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Sun Conjunct Saturn: Reality Check

Sun Conjunct Saturn: Reality Check
On 2 January 2019, Sun conjuncts task-master Saturn and we are all in for a bit of a reality check. This can be a sobering moment, either giving you a thumbs-up and assuring you that you are on the right track, or highlighting things you need to improve upon if you are to reach your goals.
Key concepts for the Sun-Saturn conjunction: life-lessons, reality check, constructive criticism, long-lasting achievement, serious outlook, growing up, timidity and fear, deeply held ambition, reliability, recognising limitations, setting boundaries, low energy and vitality, realism vs pessimism, patience, male authority figures.
The experience of Sun-Saturn may feel positive or negative, depending on your own disposition. But no matter how you feel during it, Sun-Saturn represents a constructive moment. If you pay attention to the lesson it brings, it can provide a solid foundation for long-lasting achievement and success!  So pull up your socks and let Saturn be your teacher. He may appear dark and forbidding, but he only has your best interests at heart!
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What to expect with Sun-Saturn

Keep an eye out for what happens this week, for it will give you something to build upon. There might be a moment of recognition or the culmination of a project; it might be an important test you have to pass; or you may have to take on further responsibilities and 'step up' to the plate. If you face tough criticism and are forced to acknowledge your limitations, then make sure you can distinguish between fair criticism and what is simply someone being too harsh.
And if you truly come up against a personal failing, don't be overly tough on yourself. There may be a tendency to be too modest or pessimistic now or take things too much to heart. Take the lesson that the day has to offer but make sure not to dwell on things!
On the other hand, if you have been putting up with an unpleasant situation for too long, this transit can finally make you say “No more! The buck stops here!”
Whatever it is that happens for you on this day, pay attention, for it holds the key to future success.
Sometimes the energy of Sun-Saturn can feel too heavy and gloomy in that moment, sapping our physical and emotional reserves. If you find yourself feeling depressed or tired, then do take extra care of yourself. This dampening influence only lasts 2-3 days and it will quickly pass.
If you are concerned with a serious health-issue you can get the truth about the situation now and finally take solid and long-lasting steps toward better health.
Above all, Sun-Saturn can highlight important areas where you can develop and strengthen your life set-up. Whatever constructive lessons you take away from it will stand you in good stead for a long time to come.

Good Things to do with Sun conjunct Saturn

  • Set long-term goals
  • Get a health-check or address a chronic problem
  • Check your progress / make sure you're on track
  • Consolidate your effort (at work, or with your health, relationship, or finances)
  • Say ‘No’ - draw the line!
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Seek advice by someone older and more experienced
  • Commit to something that is very important to you
  • Recognise your potential as well as your limitations and come up with a realistic plan for improvement

Things to watch out for

  • Excessive criticism
  • Being too harsh on yourself
  • Reduced vitality - take care of yourself
  • Negative outlook – it will pass!
  • Flaring up of insecurities
  • Do not arrange important meetings with superiors, as people in authority - men especially - will tend to be critical and reluctant to let anything slide.

Sun conjunct Saturn in a birth-chart

People with Sun conjunct Saturn in their birth-chart tend to be self-reliant, responsible, hard-working and serious in their outlook. These folk have very high standards and may often feel as if they come up short - especially when they’re younger. There is an inherent drive to do better and better to silence that inner critic – that insecure little voice constantly wondering if they are good enough. Relationships with male authority figures can be challenging too. As these shy folk grow older they grow younger in spirit, lighter, wiser and more at ease with who they are. An absolute joy to behold.

Famous people with Sun conjunct Saturn

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Francis Ford Coppola, Uma Thurman, Justin Bieber, Al Pacino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vladimir Putin, Jim Carrey, Pink, Sting, Sai Baba, Robert Plant, Sarah Palin, Dakota Fanning, Richard Burton, Serena Williams, Nigella Lawson, Humphrey Bogart, Juliette Lewis, Bill Murray.

In what area of your life is Sun-Saturn giving you a reality check?

