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Single Love Horoscope 2019

Single Love Horoscope 2019

Will you find love in 2019? What do the stars say for all you lonesome lovebirds of the zodiac? Your single love horoscope 2019 has some answers.

2019 offers a ray of hope for all star signs because lucky Jupiter is in optimistic Sagittarius, boosting morale. And with good reason! Venus and Mars are back up to full speed, allowing for new love stories to unfold in 2019. Venus visits each and every sign this year, giving everyone a fair chance at love and Mars is all buff and strong, helping you recover your mojo and find the courage to ask for what you want. Plus, the two meet for a passionate union in August 2019! This is going to be a passionate summer for love!

With Uranus and the eclipses also moving into new territory, change is in the air in 2019! Is it a change in relationship status? Could well be! This is a year to take a risk and let the cosmic gifts of fresh hope and positive thinking carry you to your destination. Whether you’re looking for long-term commitment or for a bit of fun, with Jupiter bringing fair winds, this is the year to take a leap of faith!

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Which star signs will find love in 2019?

Let’s dive right in and look at each star sign’s chances at finding romance, love and happiness in 2019.


The year starts with a sexy bang, dear Aries, just the way you like it! With hottie Mars in your sign and a total lunar eclipse in your love zone in January, you’re ready to put past lovers to bed - or perhaps get them into bed? - and turn the page when it comes to love. With Mars touting your horn all the way to Valentine’s Day, you won’t hesitate to go exactly after what you want and make someone your Valentine! You have all of January and half of February to put your moves on said person, and remember: confidence is the greatest turn on.

As spring comes around, Uranus finally leaves your sign and, with it, your rebellious ‘nobody is quite good enough’ streak, which should go some way toward improving your love life. You’ve been up and down like a yo-yo for the best part of a decade and it’s time put yourself back together again in one wholesome - and far more succulent - piece. And what better time to start than April-May, with a new moon and Venus in your sign? This is the perfect time to revamp your style and appearance. You exude a sexy glow around your birthday and beyond, and Venus could guide you to shop for a whole new wardrobe to match. Two back to back full moons in your relationship zone complete picture in spring, making love your top priority. Time to see how your new personality rubs up on others, eh?

Next up, circle August 2019. After some intense soul-searching this July, you’re finally ready for some fun in August, when your sex-appeal, your passion for life and your sheer popularity soar. People, get in line! That’s when you might feel like exploring the dating scene and having fun while you do it. You’re going through some important life changes in 2019 and you might have to loosen up emotionally a little before you can embark on a new relationship. Come the autumn you’re ready to see the whole thing in a new light. Let others go the extra mile for you in the latter part of the year.

Most likely to: speed-date till you find the one!

Love Dates: 1 January - 14 February (esp. January 18-21), 21 March, April 19, 20 April - 15 May, 2 July - 21 August, 14 September - 19 November (esp. 4-8 and 13 October).

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Get ready to reinvent yourself, dear Taurus! And that includes your attitude to love and relationships. We know, change is not a big buzz-word in your neck of the woods but Uranus is coming to your sign on March 6th and this is gonna be the beginning of a beautiful - if unlikely - friendship. With Jupiter in your intimacy zone all year long too and the eclipses calling you to new adventures, you’re eager to take a risk! Crazy, we know, who, you? Yes. And it will do wonders for your libido! You’re not afraid to ‘go there’ and even break taboos in 2019 and we’re all for it, Taurus.

So, how can you fulfil your new-found lust for life? January helps you draw a line in the sand. The past is the past. It’s done and dusted and you’re ready to look to the future. Soon after, hunky sex god Mars rocks up in your sign on Valentine’s day, giving you the cajones to make a bold move. By March when Uranus joins Mars, you’re feeling positively indestructible, your fear of rejection a thing of the past. This is also your moment to hit the gym - yes you heard right, you’ll love it. Surprise yourself! All this sets you up nicely for May and June, when lover Venus shows up in Taurus dialling up your charm. Others are attracted to you like bees to honey now. This is also your best moment to vamp up your looks too! May is jam-packed on the love front with romantic revelations, a chance for a fresh start, plus your own allure steadily rising. Love is in the air this spring!

If you need a little more time to get used to the idea of a newer and hotter ‘you’, your second window of opportunity in love is August and September. These are incredibly hot months for love when your popularity hits the reds - especially on August 24th. Are you counting admirers? Whom will you choose?  By November, you’re ready to review your options. And if someone’s been too slow to respond to your advances, they’ll hurry to pick up their socks before the year is out and go the extra mile for you. The proof is in the pudding, as every Taurus well knows, and you can have your pudding, and eat it too!

