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Star Signs on Valentine’s Day: What Makes Them Happy?

Star Signs on Valentine’s Day: What Makes Them Happy?

It’s Valentine’s Day: time to celebrate love! So what does each star sign look for during this special holiday? What makes each star sign happy? Your horoscope reveals all. This is useful to know - whether you’re trying to figure out the best present to give your sweetheart, planning to propose, going on a first date or looking for a fun day out with friends. Don’t go it alone!

There’s something sexy about Valentine Day 2020 and not just because the Moon’s in Scorpio. It’s a dark, mysterious Friday as time stands still for a moment. Mercury is screeching down to a halt in the most romantic zodiac sign of all - Pisces - and there’s such rich feeling descending upon the world like a curtain of treacle. Let your imagination take flight! You can have many a sexy and romantic chat this evening about anything and everything!

Make your Valentine's night super-special for you and your lover! Here are all the sexy secrets of the star signs!

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How Each Zodiac Sign Prefers to Celebrate Valentine's Day

What makes each star sign happy? Should you opt for a candlelit dinner or go-carting? It's all in their horoscope! While someone's star sign is a solid bet, you can add layers of insight by checking their Ascendant sign, Venus star sign, and the second astrological house (planets in & sign of). Find out more by drawing your free birth-chart! For an in depth love reading unique to your personal situation, call our service centre team on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470) and book a reading with one of our friendly love psychics!


Excitement is what Aries loves best! It doesn’t even matter if it’s a little tacky. A ride in a fast car, a new experience, something sporty or an impromptu tattoo session (involving their initials somewhere on your body) is sure to excite them. Be spontaneous! Just make sure they know they are the one and only in your life. Aries will run a mile if they think you’re their second choice. Be physical and direct. If you’re going out, avoid queues at all costs and make sure they’re not made to wait or feel second-best. Their favourite colour is red and they generally prefer primary colours.

Single Aries? Try speed dating or attend a large party where you can have fun meeting new faces! (Planet: Mars)

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Taurus loves their creature comforts. It’s not about what you spend. It’s more about safety, pleasure and quality guaranteed. And food. And wine. This could be their favourite meal or a massage at their regular spa followed by champagne. Nothing too tiresome or energetic. You can’t go wrong with gorgeous flowers (make sure they smell good too) and a box of melt-in-the-middle chocolates. Go for a cashmere scarf that feels good against their skin, a soft blanket or a beautiful choker. Taurus loves music. Take them to a concert or one of these Japanese karaoke bars with soundproof walls where they can let loose.

Single Taurus? A spa day out or fancy meal with friends is guaranteed fun. If all else fails, a comfy TV dinner is a winner. (Planet: Venus)

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Gemini is pretty chilled. They’re happy with you making all the arrangements. But do bring your best conversation! Read up on something. Don’t start yawning mid-chat. Listen. Engage. Dialogue! If you go to a theatre get them an aisle seat so they can make a quick exit. Don’t hem them in. Go to a bustling bar and have fun observing and commenting on the clientele. Nowhere too empty. Books are an obvious gift for Gemini. A road-trip, a class in something they’re interested in or a wine-tasting is even better! They love to learn. A writing pad for their ideas is also good. Gemini loves a touch of brightness, such as yellow and orange.

Single Gemini? Join a class or go out and mingle! Gemini has no trouble making friends. (Planet: Mercury)

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The way to Cancer’s heart is through their stomach. A scrumptious meal is a must - whether home cooked or at their preferred restaurant. Make sure to include their favourite wine. They’re a homey type, so they’ll love it if you invite them home and introduce them to your family. This means you’re serious. Gift wise, go for something pre-loved. Antiques are a big one and so are personal items and family heirlooms. Again, this means you’re serious. Make it symbolic and meaningful. Research their family tree. If all else fails, a cuddly toy will do. Campaign furniture is also good as it allows the crab to set up home anywhere.  Silvery hues, blues and greys suit Cancer best.

Single crab? Don’t just tough it out. Find people around whom you can express your rich emotional nature. (Planet: Moon)

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Dating a Leo? You’ve hit the jackpot! Leo is the most regal and loyal sign but also the most high maintenance. They need concrete, glamorous expressions of your love and validation. Solid gold jewellery is a safe bet. Diamonds are good too. All accompanied by the most gorgeous flowers you can find. Make them feel like royalty! Give them your full attention. A high profile outing is sure to win. Like a big gala dance, a movie premiere or the opera. This allows them to glam up and showcase their fancy outfits. If you want something more playful, find out what they are good at and organise an event where they can shine - like learning the tango, flower arranging or stand up comedy. They’ll enjoy feeling like a kid again! Leo loves gold and the colours of the sunset.

