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Single Love Horoscope June 2018

Single Love Horoscope June 2018

Wellcome to your single love horoscope for June 2018, curtesy of all of us here at Horoscope Friends! You're in for a super romantic month! On June 1-2 Venus harmonises with Jupiter and Neptune, creating the perfect weekend for love, luxury and enjoyment. Venus then spends time in two of the most romantic zodiac signs of all, sucker-for-love Cancer (till 13/6), then chivalrous and flamboyant Leo (till 10/7). By June 19, dream-weaver Neptune turns retrograde and your world goes a deep shade of pink… To restore you to sanity, we also have the anti-romance parade, headed by Mars in Aquarius the most rational, über-cool and aloof sign of the zodiac and the antithesis of all things mushy! Mars spends all month in cerebral Aquarius, so you’re sure to find yourself blowing hot and cold oftentimes. Expect surprises in love mid-month, curtesy of Uranus. Then, opposites attract on June 21st as Venus opposes Mars. Venus craves passion but Mars is as enthusiastic as a vending machine... What are you to do? The tension peaks toward month’s end as Mars stations retrograde on June 26th. Whoever it is who's taunting you will soon change their tune. June ends on a serious note with a full moon conjunct Saturn and there’s no running from that one! But you’ll be happy you didn’t.

What can you expect in June, love-wise?

Read your sign by sign horoscope and find out what June has in store for all you single love hearts out there, astrology-wise…


You’re in for an emotional time as June begins, Aries, and this isn’t something you’ll be able to just brush off, like you’re wont to do. But it won't last forever either. Come June 13th, Venus moves into your love and enjoyment zone and you’re ready to have some fun! You’ll find yourself very popular and you’ll want to have your share of love. Are things heating up with a friend? Are you crushing on the same person as your BFF and competing to see who will win? Or maybe you’re receiving some rather strong advances from someone in your circle? Passions come to the boil around June 20-21. By the 26th, your ruler Mars turns retrograde and you’re tired of doing battle. You’re called to wise up and step up to the plate by month’s end.


Where is your love life going, Taurus? Your mind is on the future and you’re rather serious about a potential relationship. Good thing then that you have lots of lovely people around you to get your mind off of things. You’ll have many pleasing faces to choose from in the first part of June with the love planet in your networking sector. June 1-2 and 19-21 looks to be particularly romantic so step out there and mingle! From the middle of June, you’re ready to reconsider your priorities and withdraw from the hustle and bustle to set the foundations for a happier future. Love might well take you way back… Expect outbursts of passion! By the end of the month, you’re called to make a serious commitment.


How do you feel about splurging on a few choice items this month, Gemini? You are hot property as June begins and there is nothing wrong with flaunting your assets! A new moon in your sign on June 13th helps you turn the page when it comes to love and relationships. You can finally raise your relationship antennae without the shadow of Saturn hanging over your head and making the whole prospect look daunting. Indeed, after June 13th, you'll meet many new people and find that you have lots of ideas to play with! Travel bodes well for love and romance and you might find that you also connect with interesting people over the internet and social media. Have you ever considered a dating site? You might be surprised! Sex is a serious business by month’s end.


You're looking incredibly beautiful these days, Cancer, and others cannot help but find you attractive! As soon as June 1st, you have a whole set of admirers laid at your feet. Take your pick. Or keep your options open if you wish… The weekend of June 1-3 is heaven-sent for love! June is ideal if you’re looking for a holiday romance. Opt for June 1-3 or the 19-21, when your path is strewn with interesting people. By mid-month you're ready to leave the past behind and invest in your core strengths. Spoil yourself a little. You deserve the best! And don't be afraid to reject an offer if it's not exactly what you’re looking for. Love is about to show you a whole other face! Things heat up around the Summer Solstice and beyond. By month's end, a relationship commitment might be required of you. Big life changes are on their way!


You really need some downtime as June enters, Leo. Is that because you just want to hide away and daydream about your secret crush? Or maybe you're actually involved in a clandestine affair and you enjoy sneaking away together without anyone noticing? You only have until June 13th to play hide and seek… After that point, you cannot hide your love any longer. You want to show it openly and shout it from the rooftops! Is there someone you want to impress? You’ll easily win anyone over from June 13th onwards. That’s the time to spruce up and give yourself a Summer makeover! Dress to impress! Others are sure to make a beeline to you. Love yourself first! Then let others come to you. Sparks fly June 21st. Things might cool off with someone or an old suitor might reappear toward month’s end.