Here is how Sun-Saturn will affect each sign. Read your Sun-Sign and Ascendant below!
You are in for a reality check around your work, career and public image. This may be a moment of reckoning – of both your achievements and failures – and you may find yourself under public scrutiny. This is a high-pressure day and authority figures are likely to be critical and not give out praise lightly. Cary yourself with dignity. Events today can have long-term repercussions on your career and direction in life, as well as your social status. This is your moment to take the first step down the right path.

You are in for a reality check when it comes to your education and travel, a legal matter or your own outlook on life. Your views may be called into question and you may have to carefully examine what you believe to be right. Contact with legal, religious or educational institutions and foreign cultures will have a thing or two to teach you too. Stay clear of needless legal procedures. What you do today has long-term repercussions on your intellectual or legal standing, your education or outlook on life. Time to test your views or take a stand for what you believe.


Your reality check may be around taxes, debts or shared finances. Or you may be facing up to your insecurities in love and intimate relationship. Time to set some proper boundaries. What you do today will have long-term financial and personal repercussions - a real opportunity to restructure debt or redraw the boundaries in your intimate relationship.


Your reality check is around relationships and business collaborations. You may come up against limitations set by others that you just have to accept if you are to move forward. Or you may have to say No and draw the line.  Someone close to you may be facing a difficult decision or health concern. What happens today can have long-term repercussions in your marriage or business partnership. Aim for solid long-term arrangements with clear role descriptions.


You may get a reality check at work or around your health and daily routines. This may be a tough day at work bringing you face to face with harsh work-colleagues or your own limitations. Or, it may be time to face up to a chronic health-concern. What you do today may have long-term repercussions on your work, health and wellbeing. This is an opportunity for long-term health improvement, to learn new skills and increase your efficiency at work.


Your reality check may be around a creative project, love affair or children. A child may need special attention now. If you are in the entertainment, speculative or creative industries you may receive criticism (or serious praise!) around your performance that has repercussions on your self-worth. What you do today can set the foundations for a more joyful life-style. You can solidify your performance, your relationships with your children or a creative project. 
Your reality check concerns home and family. Maybe a male family member is having a check-up and needs your support? Or it may be time to draw your boundaries and say no to those in your family who make excessive demands on you or try to define you. This may also be an important moment for home-improvements. What you do today can have far-reaching repercussions on your relationship with your family, your home and sense of belonging, and increase your self-reliance in the long-term.


This is a reality check in your immediate surroundings, putting your movements, contacts and communications to the test. People around you may be difficult now, you may experience delays in your travels or come face to face with your own limits where knowledge and language is concerned. Make sure to avoid negative thoughts and ignore overly harsh words. What you do today may have far-reaching consequences on the way you think, move, communicate and handle your day-to-day dealings with people. Don’t let anyone else circumscribe your space.


Your reality check may come in the form of a large bill or expensive purchase that forces you to tighten the purse-strings. You may bite the bullet and take measures to consolidate your resources, if you are to move forward with your life. Or you may realise that it is time to make something of unused talents and pursue a cherished goal. What you do today will have long-term repercussions on your finances and other personal assets. Step up and make the best of your talents.


This is your chance to consolidate all the progress you have made, pay your final dues and set yourself on a solid course for the future. Avoid stress and get some rest, as your vitality may be low, and make sure to address any health concerns now so you are ready to move forward.  Events today are likely to have long-term repercussions on who you are, your health and overall outlook on life. Be brave and make the decisions necessary for long-term happiness. What you do will affect you for a long time to come. Don’t sell yourself short.
You are in for a psychological reality check. Events may have you feeling isolated, overwhelmed, scapegoated or alienated, bringing you face to face with your own insecurities and acts of self-undoing. Things that used to matter are fading and falling away. Step aside and let them go. Meditation and time spent alone may give you something solid to hold onto so tune out and allow your body and spirit to recuperate. Events that take place now are releasing the past and making way for the future. Let go of what no longer serves you.
A reality check in your friendships, allegiances or community projects may be in store, asking you to re-evaluate what is worth investing in and what is not. You may receive criticism from friend or important person in your social circle, questioning your loyalty. Or you may be asked to step up and make a commitment. What you do today will have long-term repercussions on your friendships and your standing in the community. Seek allies and take concrete steps toward your vision.
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