Single Leo? Dress up and attend a glamorous event with friends! Read your fan mail. (Planet: Sun)

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Virgo may be practical and down to earth, but don’t just get them a blender for Valentine’s. They too need a little romance in their life, even if they’re reserved about it. Avoid ostentatious declarations of love or anything that makes them feel intensely self-conscious. Make it discreet. Pay attention to detail. They’ll really appreciate you having given their gift lots of thought and planning. They like to be prepared, so give them enough notice to shower and put on a clean shirt. Honour their problem solving skills with a puzzle. Opt for a nature getaway or a refined, elegant dinner. Virgo’s colours are whites, beiges, soft greys and pale browns. They prefer scents that are cool and fresh.

Single Virgo? Enjoy an evening of board-games with friends or attend a yoga class. (Planet: Mercury)

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The keyword with Libra is elegance. Just like a vampire avoids the sunlight, Libra shrinks away from anything crass, kitsch or ugly. They also can’t stand conflict and raised voices. Make sure to take them to the most beautiful, refined restaurant, with soothing music. Libra doesn’t much like to make decisions. Take charge. Book a classical music concert followed by an exquisite dinner. Play the part of the perfect lady/gentleman. And don’t forget a personalised card with beautiful flowers and chocolates: traditional wooing is a must! A full day of pampering at a spa is sure to work too, as are scented candles. Libra’s favourite colours are pale greens, blues, pinks and yellows.

Single Libra? Rare. Someone out there is pining after you. All you need to do is make the call! (Planet: Venus)


Scorpio is all about the sex. This is not at all superficial (this is Scorpio we’re talking about). Sex is the gateway to living life to the full and - most importantly - to bonding and getting to know you better. Take your little Scorpio for a visit to a sex shop. Watch their eyes light up at the idea of trying this or that. Buy them porn, sexy underwear - or even the Kama Sutra - as long as you’re game for it. Strip for them or grant them a night to fulfil their sexual fantasies. No need to bother with cards and such frivolous things. But a candlelit dinner works well. Blood red and russet are Scorpio’s colours. So is black lace and leather - underwear that is.

Single Scorpio? Ha! Pick your victim! (Planet: Pluto)

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Sagittarius is the zodiac’s adventurer! But no less romantic for that… It’s just different things that make your Sag happy. Like a hike, followed by a picnic and sex under the stars. Or an exotic wine-tasting session. When it comes to dinner, a tasting menu of game and wine would work well and satisfy their need to explore. Books on travel, philosophy and religion are also a good bet. So is adventure gear. But if you want to go all out, give them the real thing: tickets for two to somewhere exciting! They like to take their chances. A stint at a casino could also be fun. Sagittarius loves purple, indigo and ultramarine colours. 

Single Sagittarius? Plan a singles-trip or night out. Go camping with friends and tell stories by the campfire. (Planet: Jupiter)


Good old Capricorn works hard, twenty-four-seven. But don’t just get them a paperweight. The best thing you can do? Get them away from their desk. Remind them of their fun side! Help redirect their burning passion to alternate pursuits. Gift-wise, quality is key for a Capricorn. Opt for a top brand if you can. Capricorn presents an accomplished face to the world so branding is key. Better yet, be a big shot yourself! Then make time just for them. Book dinner at a top restaurant. Send them expensive flowers at the office. If you can’t afford much, do something sincere. Don’t fob them off with cheap knock offs. Capricorn appreciates the effort. Blacks and browns are Capricorn’s favourite colours.

Single Capricorn? You probably don’t even know it’s Valentine’s. Go home already! (Planet: Saturn)

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Aquarius loves technology. Buy them a sleek electronic gadget. Or a newly patented object. Even if it doesn’t work they will love giving the thing a try. Aquarius doesn’t do soppy. Keep it clean. Electronic cards work best. No point cutting down trees for all this nonsense. Here we have an unusual combo of conservative and kooky qualities. A classic dinner at the best restaurant in town is sure to be a winner. But then again so is a community hall meal of locally farmed ingredients on recyclable plates. Or volunteering at a soup kitchen. Aquarius have set ideas, especially as they get older. Agreeing is advisable. Instead of spending money supporting capitalism, give to their favourite charity. If you’re cooking at home, rent a sci fi movie to go with it. They’re children of the future! Aquarius loves electric blue and turquoise.

Single Aquarius? It's all about friendship anyway. (Planet: Uranus)


Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac and a sucker for Valentine’s Day. Make a big fuss of it! Shower them with cards, gifts and flowers. Then take them out for a show followed by dinner. Buy them poetry or, better yet, write a poem, song or novel and dedicate it to them! A candlelit dinner with soothing music by the seaside works wonders. They’re quite metaphysical too so go wild with semi-precious stones and crystals, an astrology reading or divination pendulum with instructions. If you’re looking for something more mundane, think of their dainty feet. Anything from five-toe socks to a pair of Loubutins and you’re in. Treat them to a foot massage. Pisces loves violet, blue and the colours of the sea. Don’t burden them with decisions or excessive planning. Keep it soft and casual.

Single Pisces? Lose yourself in your favourite romantic comedy! (Planet: Neptune)

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