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Sun in Scorpio Transit 2020

Sun in Scorpio Transit 2020

The Sun goes into Scorpio on October 22nd, 2020 and it’s time to get down to business. You cannot be scattered or defocused with your energies now. Instead, you’ll need to put your attention into what’s most important.

Scorpio is the strongest sign of the zodiac – a survivor. Scorpios have huge resources of inner strength that can see them through the most difficult challenges in life.

Scorpio follows Libra. Libra is all about connecting with people, relationships, pleasure, enjoyment, harmony, balance, seeking compromise. Scorpio is the stark opposite. It is about looking inside your relationships, facing your fears, your demons, the darker side of life.

Libra is all nicey-nicey, sweetness and light. Scorpio is direct, almost blunt and delves into the unseen.

Scorpios absolutely hate it if you try to keep a secret from them. Even if you are just teasing, they’ll prod you and prod you until you do tell them what is going on. The reverse however, does not follow. If they have a secret, there is no way they will tell you about it no matter how hard you push.

What does the sun’s transit through Scorpio mean?

The sun is in the zodiac sign of Scorpio from October 22 to November 22, 2020. What does this mean for your horoscope?

In the northern hemisphere the sun’s transit through Scorpio is the time of year when all that has bloomed in spring and summer begins to decay and fade away. The streets are covered in yellowing leaves and everything returns to the earth to be reborn once more come spring. You too can experience a powerful transformation during this transit.

It’s no accident that Halloween is celebrated during the sun’s transit through Scorpio (find out the best Halloween costume for your zodiac sign). That’s when the veil between light and dark - what is visible and what is hidden - is at its thinnest. We honor that by dressing up in scary costumes to honor the unspoken side of life. Try to do the same with your life by looking at things you’d rather avoid. Like your fears. Or certain truths. Facing what scares you only makes you more resilient and that’s a trait that Scorpio possess in abundance. We all have Scorpio somewhere in our horoscope. Time to become a bit more like Scorpio.

During this transit of the Sun in Scorpio, this is a time for you to look more deeply into your life. Shine a light on the things you have been avoiding. Maybe you’ve been hoping and hoping that your finances are going to improve, but you haven’t really sat down and looked at the reality of your situation. Do you need to consolidate your debts? Do you need to get a new accountant? Do you need to sell and downsize? Are you really aware of where you money is going? Do you have a strategic plan to make more money? Wherever this transit of the Sun in Scorpio falls in your birth chart will show the life area that is being triggered.

What to Expect with Sun in Scorpio Transit 2020

This is a time for reflection, for thinking more deeply about your life and the direction you are going in. Mercury is also in the investigative, intense sign of Scorpio and wants to get to the bottom of everything. 

Scorpio doesn’t miss a trick. If you know a Scorpio or you are in a relationship with one, you will know that nothing gets past them. They are wonderful observers and they will catch you out on a lie in an instant! They love to get to the nitty gritty of life. No skating on the surface as Libra is inclined to do – Scorpio says ‘let’s go deep’. This includes intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, the meaning of life.

Scorpio loves to strategise. This is a great time to look at all the things you’ve been avoiding. Maybe you’re energy hasn’t been very good lately. Are you eating the wrong things? Are you eating in a hurry? Are you eating when you are feeling emotional and thereby suppressing your feelings? Do you need to go and get a medical check-up?

Be prepared to look at the unpleasant side of life. It’s a bit like cancer. When you catch it early, it can be successfully removed. If you leave it too long, it can become terminal.

Scorpio is a serious sign. It rules surgeons, blood and guts, surgical instruments, morgues, cemeteries and many of the things we’d prefer to avoid. However, we live in a world of polarity: there is the good, the positive, sweetness and light, but we also have wars, hatred, depression and sadness. Without ugliness we wouldn’t know beauty. Without darkness we wouldn’t recognise the light.

Think of this period as a purging time. When you truly face your fears, you liberate yourself. For example, a 65 year old woman had a tremendous fear of heights all her life. She had a terrible time flying, going in elevators and even driving over a bridge. During a strong Scorpio transit of her chart, she decided that it was time to face this fear and conquer it. She booked a trip with her friend to the Yucatan peninsular and she forced herself to climb all the way to the top of a pyramid. And she did it! She felt on top of the world after this experience and it freed up so many other areas of her life that had been stuck.

When you free yourself of a big fear or phobia, other areas of your life can open up for healing as well!

Scorpio represents the phoenix, the ancient symbol of death and resurrection from the ashes. You too can rise above your limitations and restrictions during this transit.

Scorpio is very loyal and those born under this sign don’t give up. Make sure you aren’t giving up too soon. Keep asking yourself: what else do I need to know? What else can I learn from this? If you can’t think of anything straight away, come back to it repeatedly and don’t stop until you’ve uncovered everything. 

For that push you needed to reach your full potential, check out our astrology guide to the best quality of your star sign and how to make the most of it! 

