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Single Love Horoscope for March 2018

Single Love Horoscope for March 2018

What does your single love horoscope have in store for March 2018? We astrologers at Horoscope Friends haven’t forgotten about all you lovely single people out there even if you do feel a bit like an afterthought in this society made for two, so here’s a horoscope especially for you based on the whereabouts of the love planets in March! Speaking of which, Venus starts the month in Pisces, moving through Aries and eventually landing in the sign that it rules, Taurus, on the 31st. Calling three signs home in one month is bound to tamper with your emotional thermostat! Meanwhile Mars spends roughly half the month in Sagittarius and the other half in Capricorn – so it’s goodbye Mr Absent and hello Mr Career! 

What does March hold for all you single souls out there? Let’s find out!

What does springtime 2018 have in store for all you single souls out there? Read on for your single love horoscope for March 2018 based on your star sign!


You’re looking for a cuddly keeper with an old-fashioned mind, who is clean-cut and as honest as Pinocchio’s nose is long – but you don’t mind the odd flirtation on the way with a piece of Hot Stuff who should carry a government health warning. A few of your thoughts are strictly off limits but you’re pretty much What You See is What You Get. 


All together now: Searching…looking for love, I gotta find me a man! The final day of the month brings you whatever you were scanning the horizon for, or something entirely different creeps up behind you, with loads of heart-pumping stuff also promised on the lead up to this moment. You warm to who was around at the wrong time because now’s the right time. 


Now that we’ve waved off the Beast from the East, it’s time to unleash your inner party animal  - well, until the last day of March, which is when you curl up into a ball again and possibly go into hibernation mode, hopefully with a big bear (and hopefully not with a sore head) to cuddle up to. Shortcomings are okay as long as they’ve got a bulging bank account. 


You go a bundle on keeping up your guard, but this keeps the good as well as the bad stuff out. Venus flies right across the top of your single love horoscope like a rainbow and you’re on the hunt for people who are looking for the same pot of gold at the end of it that you are. Mars washes away cynicism to reveal a cute soft underbelly of kindness.


Keep telling yourself that your best relationships are behind you and they will be. Time to shape up, Leo! Also time to throw 2018’s eclipses, in which your sign plays a starring role, a bone by applying yourself practically and getting behind your quest for love in the here and now. The farther away from home you are, the greater your chances of scoring.


Love planet Venus in your opposite sign gave you its usual timely reminder of the power of love and what you may or may not be missing. Time to get real if a ‘relationship’ has been on and off more times than Cinderella’s golden slipper. There are other Prince Charmings out there, you know,  or are you addicted to the drama/patchy commitment you’re getting? 


The lonely-hearts club might one member short if you pull your socks up this month. Why? Cos your ruler Venus says so! Working relationships get steamier, or you see through the steam and decide no more self-deceiving. Putting others before yourself is so boring. Try stepping on some fun-time lily pads before reaching Mr Right’s little island in the stream!


By not taking yourself so seriously you invite serious love in, or someone willing to take a chance on it/you.  That doesn’t mean you’ll be lowering your standards, just your guard. A teensy bit. The last day of March is a cosmically blessed time to make a firm and juicy commitment. Happiness and money are harder to separate. 


You go to them in the first half of the month you, but in the second half they must come to you. You and an ex might have different opinions on where you both are with each other right now. Awkward. Try not to give yourself away by rushing in to have your say like your battery’s about to die.


We seek the teeth to match our wounds and you should be mindful that you’re not doing this by hooking in a similar ‘type’ over and over. Or will you totally break with the past in a way that’ll inspire others?  Mars in your sign for the second half of the month helps you spot a liar’s flaming pants from a good distance away!


We all need a good laugh and to enter a ‘no moan’ zone from time to time.  It’s also important that you feel at home from the get-go, so no starchy restaurants or opera glasses on your dates! Mars may change the dimensions of a friendship, or you might make a pact that you’ll end up together in ‘x’ years if you’re still both single then!


Venus has proved to you just how golden the charm offensive can be. What it, and Mars, now teaches you is how to overcome, or to value yourself more highly without being all precious about it. Or to not take yourself as seriously. Outrageous flirting on the last day of the month can make you wonder why on earth you thought all that was behind you.

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