Most likely to: do something totally crazy!

Love Dates: 1-7 January, 14 February - 31 March (esp. 19 February + 21 March), 15 May - 9 June, 18 August - 4 October (esp. 24 August) 8 October onwards (esp. 12 November).

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Getting up close and personal is where it’s all at in 2019, dear Gemini. The universe is serving you an extra wallop of lucky love prospects for you to choose from. You’ve got generous Jupiter to thank for that and for the romantic adventures you’re about to embark upon. The key? Don’t make heavy demands. You can ask for integrity, of course, but do give others freedom to roam and come to you of their own accord. 2019 is relationship open season. Stay open-minded and face your trust demons, and by December, when Jupiter enters your intimacy zone, you could find yourself cozying up to someone special!

The eclipses are here to help you shake off what no longer works in 2019 and it all starts as soon as January. Intimate relationships have been no walk in the park of late. Perhaps you’ve been through an ugly divorce? Or you really feel loneliness weigh down on you more heavily than it has ever done before? Either way, Jupiter is here to help and to show you that there’s hope and plenty more fish in the sea. More so, Venus will pay a double visit to your love zone this year, in January-February and November-December, bringing you pleasant proposals and illuminating a more loving side to someone.

Spring-Summer 2019 is the hottest time for you! Mars and Venus in your sign from April to July allow you to turn on the charm and name your terms. If you’re thinking of changing your look, opt for June when you have everything going for you. July is a good time to hit re-set on your relationship priorities, leading to a new-found self-respect by August. This is the time to establish a healthy sense of self-worth to help you deal more confidently with your love demons. Put in the work this year and, by December, you’ll have the confident to go all the way.

Most likely to: get up close and personal!

Love Dates: 6 January - 3 February, 21 March, 31 March - 17 May (esp. April 19 + May 14), 9 June -  3 July (esp. 17 June), 16 July, 14 September - 25 November (esp 4-8 October),26th December.

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Relationships are pretty heavy going and even forbidding these days, dear Cancer. And it takes someone as tenacious as you to stick it out in such cold weather. If all you come across these days are veritable ogres, look no further than December 2019. That’s when Jupiter enters your relationship zone, accompanied by the lovely Venus, bringing you closer to that one uplifting, good-feeling relationship that you’ve been yearning for. Now what? (you say), I have to wait till December? Of course not! Think of December 2019 as a super-special Christmas gift for all the hard work you’ve been putting in.

Things have been slow on the love front but all this will change this year, curtesy of the eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn. What seemed intractable for years can change in a second in 2019 and things could start unfolding fast! Eclipses bring very fast developments, and with three of them in your opposite sign this year, yours could be the story of zero to hero or single to married in the blink of an eye! Things begin getting unstuck as soon as January, when you decide that enough is enough and decide to put your ‘prices’ up. Gone are the days of you giving yourself away for nothing. 2019 brings a brand new relationship start and you’ve gotta put your best foot forward right from the get-go. You’ve gotta value and respect yourself first before you turn to others and you’ll learn that this year, if not immediately, definitely by December.

May and June put you in the lead with Mars in your sign giving you the confidence to strut your stuff and the whole thing culminates in one big moment around the July 2nd total solar eclipse in your sign when something finally clicks. Mark down July in your calendar! That’s when you’re finally ready to reinvent yourself. Venus is in your sign throughout July too, making sure that you rub everyone up the right way, even while you take time to decide your next steps, whilst Mercury goes retrograde. You might need to review your feelings once more in November, just when you’re ready to  indulge in your need for companionship. Right on cue for Jupiter’s entry into your love zone bringing all kinds of goodies!

Most likely to: get married!

Love Dates: 6 January, 3 February - 1 March, 16 May - 27 July (esp. 2 + 16 July), 8 October - onwards (esp. 28 October + 26 December).

Eclipses and Retrogrades: total solar eclipse in Cancer 2 July! Mercury retrograde then direct in Cancer 19 July - 11 August (direct 1 August).

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Life has been drab for a while, dear Leo, but the sun finally shines brightly in your love life! Saturn is long gone and Jupiter is in your flirtiest zone this year, giving you that funny feeling. Are those butterflies? You bet! Chances are that the recent eclipses have totally transformed your love life in the past couple of years. Are you recently single? Or maybe you’ve just met someone and are wondering what’s next? All will be clear after the total lunar eclipse in Leo on January 21st! You might need to revisit the situation come July and carry out a thorough review when Mercury goes retrograde in your sign but come August, you’re ready for a brand new start.

