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Sun in Libra: Balance Your Life

Sun in Libra: Balance Your Life
The Sun is in Libra, the ruling sign of all your relationships, from 23rd September until 23rd October.

Sun in Libra from September 23rd

Libra is a Cardinal Sign and all of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) herald the beginning of a new season. In the northern hemisphere, Libra heralds the start of autumn, and in the southern hemisphere spring is beginning.
Cardinal Signs want change. They get bored with the status quo. They need new challenges. Each Cardinal Sign brings changes in different ways. As Libra rules your relationships, this is the area in which Libra seeks to improve the quality of your interactions.
Libra wants balance. Think of the image that describes Libra – the Scales. The Scales show that there are two parties and that each party deserves respect and attention. When one party takes advantage of the other, the scales are unbalanced. This is when conflicts and disagreements arise.
During this transit of the Sun in Libra, this is the time to make positive changes to your relationships.

Sun in Libra: True Stories

All the signs can work in your favour or they can work negatively depending on how you use their energies.
Here’s a true story of the positive use of Libra’s charm
Two girlfriends arrive at an open-air movie. The seats are all taken. One of them notices that there are some park benches nearby that could be added at the side of the seating provided.
“Ooh look,” one said, “that bench over there would work perfectly for us, but how on earth are we going to carry it over? Its frame is made of heavy metal.”
The Scorpio friend says to the Libran:
“Use your Libra charm to ask those men over there to carry it over for us. I won’t be any use because I’m much too blunt.”
The Libran proceeds to ask the men in true Libra fashion:
“Would you be kind enough to bring that bench over here so that I can sit with my friend?” She puts on her softest voice and her broadest smile.
Without question, the men stood up instantly and said:
“Of course, we’d be delighted to help you out.”
You could see by the look on the men’s faces that they were only too pleased to help.
This is an example of the way in which Libra energies work very well. Libras can be very persuasive, when they ask for something they try to do it in a very polite and diplomatic way.
However, if the energies of Libra are unbalanced, the negative side emerges.
Here is another true story illustrating how the Libra energy can work in a destructive way
A Libran lady, aged 45, runs her own property and investment business. She made friends with an Aries man, aged 55, who invited her to invest in his new property venture. It looked good at the outset so she readily agreed and she encouraged several of her clients to invest as well.
However, as the weeks went by, she had a terrible feeling in her stomach that this was not going to be a good property investment for her clients. She already had several of them on board, but she ignored addressing the potential pitfalls with the man and kept putting off the possibility of a confrontation. Libras hate conflicts and will do anything to avoid them!
Finally, at the eleventh hour, just a day before all the contracts were due to be signed, she called him and pulled out.
Aries is a Fire sign (see the 4 elements) – the exact opposite of Libra – and he went ballistic, as you can expect. He also had a vengeful streak, and in a fit of pique he secretly contacted all her clients behind her back and managed to steal several of them from under her.
This was a terribly painful lesson for the Libran woman, because she not only lost a business associate, but she also lost several clients she had worked with for years.
This story illustrates the way in which Libran energy can work against you if you are not willing to be brave and to face unpleasantness when necessary. Libra likes nicey-nicey and warm fuzzies with everyone. It wants to be popular and it wants to be liked and loved.
This Libran lady learned that she had to address frustrations and issues as soon as they came up and not allow them to linger on without speaking out.
During this transit, as your relationships are going to be in sharp focus, think about where in your life you can use the energies of Libra in a positive way:
i.e. being courteous, helpful, charming, gentle, listening to the other person carefully.
Don’t forget to examine where you might be using these energies in a negative way i.e. pleasing others and not pleasing yourself, not speaking up when something is wrong, risking losing an unhealthy relationship if necessary, especially if your needs are not being met.

If you can do this, you will make best use of this transit of the Sun into Libra. 

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