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Sun in Taurus Transit 2020

Sun in Taurus Transit 2020

On April 19th 2020 the Sun enters sensual Taurus to stay until May 20th, 2020, where it shines a light on all the things that make this earth a wonderful place to be! Sun in Taurus signifies the time when spring is well in its stride and our world is in full bloom. It's the time to slow down and take pleasure in this world of the five senses. Time to enjoy every moment and celebrate simply being alive! As the French poet Baudelaire wisely reminds us:

A multitude of small delights constitute happiness.

Taurus people know this instinctively. There is an unhurried sensuousness about Taurus that can drive some people nuts, yet which also invites us to slow down, stop rushing around like headless chickens, and simply take a moment to fully appreciate the here and now. As another wise man said (the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard):

Many of us pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that we hurry past it.

Wise words from a Taurus. Yes, Søren Kierkegaard was a Taurus - and indeed, many famous philosophers have Sun in Taurus! Immanuel Kant, David Hume, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Niccolò Machiavelli, Karl Marx, Bertrand Russell, Rudolf Carnap, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and John Stuart Mill are but some of the most famous historical examples. Indeed, the first Greek philosopher, Socrates, was also reputedly a Taurus. What is it that has turned these bulls into such excellent philosophers? Maybe it is simply Taurean laziness. When you're not rushing about you have lots of time to think. And Taurus hates to be rushed. It prefers to take its own sweet time - time enough to fully engage its senses… Taurus has the ability to hold itself perfectly still and take a moment to appreciate this life we are given.

Mid-spring, when the Sun is in Taurus, represents an opportunity for you to slow down, ground yourself and bring your awareness to the here and now. Focus on your body: What sensations can you feel? Become aware of the parts of your body that support your weight and connect with the earth: are you supple? Stiff? Engage your senses: focus on what you hear, see, touch, taste and smell! This will allow you to become fully present in this very moment in time, to feel truly alive and channel more of yourself into this world!

Taurean celebrities tend to exude a deep sensuality, witness George Clooney, Uma Thurman, Robert Pattinson, Jessica Alba, Jack Nicholson, Penélope Cruz, Michelle Pfeiffer, Audrey Hepburn and David Beckham among many others.

How to make the most of Sun in Taurus?

  • Take little moments to be still: Just stop whatever you are doing and gently bring yourself back to the present moment!

  • Take notice of all the simple things that make your life worthwhile and give it substance. This may be the people in your life, your gifts and talents, your income, resources and other assets, your physical body, nature, beauty and pleasure - anything that makes your life worth living!

  • Remember the crux of Taurean philosophy (excellently encapsulated by writer Rita Mae Brown):   

I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.  


How will this Annual Passage of Sun in Taurus Affect your Star Sign?

The annual height of spring, i.e. Sun in Taurus (19 April - 20 May) shines its warm and life-giving rays in a different life-arena for each star-sign. Read on to find out where you can bloom and derive the most pleasure out of being alive! If you want to know more why not get in touch with one of our excellent spiritual advisors by calling 08000 672 790 (from the USA call 1877 236 4819 or from anywhere else call +44 1635 00 470).


The height of spring is your time of year to consolidate your affairs and stabilise your course, focusing on your finances, your body, your personal and material resources and the most important people in your life. Sun in Taurus shines a light on the things that give your life substance and make it worthwhile. This is your cue to slow down and think more consciously about how you earn your living and whether you are making the most of your assets - whether this is your talents, looks or financial investments. Mid-spring also puts a spotlight on your values. What do you find truly worth your while? Where you do want to invest your time, money, energy? This is the time of year to give this some conscious thought!

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Happy Birthday dear Taurus! Mid-spring is when you come into your own! Flowers in full bloom fill the air with sweet aromas, the birds are singing in the trees and you begin to awaken from your winter slumber to a world that tantalises your senses! As the chorus of nature reaches a high note, you receive a major boost of vitality, reconnecting with who you are and what you want deep inside. This is the time of year to focus on yourself and to set new goals to carry you through the next 12 months. It’s also an excellent time to promote yourself, as you naturally shine with leadership and vitality! Drink from the fountain of life deeply, dear Taurus, and let it sustain you for the long haul!


Mid-spring is a deeply meditative time of year for you, dear Gemini, a moment of stillness just before your own birthday comes, when your world once more springs into life. Gemini is not known for being able to be quiet or stay still for too long. But this is your time to withdraw from the hubbub and review the past 12 months, gently releasing anything that is not working and preparing to set new and more relevant goals. So go on dear Gemini: immerse yourself in nature, go on a spiritual retreat, drop off the radar of the daily grind and turn your mind off for a minute, if you can possibly manage it! It will be the most refreshing thing you can do.