Relationships work a charm, dear Virgo, and everybody is getting along beautifully as June gets underway. Did you play Cupid for a friend? Or maybe it's the other way around? June 1-3 is the perfect weekend for a romantic getaway to flirt, have fun and share the love! You’re pretty open about how you feel in the first half of June, pouring your heart out to others practically in the middle of the street! You’re normally reserved so that’s no bad thing. You’ll soon clam up again after June 13th. Are you holding a secret torch for someone? June 19-21 gives you another chance at romance - a good chance to relax. Take it because you have a pretty busy month ahead of you! Matters of the heart take a really serious turn by month's end.


Are you interested in love for love's sake or are you after the respect and recognition that the right relationship brings, dear Libra? You're more inclined to see your object of desire as a status symbol in the first half of June when you're determined that nothing should get in the way of your pursuit of happiness! After mid-June, love and friendship go hand in hand and you’re willing to chill and let your hair down. Are you lovers or just friends? Maybe you - or someone else - would rather keep a safe distance. If your love games have not been paying off recently, you're ready to ease off a little after June 26th, when Mars goes retrograde in your love zone. The return of a past lover is a real possibility this Summer 2018!


Have you got a holiday planned right now, for June 1st, Scorpio? If not, you'd better get right on it! This might well be the ideal weekend to get away, flirt and even meet the one! Your travel sector is booming all month and you are sure to get a lot of joy out of stepping out of your day to day routine. Venus in your travel sector until June 13th invites you to look for love in more exotic places. June 19-21 is also a great time to get away, when you will be feeling open to others and hopeful about the future. Your idealism and pureness of heart make you irresistible this month! Your ruler, Mars turns retrograde before June is out so be ready to take things down a notch after the 26th. What you agree to by month's end is set in stone.


You're in crisis-mode, Sagittarius! Whether it is the money or the sex that has you tied to that person, it’s not a comfortable place to be. What you want is freedom! But worry not. Things ease off after mid-June, allowing you to let your hair down and have your days in the sun! Travel is on the cards and it would do wonders for your love life. Be ready to take off! Love speaks in foreign tongues this month and the more you widen the playing field the more likely you are to find the one you want! You could also meet someone new over social media. Your popularity is rising and you’ve got your fingers in all the pies! After a fun couple of weeks, you’re ready to rethink your priorities by month's end.


You really want to please someone as June gets underway, Capricorn. You’ll get your chance almost immediately on June 1-2, the most romantic weekend of all! Relationships become much more involved as we head toward the second part of the month. What started as an easygoing, romantic liaison might well develop into something full on — both emotionally and financially. Are you ready to throw your lot in with someone else? If it all gets too much and you need a change of scenery go for June 19-21, when the people, the views, the conversation are sure to mesmerise you. You’re called toward greater maturity by month’s end. Show you are ready to commit. Major relationship changes are heading your way!


Your focus is squarely on practical matters as the month begins, dear Aquarius. Work. Health. But even amid all the nitty gritty there will be plenty of time for you to express your love and appreciation for someone else and receive their love in return - especially after June 13th. Mars is in your sign all month long and you call the shots now! The spotlight is on you and others have no choice but to follow. Just ask for what you want! Make the first move! It looks like someone really wants to please you and make you happy. Let them. What starts out as an unequal relationship could well develop into a true partnership. Sparks are sure to fly on June 15th and 21st. Don’t play renegade just for the hell of it. You'll need some alone time by month's end.


June enters with fireworks in the sky, dear Pisces! The world is dripping with romance as Venus throws a grand party in your true love sector. What’s more she has invited only the most high brow and glamorous guest! You're the most glamorous of all, of course, and nobody is able to resist your charms this month. Choose early June to attend a party, go on a blind date or fly away with friends. If you miss that window, the 19-21st is also a good time to give love a chance, when someone goes out of their way to please you. You’ll have your pick of lovers this month! Make time to enjoy yourself, even if you have other pressing concerns. This June is made for love! It's crunch time for a friendship by month's end.

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