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Single Love Horoscope October 2018

Single Love Horoscope October 2018

October is a fated month for love so all you single lovebirds out there, take heed! Old lovers return as Venus in Scorpio goes retrograde on October 5th, allowing you to reminisce about happier times and even giving you a second chance at happiness. If you’re pining after an ex, this could be the month when that flame is rekindled! Is it to get closure? Or to live happily ever after? Only your heart will tell… 

Your passions could get the better of you in the last week of October when Venus disappears behind the burning Sun and you’re more likely to listen to your chemistry rather than your heart. This is the trickiest time for love. Mars is in Aquarius, where he is all too fond of rationalising his actions, so be very careful what you tell yourself. Just because your motives make logical sense doesn’t mean you’re being clever. There’s probably a huge swathe of info you’re ignoring, like those red flags, for instance, waved around by your subconscious.  

It’s an intense, sexy, fateful month for love so be smart and get yourself some protective gear by reading your single love horoscope for October 2018!

What does Love have in store for single star signs this October?

Let’s see what love planets Mars and Venus have in store for you this month. Your October single love horoscope bares the naked truth… If you find yourself deep in hot water, we’re here to help. Just dial 0207 111 6304 from the UK or 1877 608 3731 from the USA and seek advice from one of your top psychics! 


Things are getting dangerously naked in your October love horoscope and, with so much heat all around, you won’t be able to avoid intimate encounters of the fated kind. This is bound to bring a host of repressed urges to the surface, dear Aries. Whether this unleashes the beast in you or turns you off sex for a while, the net effect is the same: it’s time to reassess exactly what you want from a potential lover. Nay, the dream lover! And why not?

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Are you playing Beauty to someone’s Beast or maybe you’re experiencing both in one person? Others are behaving strangely and this is affecting your self-confidence and your ability to function.  You’ve a chance to stop and think more deeply before you get any deeper into this person - whether it is an old relationship that has resurfaced or a potential lover that has gone off the rails. If it hasn’t got a future, it ain’t worth it.

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Get ready to experience life in full technicolour, dear Gemini, not of the senses, but of your repressed passions! Secret folds of your personality are coming to light little by little, the whole intricate tapestry of small repressions unravelling at the pull of a thread. Still, all this poring over the nitty gritty helps you get closure on a past love. Foreign tongues sound sexier somehow and you might feel like indulging your escapist tendencies.

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What is that thing - or person - that you’ve really really wanted for a very long time but told yourself you can’t ever have? That forbidden fruit? That cross-over to the other side? You’re ready to reconsider that decision! The lure of getting down and dirty with someone is too strong to resist and you’re willing to move heaven and earth to satisfy your desires and return to a place of greater happiness. Just make sure you’re listening to your heart and not your hormones.

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You’re about to button down the hatches, dear Leo, and go deep inside your cave to hibernate. There are some hotties out there to be sure, but you’re tired of the whole love parade and of being messed around. Besides, you have some very personal business to take care off before you can feel happy enough again to open up to someone’s advances.  October is the time to put the past to bed, reevaluate your image and decide whom you want to hang out with.

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We live in the communication age and this provides so many more avenues for finding people who might have otherwise been needles in a haystack. Fancy reconnecting with people from your past?  A childhood love perhaps? A bit of harmless flirtation could boost your confidence for a while and get your mind to wander. But is it really harmless? Remembering the good times, speak any words left unsaid but don’t get in too deep. Where do all the hotties congregate these days? Try your office, or the gym.

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You’re looking very hot, dear Libra, and, even with your ruler retrograde, you can’t help but get lots of attention - wanted or unwanted. The problem is you don’t quite know what to do with it, especially when it comes from an ex. You’re still trying to evaluate what you want and whom you’d like to get up close and personal with, whether for the first time or…again. You’ve no shortage of suitors and you need to take your time to decide whether it’s time to turn back or move forward, for good.

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You’re a love rebel this month, dear Scorpio, your heart yearning for happier times, and you’re prepared to go off piste to satisfy your desires. Others might be surprised at your behaviour but you won’t give a hoot because there is something deeper in you that’s seeking satisfaction. An illicit affair might be hard to resist and you’ll have to show self-discipline to walk the straight and narrow. Tie up loose love-ends and tend to your image. Take your time and think carefully before you embark on a new relationship.

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Love is all hush hush this month, dear Sagittarius and you’re picking up lots of stray flirting-vibes in the air. While you’re surrounded by sexies, you’re very cagey about your feelings and with good reason, because something fishy is afoot. All is not as it seems in love-ville so best keep any sexting, illicit proposals or meetings well under wraps. Secret crush? There are still things you don’t know. Be clever and wait it out.

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A reunion with old friends could reignite old passions, dear Capricorn, especially when it comes to old friends with benefits, friends you’ve had a crush on or acquaintances you never quite got to know as well as you’d like. What’s this romantic dream that’s calling you? For the first few weeks, you’re in a safe zone, where you can explore your past and see if there is any meat in it still. Be more cautious from October 25th onwards. You’re feeling sexy and confident, operating from a position of strength. Keep it that way.

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With Mars in your sign, dear Aquarius, you’re the hottest thing around for miles and others cannot help but be drawn to your rough and sexy demeanour! But you’re tired of being nice for the sake of appearances and playing the love game to please your admirers. You want someone to love you for yourself and not for your position, social charms, your money or because you look good wrapped around their arm. Feeling frustrated? Let off some steam at the gym!

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Are you pining after an ex from a distant land, dear Pisces? Did you leave the love of your life behind in Honolulu, all those years ago, only to come back to a life that now seems mundane? It’s probably only a passing wave of nostalgia, or is it? You need to find out, so off you go booking a ticket for a hush hush escape to an old grand vision of love. You’ve not much to fear in the first few weeks of October, but think carefully before you make any life-altering decisions toward month’s end!

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