your grip on reality (in either case) is to ground yourself in a healthy daily routine. Commit to your work and to eating right, drinking water, exercising and sleeping well. A healthy lifestyle promotes healing on all levels, physical and emotional. An inspiring benefactor could lead you to work more efficiently and hone your professional skills.

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You seek an inspirational connection, dear Virgo. Are you looking for the perfect mate? A willing audience or an uplifting business partnership? Or perhaps, you and your partner are reaching for an impossible dream together? Relationships are a sacred business these days and the key to you finding the relationship that you seek is to take a chance on whom and what you love. Take a chance on your talents and dare to express your heart and creativity! Ask someone out, pursue your hobbies, bet on yourself and play to win! Others inspire you to take calculated risks. It’s time to bring your love and creativity to the world! Children cement your relationship.

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You want to be of service, dear Libra, and for what you do each day to make a difference. Are you looking for your ideal job? Or perhaps you’ve become a vegan or a juicing, gluten-free, keto, yoga, meditation fiend? Your search for the the perfect lifestyle - one that helps you align body and spirit, look good, feel good and serve efficiently too - can actually leave you a little drained if you don’t take time to ground yourself. The key? Building a strong foundation. This could be your home and family responsibilities. Owning and tending to a property can be good for you now as it allows you to build something for the future. On a deeper level, it’s all about building self-reliance. Be your own parent. Be your own go-to person. Self-assurance and efficiency go hand in hand.

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You yearn for love, dear Scorpio, and for your creativity to soar! Haven’t you hidden your talents long enough? You’re now dreaming of good times, at last, and of risking all for fun and profit! But how to get there from here? Ask yourself: whom do you know? Your immediate circle is your platform to all your hopes and dreams in 2019! Work your network. Let contacts, colleagues and relatives open the door to love, fun and creativity in your life and provide space for you to showcase your talents. If a business venture feels too risky, focus on getting the paperwork just right. If you're in love, focus on building good communication with your lover. Whom and what you love adds sparkle to your world! A child could also be a source of inspiration.

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Is your homing-beacon beaming like crazy, dear Sagittarius, calling you home? Do you dream of the perfect home? Or perhaps it’s the cozy embrace of a happy family you yearn for, sitting around the table or on the couch, as those happy families tend to do in TV commercials?  Anyone can tell you that reality is far from it, but it won’t do. It’s that feeling you seek: feeling safe, sheltered, loved. The key here is self-worth. Knowing that you deserve this. It’s time to fall back on your own resources and utilise your 'stuff' to realise your dreams! Work diligently to build up your stores, your confidence and your self-esteem. And your bank balance. A family member could inspire you to do so.

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Your mind is brimming with inspired ideas, dear Capricorn! But do you have what it takes to own them? To communicate what you think? This is your opportunity to become a real player in your field and forge a new and inspirational identity for yourself. It’s your chance to find your creative voice! The key to your success? Daring to put yourself to the ultimate test: step out into the world naked, authentic, without your usual armour. Dare to take responsibility for yourself and speak your mind. Are you ready to be a leader? Books and courses, media and communications platforms ignite your imagination, giving you the chance to reinvent yourself.

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Going after your dreams costs pounds and dollars, dear Aquarius, and you’re increasingly aware of just how many. You’re dreaming of riches! And of the kind of cash-flow and resources that only a limitless bank account can afford. But how can you get your hands on such cash? Here's the secret to it: By taking an interest in large organisations! By going behind the scenes, dropping under the radar and working the system from within. You can become an invisible force for change now, as big institutions anchor you to go after financial dreams. You might also feel inspired to put your own resources toward charities and other humanitarian causes with great results. This is a good time to go on a retreat to heal your body and nurture your spirit. Time to build your strength from within.

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Are you pinching yourself each day, dear Pisces, wondering if you’re dreaming? Are you walking around in a haze, blissful yet confused, willing to give all for love yet unsure exactly what you want? It’s time to find a constructive outlet for all your romantic dreams and longings! What could that be? Like-minded souls! Work on establishing yourself in your community and on building some solid friendships. Your social network provides the perfect platform for you to be your glamorous, magical self and express your rich imagination in 2019. You, in turn, are an inspiration in your circles. Aim to get in with the right people and you will soon experience the rewards and adoration this brings.

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