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Single Love Horoscope September 2018

Single Love Horoscope September 2018

If you’re looking at the tail end of summer still as single as a dollar bill, look no further than your September single love horoscope. Summer 2018 is far from over - on the contrary, September is a pretty hot month! After a whole season of wading through treacle, things that have been stalling are finally moving forward. This month offers passion and fireworks! It’s also big on commitment, which is good news if you’re waiting for someone to stop messing you around. Read on to find out what the love planets are doing this month and how they affect your chances at love and happiness!

September's outlook for love

Brush up on your chat up lines as soon as September begins because Mercury and Venus are sure to bring some interesting people your way! Right on the heels of that, love planets Mars and Venus get into a bit of a tiff, causing sparks to fly. Venus travels from Libra to Scorpio (9th) just as  Mars moves back into Aquarius (11th) and these love birds soon clash with prankster Uranus retrograde… Love at first sight? Irresistible chemistry? You bet! If things get too hot to handle, Saturn is on hand to bring some stability into your little love world mid-month. Relationships dilemmas is all you want to talk about toward month’s end with Mercury in Libra. That’s also when a full moon in Aries highlights that big question of commitment, once more… Are you ready to take that leap? Are you ready to change your relationship status? Let’s see what the stars have to say about it!

What do the stars say about your love life this September?

Your single love horoscope has the lowdown of whether love rocks or flops this September. Read up on your star sign! If you want a more in depth love reading, dial 0207 111 6304 from the UK or 1877 608 3731 from the USA now and speak to one of our top psychics!


If you were a bit off your game this summer, we have some good news for you, dear Aries! Mars, your ruler, is finally finding his feet again and this will help you find your mojo. With lots of temptations around to entice you, you will soon want to go more than skin-deep and get to know someone better. You’re in charge of this game so go find someone to play with! You’ll find many punters after September 11th. All your chickens come home to roost by month’s end in one big revelatory moment.

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Your focus is on getting into shape early in the month, dear Taurus - better late than never eh - but others will soon tempt you to venture beyond the gym and into darker and sexier pastures. It’s mating season for the bull and if your wanderlust knows no bounds, you’ll soon be like “who’s put you in charge anyway?” and rewrite the rules of this game. Who’s to say what you should or shouldn’t do? You realise that life is what you make it and you’re not averse to getting your hands dirty right now. Secrets come to light toward month’s end.

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You’re in over your head as September kicks off, dear Gemini, and we’re talking deep sticky stuff. Whether you’re taken in by an all consuming affair or arguing with an ex about money, this intensity will soon dissipate and you’ll be able to spread your wings, once more, in search for fresh prey. You’re incredibly popular at the start of the month and this gives you just the boost of confidence that you need to show some self-love and get yourself into shape. Looking good is the ultimate revenge, remember? A friendship reaches critical mass by month’s end.

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This is a hot month for relationships, dear Cancer, and others are likely to get your juices flowing in more ways than one. Whether you’re horny or furious, you’ll have a few heated encounters in the first half of September, after which you’ll want to explore a particular romantic prospect a little deeper. Love goddess Venus is on your side after the 9th, making you wildly irresistible and more likely to indulge… What do you want out of a potential relationship? Where do you see your life headed? It’s time to get serious by month’s end.

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You’re feeling pretty self-sufficient as the month begins, dear Leo, enjoying the odd encounter or flirtation that flies into your garden like a butterfly on whim and happy to keep it that way. But that all changes down the line, as you suddenly feel the urge to have someone to cuddle up to on the couch when all the laughter dies down. Others are sure to upset your carefully balanced world this month so there is no danger of being left alone when the lights go out. You’re seriously considering a change in outlook by month’s end.

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It’s your birthday season, dear Virgo, so it’s only fair that you’re in such a playful and flirtatious mood! You’re feeling sexy and this attracts many punters as you strut your stuff. You’re in for lots of pleasant encounters so brush up on your chat up lines and try not to step out the house in your pyjamas… Love lives very close to home this month, be ready! This is also the time to get your body into shape, especially after September 11th. A big transformational full moon lies in wait at the end of the line!

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It’s hard to find a single Libra in a fifty mile radius but others’ usual interest in you has fizzled out of late. You can blame Mars retrograde for that, but that is now all over... Add to that Venus in your sign, boosting your natural charm to heaven and you’ll soon have a large number of admirers to choose from! After a period of hibernation, you are finally ready to come out and play. Bring it on! You’re wildly popular and you're ready to strut your stuff! You’re heading for a big one-on-one showdown with someone (or their answering machine) as you head into your birthday season.

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How can a Scorpio be single if not by choice? Mars, your ruler, has been going backward for so long that your usual, shall we say, enthusiasm has gone downhill… Worry not. You will soon see some action as your libido cranks back up to full speed! With Venus also endowing you with the power to conquer hearts with a single glance you’re literally the hottest stuff to walk the earth this September! Are you ready to shack up with someone? Others will surprise you. Do you love or hate being single? A lifestyle decision is on the cards by month’s end.

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You’re a lover of freedom, Sagittarius, but your physical needs are pretty strong right now. So no wonder you’re going down the friends with benefits route - that gives sufficient leeway for everyone to get their kicks, or so you think. The playing field is soon blown wide open and you might develop a secret crush on someone that spoils your plans. Isn’t it time you revisited your whole attitude to love? A big fat full moon in your true love sector will help you separate the wheat from the chaff and lay out on paper a list of criteria.

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You’re oh-so hot right now, dear Capricorn, but you’re saving yourself for someone special. No run of the mill romance for you, no, so others can gawk all they like and it’s not going to make any difference. You’re focusing on your own desires and taking your time. You can get a lot of satisfaction out of your friendships and sniff at the rest at your pleasure. You’re tired of the same old thing on the love front and so don’t be surprised if you do something crazy. By month’s end you’re ready to draw an indelible line under a situation and move on with your life.

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Your sexiness and allure reach even the most unsuspecting, far away places, Aquarius, and you’re sure to find out this month that you can conquer hearts far and wide. Secret attractions are coming to light and, soon enough, nobody will be in any doubt that you can get whatever - and whomever - you want at the mere click of your fingers. Mars lands in your sign on the 11th putting you in charge of this game of cat and mouse and laying the world at your feet. But you’re looking up, not down, and you’re going for the big prize! The last week of September brings some important news.

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Encounters are pretty intense right now, Pisces, and it looks like you’re getting quite up close and personal with a friend or acquaintance. If social conventions are preventing you from fully expressing your love, you’ll soon throw off that yoke and allow yourself to explore your feelings freely. You might have to keep things secret or escape to a place where nobody knows you but so what? Doing so bodes well for love. By month’s end it’s time to do a little recce. Who’s good for you and who isn’t? Who’s worth your time? Ditch a bad investment.

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