You have some work to do in 2019 to release past demons and restore health to the system and, as a reward, your birthday promises to be something special! Mars and Venus both visit your sign in August, coupled with a full moon in your love zone, making this a birthday to remember. Your allure is off the charts and you need only say the word for someone to practically lay themselves at your feet. This could well be the year when you find love, dear Leo, if you haven’t already. Not to mention, a sexual awakening! Neptune has been upping your need for intimacy for a while now making you feel a little vulnerable on that front. You’ll be happy to hear that some of that fear will go away this year.

Carry out a review of your intimacy needs this March-April and any issues of trust you may have so that you can make the most of the passionate moments that lie ahead. There’s a lot of processing on the feeling front this year, to help you adjust to recent changes in your life. November is another such time when you need to spend some time with your thoughts. Your popularity soars in January and March, August and November. You can also expect someone to go the extra mile for you at Christmas!

Most Likely to: enjoy love!

Eclipses and Retrogrades: Total lunar eclipse in Leo 21 January, Mercury retrograde in Leo 7-19 July, New Moon Leo 1 August.

Love Dates: 7 January - 3 February, 21 January, 2 - 27 March, 17 June, 2 July - 21 August (esp. 27-July - 18 August), 1-25 November.

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Love has been hard work of late, dear Virgo, what with so many heavy-duty planets clogging up your love-zone. If you’ve been going through the motions without any joy, you’ll be happy to hear that things will shift for you in 2019. The eclipses are loosening things up in matters of the heart, helping you finally get unstuck, even if the situation seemed impossible up till now. Expect dramatic developments! As a cherry on that cake, you have lucky Jupiter visiting your relationship house in December. So if you’re reading this and being sceptical, rest assured that what’s shaken loose this year will come good, if not this year, then certainly the next, starting in December!  Your struggles in love are about to get one very big pay off, dear Virgo. Be patient!

You’re ready to put the past behind you as early as January, when the first round of eclipses hit, and adopt a whole new approach. Come February, you might already be welcoming some interesting advances. If you’re unsure what to do, take March to re-examine exactly what it is you’re looking for in a partner and rewrite your relating scripts. Neptune in your partnership zone for the best part of a decade now makes you hopelessly romantic when it comes to love so you might need to take a moment to discern fact from fiction in March. All the better to make a fresh start! By the end of March-April and May, someone is already going the extra mile for you and showering you with gifts!

You’re feeling more adventurous this year, dear Virgo! Your usual cautious nature takes a back seat in the name of externalising your feelings, which you’re frankly sick and tired of keeping all bottled up. And what better time to do so than the summer? The cosmic lovers, Mars and Venus, have chosen to bless your sign with their love union this year, in a special, passionate meeting on August 24th, right on cue for your birthday season! Get ready for things to heat up considerably in August-September! This is also the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe and looks if you so wish, with beauty planet Venus guiding your hand and Mars giving you the confidence to do it!

Most likely to: uncover true happiness!

Love Dates: 6th January, 3 February - 1 March (esp. 19 February), 26 March - 20 April, 16 July, 18 August - 4 October (esp. 24 August + 14 September), 25 Nov - 20 December, 26th December.


Celebrate, dear Libra! Crazy Uranus is finally leaving your relationship zone and you’ll be able to trust others far further than you can throw them, at last. This happens on March 6th, right before two full moons in your sign - yes, one is a blue moon! - giving you a double dip of clarity and bringing back-to-back realisations in matters of the heart on March 21 and April 19. The moon might be blue but you won’t be! Because (a) you’ll have Venus making you more popular than Beyonce and (b) you’ve actually gotten used to having your personal space by now and don’t mind some healthy boundaries plus considerate honesty in your relationships.

You might find yourself moving house or even changing your career for love this year, and this could easily be because you’ve met someone and you need to reorganise your life so that the two of you can be together. The eclipses have finally moved on from your love zone and your heart will feel more settled, especially from February and March onwards. You’re maturing relationship-wise and you won’t mind putting up with someone’s flaws if you decide that this person has something more valuable to offer you. Expect a fresh start on the relationship front this April, just as Venus brings some beautiful and interesting new people into your life.

The cosmos has saved the best for last in 2019 with both planets, Mars and Venus visiting your sign during your birthday season and laying the world at your feet! You’re especially alluring October 4-8, when people are willing to forgive you any trespasses. They can’t help it, you’re that adorable! Use early October to revamp your looks and put your best foot forward in love. That’s when your moves can really influence events. Oh, and make sure to get out and about a lot this year, as you simply don’t know whom you might meet, simply by walking to the grocery store!

