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Sun in Gemini 2020

Sun in Gemini 2020

The Sun shines in mutable, airy Gemini May 20th - June 20th 2020. Gemini lives in a world of ideas! It’s versatile and flexible, thriving on words, language, movement and travel, communications and trade. Sun in Gemini is agile, clever, sociable and really quite nosy!

The meaning of the Sun's transit in Gemini 2020

May 21st-June 21st when the Sun is in Gemini is a time for networking, talking and not committing to anything much. Gemini is always on the move, a social butterfly flitting from flower to flower, seeking a taste of life in all its forms. There's a kind of chaos in Gemini's impulse toward variety and that randomness opens up space for new ideas. May 20 - June 20 is a time of cross-pollination. As Spring morphs into Summer, the world is teaming with life. Stick your nose in and sample as much of it as possible! Gemini is also a bit like teflon. Nothing sticks. Things skim off the surface, quickly, effortlessly. Words, people, places move in and out, like the air you breathe. But that's no bad thing. Try holding it in - impossible! You've gotta breathe. It's what keeps you alive! Just like the birds and the bees buzzing from bloom to bloom keep nature thriving. Gemini is the quintessential star sign of youth. It's the eternal Spring on the brink of Summer. And how do you stay young? By staying interested in the whos, the whats, the whys and wherefores. By never quenching your thirst for knowledge. By staying light on your feet, well oiled and mobile!

Sun in Gemini is a good time to...

  • Flirt, meet new people and try out different love prospects before you settle on any one thing.
  • Lighten up! Have a laugh and don't take things too seriously.
  • Embark on a writing, media or communications project.
  • Regain your agility, flexibility and youthfulness.
  • Go back to school, play sudoku, do crossword puzzles, learn something new and indulge your curiosity. 
  • Get out of a rut!
  • Experiment! Try different classes or buy a month’s trial subscription before you commit.
  • Go on a short trip, explore your neighbourhood or discover new pockets of interest.
  • Launch a website, test a product or carry out a survey.
  • Beware of: doing too much all at once; spreading yourself too thin; being a scatter-brain; rationalising your feelings; sticking your nose where it does not belong…

Sun in Gemini 2020 Horoscope for each Star Sign

What can you expect when the Sun is in Gemini May 20th - June 20th 2020? In Gemini, the Sun revitalises a specific life-arena for every star sign. Let’s have a closer look!  You can also call in for a personal spring-summer reading right now on 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470).


The Sun in Gemini puts ants in your pants, dear Aries! You just can’t stay put. You’ve got people to see, places to be, messages to reply to and meetings to arrange. You will be on the road a lot, exploring your surrounds. Do you enjoy driving in your car? Or riding on the train with a good book? You'll get to do lots of that sort of thing now! This is a busy period and your devices are likely buzzing with incoming news. It's a good time to study or go to school, embark on a media / writing project or strengthen relationships with colleagues, neighbours and relatives. 

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Business is booming, dear Taurus! You want to go shopping and pamper yourself more and you're also full of ideas as to how to increase your income, attract new business, boost your assets and raise your stock. You're brimming with confidence and this is a good time to invest in yourself and highlight your strengths! It is also a good time to revitalise your finances and pay more attention to your possessions and what they are worth. Take pride in what you've got - whether it is your talents, physical assets of material possessions!

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Happy Birthday dear Gemini! This is your season  - the time of year when you can come into your own, focus on yourself and take charge of your life. You feel strong and confident, eager to push forward with all the things you want, irrespective of what others want or say. And why not put yourself first? Your birthday only comes around once a year! You’ll enjoy greater vitality now so take a moment to revamp your body and review your state of health and your appearance. Time to shine, let your inner leader come to the fore and exercise a greater influence over others.

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This is your yearly downtime, dear Cancer. You've got around thirty days every year in which to withdraw a little, relax and recharge your batteries, i.e. now! It's a time of sorting and sifting through ideas to decide what to keep and what to discard. You might be dealing with many communications and negotiations behind the scenes, as you prepare for the big reveal. Keep your ear to the ground. This is your chance to let go of the past so that you can make a fresh start on your next birthday. Make time to meditate, read or write in your journal - whatever it is that reconnects you with the mother ship. 

