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The Sun in Pisces Transit 2020

The Sun in Pisces Transit 2020

Sun enters Pisces on the 19th of February 2020 putting our world in soft focus until March 20th. Time to let our intuition, compassion and imagination lead the way.

Keywords: imaginative, sensitive, irrational, inspirational, adaptable, empathetic, multifaceted, intuitive, impressionable, emotional.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. It is emotional and flexible, able to navigate the vast and shifty waters of feeling. Pisces feels comfortable in a world that is a little fuzzy around the edges, shying away from the sharp definition of facts and figures. It sees the world in multi-coloured shades, instead of black and white, and is able to see a morsel of truth in many different points of view. If Pisces has a reputation of being hard to pin down, it's not because it wants to deceive, but because it does not believe that there’s a single fact of the matter.

For Pisces, reality is fluid and changeable, barely distinguishable from the world of dreams and the creative imagination. That's why Pisces feels happiest when it can express its rich inner world and make use of its unique artistic, empathetic and spiritual sensibilities. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is world-wary, its skin porous and permeable. Like someone who has seen and done it all, Pisces seeks the thrill of life beyond the mundane, to experience unity and a state of grace. This may be expressed creatively or through religious and humanitarian pursuits.  

Things you should and shouldn’t do during the Sun in Pisces

Now Sun's entry into Pisces will shed light on our dreams and yearnings, as well as our suffering and our capacity for compassion and transcendence. There is also a potential for initiative to realise a creative or romantic dream. This will be an emotional time, when reason may fall by the wayside.

Great things to do with Sun in Pisces:

  • Let inspiration flow!  Get creative: write, paint, dance...
  • Enjoy starry-eyed, magical, fantastical love and romance!
  • Pursue your dreams - make it happen!
  • Show empathy and compassion - help someone out.
  • Pray, meditate, connect with your spiritual centre.
  • Escape into the country - preferably by water.
  • Indulge your imagination: watch a film, listen to music, play video-games, read a book

What to avoid with Sun in Pisces:

  • A victim mentality - wallowing in self-pity
  • Blind belief in saviours and gurus
  • Sentimentalism / shying away from the facts
  • Dishonest and sneaky tactics

How the Sun's transit in Pisces in 2020 affects your Star-Sign

The Sun in Pisces transit 2020 is the perfect period for romantic, cultural and creative pursuits. It's your opportunity for constructive change and for getting the necessary backing to accomplish your aims. Read below how it will affecr your star sign.


Sun in Pisces is a time to stay under the radar. Your intuition is stronger now, as is you ability to harness collective energies. February may bring blockages from abroad or stemming from legal and educational institutions. March may bring career support from behind the scenes.

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Sun in Pisces sheds light on your group involvements, friendships and alliances. February is not good for financial negotiations. March is a good time to connect with empowering friends abroad.

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Sun in Pisces sheds light on your career, life-direction and public image. February  may be a tough period for business, when others are not agreeable to your plans. March may bring a commission or other financial career boost.

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Sun in Pisces highlights ways to expand your world through publishing, education and long journeys. February may bring obstacles stemming from work commitments or health concerns. March is a good time to seek help from a partner.

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Sun in Pisces places emphasis on intimate relations and financial agreements. February is a time when you may experience romantic rejection or financial loss - not a good time to take a risk. March may bring a work bonus or an opportunity for a health check-up.

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Sun in Pisces shines a light on your relationships - time to let your partner take the reins! February is a difficult time, where home and family commitments may create difficulties with your romantic or business partner. March is a great time to inject romance into your marriage, have fun together or invest in a business partnership.

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Sun in Pisces makes work and health top of the agenda. February is not a good period to sign documents and you may receive an unpleasant communication. Your home-base is a source of support on March.

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Sun in Pisces is a time for romance, creativity and joy. February brings a financial burden to dampen your spirits. The channels of communication open March helping you move forward with creative projects or clear the air with a loved one.

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Sun in Pisces sheds a light on your private life, home and family. Steer clear of discussions and negotiations on February, when you will not see eye to eye. March brings a financial boost to help you with a real-estate, home or family matter.

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Sun in Pisces shines a spotlight on your every day movements, communications and exchanges, making for a busy time. You may come under attack from a hidden enemy on February - or it may be that events tax your health and nervous system, leading you to need rest. You come into your own March, when you can make progress toward all your aims.

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Sun in Pisces sheds light on your income and self-worth. Avoid money talks on February, as investors or members of your group or community will prove hard to convince. March may brings access to unhoped for resources.

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With Sun in Pisces, it's your time to shine! Mars and Venus having awakened your desires, you can now make progress with all your endeavours. February is a hard period at work, when a demanding boss or a professional commitment limits your movements. You receive help from powerful friends March.

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