The impact of Sun in Scorpio transit in your zodiac sign

Sun in Scorpio October 22-November 22 is a time to purge your life of false pretenses and draw strength from the truth. What does this mean for your horoscope? Read your zodiac sign below!


Your relationships are heating up with lots going on behind closed doors. Aries is far from an easy-going character and it should come as no surprise that your relationships can be rather intense. This is a time of close encounters. You may also have to tackle taxes, joint accounts, an insurance claim, a loan application or some other business that requires you to be brutally honest about your finances.

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Your focus is on important relationships during the transit of sun through Scorpio. Taurus has a gift for embracing both light and dark in relationships and accepting the partner’s good alongside the bad (either that, or Taurus is so terrified of change, they find it impossible to leave no matter what!). It’s a time to look more deeply into your relationships, transform what does not work and purge them of false pretenses.

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This is the time of year for you to purge bad habits. A brutally honest look at your health and daily routine, your productivity and even your quality of life is called for. What are your worst vices? What small thing could you change that could have a huge effect on your life, work and health? Gemini tends to be rather passionate about their work and this is when you could throw yourself at it with no mercy.

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The zodiac sign of Cancer has strong family ties and you are likely to focus more on your kids during the sun’s transit through Scorpio. This is a time of intense pleasures. You also feel much more flirtatious! This could bring on a fresh love affair or a new pregnancy! Cancer is also an extremely creative sign and you could throw yourself into a hobby or speculative project with great passion now.

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You’re more emotional during this time, with all kinds of hangups and past feelings rising up from unknown depths. It’s time to explore what’s in the cellar - literally or metaphorically. Family meetings are intense now. You could learn much by exploring your past, looking into your ancestry or probing into your upbringing and how this has shaped you. You may feel more like staying indoors, inviting people over or doing something nice for your home.

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Virgo is famous for its critical thinking and this is no less due to the fact that the zodiac sign of Scorpio rules your thoughts. You have a knack for painstaking research and a highly penetrating and perceptive mind that can see through deceptions. This time of year inspires you to uncover the secret passages of your world, search for information and communicate your findings through words and writing. This is an exciting and stimulating transit.

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Sun in Scorpio urges you to consider your priorities. Libra is a people-pleaser and all nicey-nicey, but you are also deeply aware that light and dark hold an equal place in the world. Maybe that’s why you try so hard to balance the scale. But are you putting your time and energy into people and projects that are worthwhile? Time to separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s also a good time to take a ruthless look at your finances.

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Happy birthday dear Scorpio! This is your time of the year and you are truly in your element! Others may be flailing now but Scorpio rarely labors under delusions. You will not hesitate to do what’s necessary to move forward - even if it means facing what you fear the most. This is a time of renewal for you, when you can truly shine. You are in the spotlight and this gives you the opportunity to push your agenda.

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Ever the optimist, Sagittarius prefers to look at the bright side of life. So it’s no wonder that the zodiac sign of Scorpio falls in the part of your horoscope that is totally hidden from view. Maybe it’s exactly this instinctive knowledge of the abyss that’s spreading out behind you that gives you such determination to only look forward and have faith. This transit is a time to rest and reconnect with yourself on a deep soul-level. You could also prepare the ground in secret for future projects.

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Capricorn likes to be at the top of the zodiac wheel and part of the secret of your success is your masterful networking and political skill. You have the ability to gain powerful friends, recognize both light and dark in society and form profitable alliances in all walks of life. This is a time to be honest about these friendships. Who’s truly on your side? Show your support with action. If something is bothering you, it’s time to get it off your chest. This will help rejuvenate your social network.

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Aquarius likes to be different. Your goals and the way you see yourself in the world tends to follow this pattern too: you want to bring change, leading others into a brave new tomorrow. The sun’s transit through Scorpio calls you to take an honest look at your career and reputation as an agent of change. How far are you willing to go? Are there any blind spots? Are you goals still relevant? You won’t know until you look.

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Few things give Pisces more intense pleasure than escaping into a world of its own. You may escape into a beautiful romance, a film or the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Your spiritual yearnings could also find solace through deep feelings of love, art or religion. Whatever your beliefs, they play a key role in such journeys meant to give you hope and renew your spirit. This is an excellent time to take a closer look at those beliefs and bring darker thoughts and falsehoods into the light. 

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Where does Scorpio fall in your chart? That’s where all the action is.

Wherever it falls in your birth-chart will show you the area of life you need to focus upon. If it’s in your 4th house, you may need to look at family patterns of behaviour and how they are affecting your life today. You may find out about your ancestry, a family secret is revealed and this could influence your understanding of yourself. If it falls in your 6th house, it’s time to take a deeper look at your health. In either the 1st or the 7th houses, it’s your relationships. Maybe you need to let go of a relationship that you’ve been working on for a long time but nothing is changing. Or, maybe you need to go more deeply into certain issues and stick with it until you find a resolution that works for both parties. (Check out the 12 houses in astrology to find out more)

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