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This is your most sociable time of year, dear Leo! It's your time to attend parties, rub shoulders with VIPs and revitalise your social network. Give your friendships their yearly boost! It’s also the perfect time to pursue your most inspiring dreams and ambitions! Getting involved in your social or professional community gives you a big energy boost and inspires you to reach for your most cherished ideals. Take pride in your achievements. Take a moment and enjoy your rewards. Group endeavours fill you with vitality and this is a good time to brainstorm with others, get together and pursue a common cause. 

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The Sun in Gemini is at the very top of your horoscope, dear Virgo, and this makes you intensely self conscious. You are more aware of your public image, your reputation and your social status. Events could bring you into the public eye now and this is a time of high visibility and responsibilities. From this elevated position, you are urged to behave as maturely as you can. This is a good time to review your career, goals and life direction. You can use this time to pursue important aims, exercise your authority and set new worldly targets for achievement. 

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You're dreaming of great escapes as we head toward Summer, dear Libra. Spring is in full bloom and the romantic in you wants travel, adventure and a change of scenery! Time to take a break from people-pleasing, work and social functions. Stepping out of your day to day routine will help you regain a view of the bigger picture, imbuing your life with fresh meaning and giving you hope and optimism for the future. Academic, legal and international affairs receive a boost of energy now. You can also push forward with any media, broadcasting or publishing projects.

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This is an intense and transformative time for you, dear Scorpio. Financial dealings are at the forefront, with many discussions around business, funds, taxes, loans and joint finances on the table. This is a good time to take care of such matters and come up with an interesting financial plan. The important thing in this period, is to build trust - both in the personal and professional arena - and reinforce your closest bonds. If it's all about the sex for you (you are a Scorpio after all), you'll have many a chance to flex your muscles! This is also a good time to undergo therapy, have surgery or delve into the occult.

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The Sun is in your opposite sign, dear Sagittarius, and your focus is on relationships, negotiations and legal contracts. The time has come to show greater diplomacy in your dealings. You may need to set your personal goals aside and meet others half way or give your romantic partner, agent or business associate greater say in what's to be done. This is a good time to find an agent to represent you, reach out to someone or get a new client on your books. Contacts with the public will imbue you with fresh energy and vitality now. Let a special someone be the apple of your eye and shower them with attention.

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You're definitely the hardest working sign of the zodiac, dear Capricorn, and the Sun in Gemini is prime work-time for you. There's a lot of tasks requiring your attention before Summer sets in and you're dizzyingly busy! Delegate if you can. This is a good time to hire an assistant, streamline your work and get things in order so that you can be more efficient and flexible going forward. Also, have you got your beach-bod ready? Capricorn loves to look a million dollars so now’s the time to come up with an intelligent diet and exercise plan for your busy schedule. A pet might have your attention.

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Love is in the air, dear Aquarius! You always feel rather frisky as Spring morphs into Summer. Your mind is on love, romance and all the fun that you can have. This makes you incredibly popular so get out there and spread some joy! All this promise in the air also gets your creative juices flowing and you can spend many a happy moment in recreational activities. This is the best time to rekindle your love for a hobby or inject fresh life into a creative project. It’s also a good time to let your hair down, bring out the big kid inside you or take pride in your kids. A romantic dalliance could rekindle your lust for life.  

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Your home is buzzing with activity, dear Pisces! The Sun in Gemini awakens your nesting instincts. You’d much rather entertain at home right now than go out. You take pride in your abode, as well as in your family, and you'll will want to get your residence ship shape for summer. This is a good time to strengthen family bonds, return to base and do what makes you feel secure. You can draw lots of energy from your roots now. You might want to sort through old papers and photographs, visit family or revisit the past and gain closure. Real estate projects are given a fresh lease of life.  

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