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Sun in Aquarius until 18/2: Time to Rally around a Worthy Cause!

Sun in Aquarius until 18/2: Time to Rally around a Worthy Cause!
Sun entered Aquarius on January 20th to stay until February 18th, and it is time to join our fellow man (and woman) and stand up for our ideals. It’s time to say ‘No’ to the same old thing and to step outside the trodden path. It’s time to visualise a brighter future!
Sun in Aquarius means we are solidly heading for mid-winter, when the world freezes over in the north. The mid-winter symbolism can be fruitfully extended to a number of Aquarian traits. The cool intellectual disposition of Aquarius for instance perfectly fits the coldest part of winter: it’s when nature sleeps that we become our most inventive, engaging our intellectual faculties and relying on our technology to stay warm and comfortable. Aquarius is also a sociable sign, arguably reflecting our instinct to survive and gain strength in numbers by forming a community with a common aim. Maybe, that is also why Aquarius is a highly individualistic and rebellious sign, as it is when we are all thrown together that our desire to differentiate our own unique personality (and stand up for what is right!) becomes most pronounced. And of course, Aquarius is also futuristic, forward-looking and idealistic - looking toward a better, sunnier future - a time of brighter, warmer days.
Aquarians tend to have an air of being ‘too cool for school’ and are impossible to sway once they have made their mind up and set their sights on a grand idea. Well, you know what they say.... If you can’t beat them join them.
Amazing Aquarians: There are many famous Aquarians who exemplify key Aquarian traits. ‘Rebel without a cause’, James Dean is an Aquarian, capturing a picture-perfect image of Aquarian rebelliousness. Lord Byron, who had a penchant for revolutions was also an Aquarian, as was the controversial figure of Rasputin the 'mad monk'. Other unique Aquarians comprise musical pioneer and father of reggae Bob Marley, futuristic author Jules Verne, whose tales involved technology way ahead of his time, musical child genius Mozart, logician, wordsmith and fantasy novelist Lewis Carroll of Alice in Wonderland fame, one of a kind author of Ulysses James Joyce, father of the theory of evolution Charles Darwin, prolific inventor Thomas Edison, seminal US president Abraham Lincoln, who outlawed slavery, and socially aware novelist Charles Dickens. As Aquarians, these people stand out for their free spirit, their differentness and their pioneering work - rebels, eccentrics and madmen - there are each and everyone of them of a kind. We also have cool Aquarian celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Justin Timberlake, Robbie Williams, Paris Hilton, Oprah Winfrey, Ashton Kutcher, Shakira, John Travolta, Ellen deGeneres, Chris Rock, Christian Bale and Christina Ricci.

Great things you could do with Sun in Aquarius

  • This is a highly inventive period. So get thinking! Apply your mind to your problems and come up with innovative solutions.
  • Don't go it alone! Join friends, groups, forums and communities and let your allies lend a hand.
  • Rally around a worthy project or cause - become a living manifestation of your ideals!
  • Raise your vibration by focusing on those thoughts that match the reality that you want to create for yourself.
  • Begin an activity that you find fulfilling, which brings you into contact with like-minded people and which reflects your ideal self.
  • Take an interest in the common good.
  • Take a scientific attitude to your problems: quiet your emotions and think about things rationally.
  • Emphasise what makes you unique!
  • You can now focus on a particular area of your life and make a conscious effort for improvement. This is a different life-arena for each star-sign:
                ◦       Aries: Social sphere, friendships, goals
                ◦       Taurus: Career, public image, life-direction
                ◦       Gemini: VIPs, education, travel, expansion
                ◦       Cancer: joint finances, passion, business
                ◦       Leo: relationships, partnerships
                ◦       Virgo: work, health, wellbeing
                ◦       Libra: love, children, creativity, happiness
                ◦       Scorpio: home, family, real-estate, private life
                ◦       Sagittarius: communications, learning, travel, siblings
                ◦       Capricorn: finances, expenses, resources, values
                ◦       Aquarius: self-image, appearance, personal projects, desires
                ◦       Pisces: large institutions, dreams, rejuvenation, giving
Watch out for interesting technological advances during this period too - especially if something has been on the cards for a while. Bloopers are also possible of course with Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, but so are corrections of past mistakes.

Aspects of Sun in Aquarius: Dates for your diary!

Whilst in Aquarius the Sun connects with three major astrological forces: Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo. Find out how to make the best of these - then read how they affect your sign!
23rd January: Sun sextile Saturn in Sagittarius
An opportunity to take the first constructive steps towards your aims and make a solid start with your projects. Great for launching plans in a responsible yet progressive environment. Benefits air and fire signs especially (Aries, Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius) 
2nd February: Sun sextile Uranus in Aries
A chance to implement new ideas and for greater freedom and innovation. A time to effect changes and be progressive. This aspect will once again benefit air and fire signs more.
6th February: Sun opposite Jupiter in Leo
A crucial day where we can check our progress towards our goals and gain much-needed clarity. It’s obvious where we have succeeded and where we have failed, which allows us to renew our efforts where it matters and abandon misguided targets. A key moment for our growth!
23 January: gain perspective with the help of friends;
2nd February: surprise your friends!
6th February: listen to your heart.
23 January: secure a professional grant or other financial benefit;
2nd February: career support from unusual quarters!
6th February: realisations around the home.
23 January: travel or study may consolidate an important relationship;
2nd February: contact with exciting communities!
6th February: is it what or who you know?
23 January: a good day for work and joint finances;
2nd February: career opportunity through merger/financial support;
6th February: clarify your financial goals!
23 January: discover true love and consolidate relationships;
2nd February: a relationship expands your horizons;
6th February: realise what you really want!
23 January: organise your home base and establish a good routine;
2nd February: a breakthrough with health/work and finances;
6th February: reconnect with your spiritual needs!
23 January: express yourself and increase your influence;
2nd February: breakthrough in love and creative partnership,
6th February: realign with your dreams and ideals!
23 January: consolidate your finances with the help of family;
2nd February: health/work matter resolved with family support;
6th February: clarity regarding your life direction!
23 January: research and communicate your new identity.
2nd February: creative/romantic breakthrough!
6th February: reconnect with your life purpose.
23 January: invest in your health and wellbeing!
2nd February: income resolves home-related issue;
6th February: understand your financial commitments.
23 January: gain powerful allies for your cause,
2nd February: express yourself and make progress!
6th February: clarify relationships, contracts and agreements.
23 January: a powerful figure behind the scenes helps your career,
2nd February: financial breakthrough with the help of VIPs,
6th February: clarify your working aims!
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