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Single Love Horoscope May 2018

Single Love Horoscope May 2018

How does your May love horoscope shape up for all you single hearts of the zodiac? Pretty well, we’d say, because Venus is in curiosity-struck Gemini making this a flirty month overall and turning even the silliest frog into an interesting (and kissable) love prospect… And even if they aren’t, they still offer a chance to practice your chat up banter. Venus moves into Cancer on May 19th and it’s time to either shack up or clam up and withdraw back into your shell. Meanwhile, sex god Mars moves from bossy Capricorn to rebel Aquarius mid-month and if you’ve been a little too serious about this thing called love, it’s time to ease up a little. Play it ‘cool’. Let them come to you… Get ready for sparks to fly mid-month when Uranus also rocks up in Taurus - Venus’ sign - sending shivers up and down your spine! If you’ve been playing the game and not winning for a while, time to change the rules! The month ends with an adventurous Sagittarius full moon, just in time for the holidays.

Your love chances in May according to astrology and your zodiac sign

What’s in store for your star sign this May when it comes to love? When is a good day to make your move and when should you hold back? Love rocks (or flops!) on the following dates:

- May 7th-8th — Love ain’t what it seems… (Venus-Neptune)

- May 19th — Love at first sight! (Venus-Uranus)

- May 26th — Love falls flat on its face. (Venus-Saturn)

And, of course, here is the horoscope for your star sign…


You’re full of flirty banter, dear Aries, and you won’t hesitate to go in for the kill as soon as you see someone worth the effort. You’ll go from sociable to recluse after May 20th so, get your kicks while you can! Your moves are closely watched by someone who’s way up in your estimation so do it right. You get a chance to expand your social circle later in the month, widening your pool of romantic prospects. Sound good? The idea of friends with benefits might hold some appeal for you.  Plan a little holiday around month’s end!


Strut your stuff, dear Taurus! It’s your birthday and time to highlight your best features! You’re in the mood for spending a little extra and why not? Hope springs eternal and you’re looking to do things differently in your love life for once. You’ll get your chance sooner than you thought! Major changes are in store for you past the May half-way point so brace yourself. If you thought someone was out of your league, think again! There’s plenty of fish in the sea - more after May 20th - and you’ll feel passionate, chatty and flirtatious toward month’s end. 


Ready to mount a charm offensive, dear Gemini? Venus is in your sign and you wanna have some fun! Nobody can resist your witty banter  but maybe you also want to give your look a once over? May is the month to do this. Power is a big turn on right now - sexual or financial - and you’re looking for closeness and intensity in your love life. This will all change past the mid-May point when you’re happier to live and let live and focus on boosting your assets. Secret sparks fly mid-May. One and only one person has your attention by month's end.


You're high on love as May enters and, while the competition is fierce, someone out there really really likes you! How about some private smooching to set your world to rights? By mid-month you're ready to kick things up a gear. Whatever someone has promised you it's time to see if they are prepared to deliver! The truth will out. Tired of the same places and faces? Your social circle is blown wide open in May and with Venus in your sign from May 19th, you’ll be everyone’s favourite. Take your pick!


You may be a little busy right now but your world is filled with romantic prospects! May brings plenty of delightful encounters with the potential of finding love right on your doorstep. Go out and let yourself be seen and admired! Especially as you might become a bit of a recluse in the second half of May, letting others take the initiative. Whether this is because you have retreated to the bedroom or because someone has just started coming on a little too strong, privacy is what you need. May ends with a romantic full moon in your house if true love!


You want love and you want it now, dear Virgo, but your reputation precedes you. Tend to your image! You really care about how others see you now so make an effort and project yourself as you want to appear. No hiding in the shadows if you want love to find you. This intensely self-conscious vibe passes by May 20th when you can finally let your hair down and wake up to the fact that there are plenty of romantic prospects in your circles if you only step off your pedestal and give someone a chance. A chapter closes by month's end.


You’re not in the mood for anything serious right now, dear Libra. You’re up for some fun, preferably with a stranger you’ll never see or heart from again or on a holiday far far away - anything to snap you out of your heavy going routine and relieve the household pressure. Romantic adventure beckons. If you’re thinking “in my dreams” think again: your libido is about to get a rude awakening mid May when nothing can hold you back from going for what you want. Plan a little getaway for month’s end.


Life is intense right now, dear Scorpio! You’ve been put on the spot and your words and decisions are making real ripples. Whether others love you or hate you for it, there is nothing you can do. No worries. Everything changes by mid-month, when someone new suddenly rocks up in your world and alters your relationship prospects for good. Things ease up as May draws to a close and you’re ready to take off find love in more carefree and easy going places. You now know what you’re worth.


Blond or brown hair? Blue eyes or hazel? It all looks good to you. Everyone has some attractive feature or other and you’re hard pressed to choose one romantic prospect over another. Enjoy your popularity and the flirtations that ensue. You’ve got the hot factor and others don’t fail to notice. Brush up on your chat up lines while you can because you’ll be actively using them from mid-May onwards. Things get up close and personal toward month’s end when you are sure to end up being put on the spot!


Take pleasure in the little things, dear Capricorn. A beautiful smile from the person at the coffee counter, a pleasant conversation at the office, a flirtation or two at the gym. Love can have pretty humble beginnings and still develop into something great. You are hot as they come with Mars in your sign and it’s up to you to take things further. You’re ready to reassess your priorities in later May. That’s when others look especially enticing, drawing you out of your shell. Will you give someone a shot? Time to turn over a new leaf.


Ah, love is in the air, dear Aquarius! Literally it’s intoxicating! You’re in love with the idea of love and the promise carried by the spring breeze. Turned on as you are, you ooze sex appeal and goodness everywhere you go, winning hearts and not even being aware of your conquests!  You will soon know. Mars moves into your sign mid-month giving you the steering wheel of your love life. Others will literally be like putty in your hands! What will you do next? Take your time. You can look forward to a social event by month’s end.


You refuse to come out of your shell for most of May, dear Pisces. The only way to find love is to deign to answer the door should love knock… And it will! Are you competing with a friend for the object of your desire? Maybe that’s what bugs you? If you think you are far happier with a familiar face and refuse to look further get ready for change after mid-May. New places and faces are about to turn your little world on its head! Lucky for you, that’s when your popularity also starts to rise and you’re spoiled for choice! By month’s end, everybody speaks your name.

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