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Cancer, like Taurus loves food… So it’s no wonder that mid-spring, when the Sun is in Taurus, is your most sociable and outgoing time of the whole year, dear Cancer! It’s time to meet up with friends around scrumptious lunches and dinners, to go out for gorgeous picnics surrounded by nature and renew your friendships and alliances amid a world that’s blooming. It’s also time for you to consider more consciously what you want out of your friendships, your social circle and your life in general. The height of spring is your time to revitalise your hopes for the future and take steps to make your dreams a reality.

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Mid-spring is when your career comes into the spotlight, dear Leo! Time to give your vocation some serious thought and revitalise your sense of direction. Who do you want to be in the eyes of the world? What do you aspire to? You can take on greater responsibilities at work during this time too, for you have the strength and vitality needed to deliver. This can help you reach higher visibility in your profession. The spotlight may also fall on a boss or VIP who can help you raise your profile and clarify your career goals. It’s time to take a moment in perfect stillness, survey your achievements and do your best to consolidate your professional position.

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The height of spring is always a deeply philosophical time for you, dear Virgo, when you are called to rediscover your sense of purpose and meaning in life! You are deeply attuned to nature as it is and when it blooms, you find yourself asking life's bigger questions. Why are you here? What's the meaning of it all? Sun in Taurus also invigorates matters to do with travel, publishing and education and if you are involved in such industries, this is your moment to show leadership, promote your ideas and shine! It’s also time to think more thoroughly about your guiding vision and long term plans and to embark on a new adventure!

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This is the sexiest time of year for you, dear Libra. Spring is blooming and you are feeling the desire to join the birds and the bees in their mating call and drink life straight from the source! The height of spring is a great time to shine the light of consciousness on your intimate relationships and your ability to show trust and get really close to someone while still feeling comfortable. Sun in Taurus is also a good time to examine all your financial entanglements - whether with your spouse, the bank or your sponsor - and to consolidate, simplify and set them on a more solid footing. It's also a great time to try for added perks at work!


The height of spring is all about relationships for you, dear Scorpio, with others suddenly becoming the centre of your life! Your sign is at the opposite end of Taurus and you are far more deadpan, sexual and complicated by comparison to a Taurus' simplicity, sensuality and directness... This is the time of year to find these qualities in others and when your partner can bring you much joy and vitality and inject music and colour into your life! Spring is also a great time to consolidate an important agreement, relationship or business partnership and settle on exactly how you want to move forward.

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The height of spring is all about establishing a good daily working rhythm and a healthy daily routine for you, dear Sag. Sun in Taurus makes you think all about how you can capitalise on your skills, consolidate and simplify your working life or find a job that you feel is worth your while. You are a very outgoing sign. Rather than get lost in your usual adventures, this is your moment to stop for a minute, think carefully about what you want out of your job and take sensible steps to get it! Sag loves the outdoors, so springtime is also perfect for investing in a healthier life-style, with natural foods and lots of outdoorsy activities.


This is your time to play. Even a reserved Capricorn such as you cannot resist the height of spring, when nature is in full bloom and love is in the air!  This is your cue to take as much pleasure in life as you possibly can. Fall in love, cook, paint, do some gardening, play with your kids and have some fun for God's sake Capricorn! This is the best time of year for you to get your creative juices flowing too and engage in activities that actually make you happy. You may also feel more like taking a risk in spring-time. Go on, loosen up a little!

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Sun in Taurus is all about home and family for you, dear Aquarius. Normally you are a much more outgoing and sociable sign, but spring-time makes you want to take a moment to be alone, away from the endless array of people that make up your social circle. Mid-spring a meditative time for you, a time to look within and secure your foundations. It's also an excellent time to spend quality tme with your loved ones, make rennovations and beautify your home. If you're not the family type, then you can always throw a house-warming party and invite everybody over to your lovely abode to liven it up!

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Your life becomes a hub of activity at the height of spring, dear Pisces. It’s when you step out of your shell eager to meet people, find out what’s been going down and fill your lungs with the lovely spring air! If you are in a learning establishment, this is the time to consolidate your knowledge, for instance through taking an exam. If you work in the media, this is an excellent time to get your ideas across! Your mind comes to life at springtime and is eager for food for thought. Just like you would think twice about putting junk into your body, it's time to feed your mind some nice and wholesome thoughts!

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