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Sun into Gemini May 21st – June 21st

Sun into Gemini May 21st – June 21st

The sun is moving into Gemini! Gemini is like a vacuum cleaner, sucking up interesting titbits of information. It’s curious, even nosy, in the nicest possible way, as it wants to learn anything new.

Imagine a child taking its first steps, starting to say its first words, looking around, asking questions: ‘why is that man wearing such a funny hat, Mummy?’ ‘Ooh, look at that old woman, isn’t she walking strangely?’ Sometimes children come out with the funniest (and often embarrassing) things unwittingly, but it’s just because they are interested in their environment. Everything is new to them and they are trying to make sense of it. This is the flavour of the Gemini energy: be curious, ask questions, learn something new, look for something new and interesting in your daily life. 
Question everything. Don’t take anything at face value.
Gemini Sun people are known as the ‘why’ people in the zodiac. Often, Sun in Gemini children drive their parents nuts with asking why to just about everything. Gemini is also known for being eternally young. Many people with Gemini Sun, Gemini Moon or Gemini Ascendant have a youthful look and sometimes even a childish outlook on life. They can make a game out of anything.
True story: man aged 55 with Sun in Gemini: he was always the child of the family and he was happily the stay-at-home dad and he brought up the three children while his wife was the bread-winner. He found working with children, being with children enlivening and fun. He was a fun person to be around always managing to make people laugh. He had a skip in his step that was contagious. Even in his mid-fifties he had a childlike innocence that was endearing and lovable.

Make the best of Sun in Gemini:

If you want a video or a blog or a new website to go viral, this is the time to promote or release it. People are hungry for even more information and especially something that catches their attention. Think again of the child: it reacts to bright colours, something unusual, something funny, and it’s easily bored and onto the next thing. If you have something that’s eye-catching and can hold a child’s interest, then this is a great time to get it out there as this Sun in Gemini will give it the turbo charge it needs.
The peak will come when the New Moon is also in Gemini, which is a time for new beginnings, for seeing your life from a lighter point of view, for not taking everything too seriously or personally.
This Gemini energy is wonderful if you have felt stuck or in a rut. Gemini is a mutable sign which means that it likes variety, flexibility and spontaneity. If you have felt as though your life is on hold, or you are waiting for a particular project or person to respond to something, use this Gemini Air energy to just let go. It’s like watching and waiting for a kettle to boil. It seems to take forever. When you let go and focus on something else, that often opens up the space for the stuckness in your life to release. Have you ever noticed that when you stop waiting for someone to call you back, when you have moved on or are just busy with other things – that’s exactly when they call?
Use this airy energy to free yourself of anything that’s been holding you down or keeping you stuck. It’s an optimistic sign that loves to debate and have interesting conversations with friends and acquaintances.
Check out your natal chart and find out where it falls.
Life will begin to move faster than ever.
What you have to watch out for is being too scattered and indecisive as a result.

Great things to do when the Sun is in Gemini:

  • Go on a weekend trip
  • Write a blog, email, text for website, book
  • Look for the silver lining in life
  • Start a daily gratitude list
  • Negotiate a deal
  • Keep a journal
  • Play games, find enjoyment in everything you do
  • Find time to relax and to nourish your nervous system e.g. peaceful music, walk in nature, meditate

But Don't...

  • Make firm commitments – leave things open
  • Use words to cover up your true feelings
  • Believe everything you are told – if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

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Gemini teaches us about communication with other people and also communication with our inner self. We need to learn to listen to other people, to hear what someone is saying without preparing our answer before we’ve listened to everything they want to say.
True story: Sun in Gemini woman, aged 39, never had any long-lasting relationships in her life and felt lonely and dissatisfied. She could easily make superficial friendships, but could never sustain anything for longer than a few months. Eventually, she became depressed and sought the advice of a counsellor. The counsellor told her that the reason was because she was so self-focused and she wasn’t really interested in anyone else. She didn’t know how to listen and so he set her a daily assignment that she absolutely hated:
She had to find a piece of news either on the radio or the television and she had to record just one minute of it. She then had to listen to that full minute of news and then try to write down as much as she could remember. She wasn’t allowed to stop the recording in the middle or rewind it, she had to listen to it in its entirety and then she could start writing down what she remembered. At the beginning, this seemingly simple exercise took her over TWO HOURS to accomplish. Gradually, over a period of four months, she was able to reduce the time to a half hour.
When she had mastered one minute, the counsellor increased the time to 2 minutes. After another four months, she was able to write down two minutes of talking in just a half hour of listening to it several times.
After a year, the most remarkable thing was that she became a wonderful listener. She was genuinely interested in other people and she started to build some stable relationships. Now, ten years later, she is happily married and she has a close circle of good friends. She had to work for it, and it certainly didn’t come easily, but now people want to be in her company as she is such a good listener.
If your friendships and relationships don’t have the depth that you’d like, you may want to consider trying this assignment for yourself. In our world of fast-moving information coming at us from all directions, it takes effort to give someone our full attention and to listen to them.
How many of us as children felt that we were never really listened to?
One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is to listen to them and to give them your full attention. It makes them feel valued and cared for. If you want to improve your relationships, practising becoming an excellent listener is a step in the right direction.

Use this Sun in Gemini energy in the heavens to help you to do it. If more of us did this, our world would be a happier place.

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