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Sun in Aries

Sun in Aries

When the Sun moves into the first zodiac sign, Aries, which it will do on Tuesday 20th March 2018, it heralds the equinox and the official start of spring! This also marks the start of the new astrological year, so it’s a big deal for all 12 star signs. In this little ‘sun in Aries’ article, we’re gonna suggest some lovely gift ideas for your Aries loved ones that’ll make ‘em jump for joy like little spring lambs. Then we’ll take a look at the sun in Aries / spring equinox horoscope for all 12 star signs!

Aries Birthday Gift Ideas

Aries folk like stuff that they can do alone, like a Kindle, or knitting, or a box set they can binge in alone. Or a Toblerone.  They love a Toblerone. Aries men tend to be big gamers. Uranus is still in their sign (it leaves next month), so anything techy is ideal, as is something they’d never expect you’d buy them.  Quirky is also good. This planet in their sign also indicates that they also like and appreciate something homemade. And because Aries rules the head in the zodiac map of the body, a hat is always a welcome birthday gift for Aries, ditto make-up, facials and new face furniture (like tokens for the opticians). 

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Now let's have a look at how the sun in Aries March 20th-April 20th affects each zodiac sign!


Spare a thought for those poor people in your life.  Why? Cos you’re gonna have even more energy than usual thanks to the sun in your sign! Yup, welcome to your favourite time of year. Jadedness leaves you and anything seems possible all over again. All in all it’s a lovely time for you


Madonna sings ‘life is a mystery’ as the opening line of, Like a Prayer, and this is the theme of your life right now. You’re drawn to the inexplicable and the shadowy sides of people, or spirituality. You’re a fixer, a helper, a healer, always the first one to stick their hand in the air to volunteer, and an all-round good egg.


Perhaps you let a few important friendships slide over the winter months? Don’t we all, dear! Well, now’s the time to stop looking at them through the prism of Facebook and remind yourself what they look like in the flesh. You might choose to make an unpopular decision until others catch up with your logic.


Sun in Aries marshals your inner general, organiser and overseer. You might also literally want to be somewhere higher up in the world, either in terms of status or geographically. This is also your chance to prove yourself in a position of responsibility. You might be slightly more reserved, even with close friends. 


You want to know everything that there is to know and in as short a time possible, should you be starting something new. Legal or spiritual matters will be on your mind, and possibly some form of higher education. You could put to right a wrong or set about getting what you missed out on the first time round.


Sun in Aries amps up your enjoyment of life’s physical pleasures. A relationship might go back to its lusty roots, or if you’re single and looking, there might be an unmistakable chemistry between you and someone who might already be taken.  Possessiveness feels flattering at first, but this soon wears thin.  


Oh to be in love! All the poor daisies near to where you live might be stripped of their petals by the time you’re finished because you’ll try every method going to try and predict when love’s coming into your life. Or you’ll draw people in that can help you make a real break with the past - or a new set of people!


Now’s the best time to make a new year’s resolution because sun in Aries kind of ensures, as far as astrology can, that there’s a greater chance of you sticking to it. You might make less excuses for yourself and more excuses for others. Or you’re gonna do the biggest spring clean this side of the millennium!


This is no time for looking back. Perhaps you’ll avoid the people who do, or those that blame others for their predicament, or who never seem to move beyond a certain point. You like to leave people wanting more and you might also explore a talent that you always suspected you had. 


Sun in Aries is traditionally the time of year when you either find a place of your own or when you make a house a home.  Tactility is higher up on your list of life’s priorities and you’re very good at working out the real reason for a person’s behaviour even if they’re protesting otherwise. 


Your horoscope helps you adopt a lovely carefreeness whenever the sun’s in Aries. You might try to look a few years younger, or adopt a younger person’s mind-set, or get back your mojo if it was frozen by the Beast from the East. You have an opinion on everything.  


Spending less and saving more is the winning formula as far as you’re concerned and you’re gonna do everything in your power to make sure you and your household stick to it. Ever noticed how it’s the people that know their true worth, and demand it, that get on in this life? This could be you all over right now!

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