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Summer Astrology: Seven Steps to Successful Summer Living

Summer Astrology: Seven Steps to Successful Summer Living
The Summer Solstice is a time of celebration and, hopefully, lots of sunshine. So why not get some astrological tips to make the most of it?   Here are seven steps to successful summer living.

Seven Steps to Help You Get the Most of Your Summer According to the Planets

June 21st is officially the start of summer, and all of us are ready for some positive vibes after that heavy Grand Cardinal Cross we’ve all been hearing so much about. With this energy in mind, there are seven simple steps that you can take towards self-improvement.
1. Say it
As Kate Bush sings in the song Cloudbusting, ‘just saying it could even make it happen’. Think positive affirmation here. Perhaps you’ve been guilty of expecting other people should be second-guessing you instead of you taking ownership of what you want? This will get you nowhere, so spell it out in no uncertain terms if you have to.  This advice is all the more pertinent in light of the fact that Mercury’s retrograde right now, scrambling the very meaning of words, and so you’re going to have to use a few choice and creative ones!
2. Feel it
If words do happen to fail you, which is highly likely at the moment (thank you, Mercury), there’s always your intuition to fall back on, or to lead you, if you so choose. This is a gift that comes into its own for all of us when the sun’s in Cancer - a sign that loves to feel its way in life by learning to trust and follow its own extra-sensory self, so why not learn to do the same? Tip number one: try reading between the lines!
3. Love it
Blue skies and sunshine are perfect conditions under which the love boat can sail. The captain of this ship, Venus in sensual Taurus, steers us all towards wanting more physical contact, and extra helpings of loving. This is a strawberries and cream time, where the world looks, smells and tastes delicious.  The height of summer can do funny things to people, and ‘Holiday Head’ strikes, but so what? What’s the point of life if you can’t have a little fun? Time to overindulge in all that marvellous, lusty Taurean energy.
4. Dream it
Neptune in Pisces gets a boost from Pluto and the Moon at the time of the Solstice, so dreams are deep and not so well hidden. Listen to what your subconscious is telling you because your dreams have a lot more resonance in your waking life under the cover of this sky, rather than just being full of random and inconsequential happenings.
5. Work it
Mars in Libra directs the collective energy into relationships, so they may require some extra work, but this won’t be an arduous type of slog. You can have lots of fun with it should you choose to, and see it as falling in love with someone all over again. There’s strength to be got from exerting your own independence within a union too, while not losing a sense of togetherness at the same time. This can re-ignite the spark of the relationship or prevent it from being snuffed out. Mars in this sign is also opposing Uranus, so there’ll be a few ups and downs, and lots of drama (of the welcome kind) in your love life.
6. Lose it
Pluto in Capricorn knows all about control and restraint. The fact it’s going retrograde and squaring Uranus on the Solstice adds an element of chaos, and if the thought of this unnerves you slightly, then the best bet might be to adopt the ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ philosophy. The planets are rocking the status quo and giving the world as we know it a bit of a shake up, and it’s about catching the right cosmic cues and not wasting energy in futile resistance. So go on, lose yourself in it.
7. Live it
Jupiter is in its final throes in the sign of Cancer, (see Jupiter in Cancer) and this energy gives you a terrific appetite for both life and for love, because of its connection to pleasure-seeking Venus on the Solstice.  So go for what you want, enjoy some excess, spend some time with family, or those that you regard as family, and prepare for the progression of this wonderful planet into Leo in July (read all about it: Jupiter in Leo)
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