Most Likely to: move for love!

Love Dates: 1 January - 14 February, 1-26 March, 20 April - 15 May, 15 August, 14 September - 19 November (esp. 4-8 + 13 October), Dec 20 onwards.

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2019 enters with Venus in your sign, dear Scorpio, turning you into really hot property this holiday season!  So what else is new, we hear you say… You’re very much in demand in the early days of January but the biggest news by far this year is that Uranus is entering your relationship zone. Expect the unexpected! Even if you’ve been single for 10 years, things could be turned on their head in but an instant! Take nothing for granted in 2019. Jupiter is also bent on raising your stock and your self-esteem and you could find yourself scoring above average this year. It’s all in that Scorpio charm, of course, and you’re finally able to showcase what was already there, dear Scorpio.

You have a much greater need for freedom in your relationships going forward so an open relationship, or a long distance one, might be on the cards this year. As a Scorpio, you like to throw yourself fully into your passions and get up close and personal, so all that distance - physical or emotional - might sound a little strange.  Still, this scenario could well suit you perfectly this year as you explore new horizons in love. You might meet someone whilst abroad, at a class or seminar, or in some other circumstance that makes it impossible to have a normal relationship. If so, it will be the intellectual stimulation that this person provides that will move you the most.

With Neptune in your romance zone these days, your glasses are pretty rose-coloured even if you’d wish to deny it. Listen to some good advice before you give yourself away and take March to review the contents of your heart. You’re one of the lucky ones this year, as Venus visits your sign twice and Mars also makes an appearance! Your best period by far is October-December as Venus, then the Sun, then finally Mars give your ego a triple boost! But Mercury goes retrograde in your sign in November so you will have to consider carefully where you want to invest our energies. By December you’ll know and be ready to go all in!

Most likely to: have unusual encounters!

Love Dates: 1-7 January, 14 February - 20 Apr, 15 May - 9 June (esp. 18 May), 14 September, 8-31 October, 12 November, 19 November - onwards.

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It’s your lucky year, dear Sagittarius! Lucky Jupiter is getting his mojo back in your sign and you’re all the more likely to find true love for it. Jupiter could literally sweeps you of your feet, which is just what you need after losing all hope and scraping the bottom of the barrel with Saturn. The bad times are gone and the good times are here! With a double visit from Venus too - in January and November - you’ll have twice the chance to charm the one you love into grabbing their backpack and following you to the ends of the earth! Your love juices are flowing as soon as mid-January and if you’re looking for the best time for a special date, pick January 18!

If relationships were an abstract concept for you in recent years, they become much more real in 2019. The eclipses are forcing you to get down and dirty and work with others, crises, flaws and all. Set boundaries and be sure to name your terms. With Jupiter’s protection bestowed on you, you have nothing to fear so jump right in! What’s more, Uranus leaves your love life alone from March onwards and the number of frogs you have to kiss before any of them turn into something better goes down by a lot! Heck, you may even have already found your prince(ss), plus you have some crazy stories to share at dinner parties, curtesy of Uranus in your love zone for the past 8 years. Time to leave all this fun and games behind and experience something more authentic.

This is an emotional year, Sagittarius. You’re investing from yourself and you might feel vulnerable as a result. If you get too emotional do something to ground yourself. Work, potter about the house or repot some plants. Let someone show you how much you mean to them in April and June. Your desire for closeness is at it’s strongest around June and July, when a total eclipse and Mercury retrograde in your intimacy zone raises your insecurities. Take a moment in July to bring yourself up to speed with new developments in your love life. The end of the year might well find you locked away with someone in a passionate embrace!

Most likely to: find true love!

Love Dates: 1 January - 14 February (esp. 18 January), 31 March - 15 May, 9 June - 3 July (esp. 17 June), 13 October, 1-25 November, 12 December.


Has your love life been deader than a doornail, dear Capricorn? Get ready for all that to change because 2019 is the year when you make a new beginning in every aspect of your life, including relationships. If you’ve put the idea of finding true love in the same category as Santa Claus and pink unicorns, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! The eclipses have arrived in your sign, shaking things up and bringing major changes in your self-image and relationship status, your appearance and your overall outlook. Get ready to reinvent yourself this year - twice! As you do, others are sure to sit up and take notice. July is a big month for relationships, with a particular person being instrumental in shedding light on hidden aspects of yourself and opening you up to new ways of connecting with others.

Joining this cosmic shake up is Uranus in your house of true love from March 6th and for some years to come. Trying to make up for lost time? You might find yourself embarking on some crazy romantic adventures in 2019 that surprise even you! Has Valentine’s Day only ever been a money-maker for you? Maybe it’s time to see it in a new light, as you wish for someone to squeeze this year. And 2019 is only the beginning!

January and December - the bookends of 2019 - are the magic months when you try on a new identity for size. Venus is close by, giving you an alluring glow and making sure that you include love and romance in your brand new personality upgrade. Your powers of attraction are strongest in February and December - yes you’re in for a double serving of everything this year including lover Venus - and these are also the perfect times to revamp your look if you so wish. On an inner level, you’re finally ready to integrate aspects of yourself that might have been cut off for most of your life. Keep a watch on summer 2019 - June, July and August - for that’s when others have much to bring to the table, leading to a brand new start on the relationship front.

Most likely to: open up to a new relationship!

Hottest Love Dates: 6 January, 3 February - 31 March, 15 May - 18 August (esp. 2 + 16 July), 12 November, 25 November - 20 December (esp. 2 + 15 December), 26 December.

Eclipses: partial solar eclipse in Capricorn 6 January, partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn 16 July, annular solar eclipse in Capricorn 26 December.

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You’ve been through a rollercoaster of changes over the past couple of years, dear Aquarius, and some relationships may have been slightly more intense than you’d have liked. But it’s all coming to an end. It’s a year to let bygones be bygones and, to make this happen, Venus visits your sign twice in 2019, in March and December, dialling your magnetic powers up to the max! But first, you need to put a past relationship well and truly to bed. January gives you that opportunity with a total lunar eclipse in your relationship zone closing a chapter of your life. After that, you’re free for the rest of the year to focus on yourself, carry out some maintenance and make sure all systems are back up and running smoothly.

Make a fresh start in February and March, taking a moment to review your priorities and give yourself a little makeover, ready for the summer. Because summer is where all the action is at, Aquarius! August brings a fresh start on the relationship front and potentially some passionate overtures from someone who seems to go out of their way to please you and show you how they feel! This is sure to make an impact.

Springtime 2019 also promises some bird-song as you get Mars and Venus in your true love zone, alongside a new moon. This means it’s party time! April and May turn up the heat and by June, your popularity soars. Yours is a fixed, unmovable sign, but with Uranus shaking you to your very core, you’re more ready than you’ll ever be to loosen up a little and welcome change. Uranus is liberating you from those old needless ideological attachments from March 6th bringing a new-found willingness to try new ideas on for size. Like, the idea of being in a relationship that works, for instance.

Most likely to: receive love concessions!

Hottest Love Dates: 21 January, 1-26 March, 31 Mar - 16 May, 9 June - 21 August, (esp 28 July - 18 Aug!), 12 December, 20 December - onwards.

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Your unbridled romanticism could run away with you in 2019, dear Pisces, booty and all! The antidote? Listen to your trusty circle of friends! If it sounds too good to be true, they’ll know, even if you refuse to believe it. This is a year to keep a sound acquaintance around for advice at all times. Plus, if you join clubs, pursue your hobbies and go to parties, you’ll meet just the right kind of people this year, because fate has a hand in this! That’s because the eclipses are in your fun-houses, setting you on a path of romance and discovery as soon as January!

Spring-Summer is a non-stop love-fest, dear Pisces, with July standing out for rocking your world. Take a time out this March to review your own attitude to love and relationship, as Mercury goes backward in your sign. Once that is done, you have beautiful Venus conferring on you her powers of attraction!  April is yours to turn up the charm and vamp up your looks, ready for the summer holidays, and with love planets Mars and Venus touring your true love zone from mid- May to the end of July, you’ll have no shortage of suitors to choose from.

Indeed, 2019 brings a new beginning in all matters of the heart, Pisces. The most important event this year is a total solar eclipse in your house of true love on July 2nd, wiping the slate clean and starting a whole new chapter in your love life. This is a trend that will take you beyond 2019 so watch this space! Come August, someone has got the hots for you and is not shy about showing it. You can thank the passionate union of Mars and Venus in your relationship zone for that. How refreshing! Close encounters with others in August and September lead to some intimate moments in autumn and your heart stirs once more.

Most likely to: turn over a new romantic leaf!

Things heat up: 19 February, 26 March - 18 April, 16 May - 11 August (es. 2 July), 18 August - 4 October (esp. 24 August & 14 September).

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