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Sun opposes Pluto: June ends on a high

Sun opposes Pluto: June ends on a high
Like the explosive finale of a firework display that lights up the eyes of the spectators, June goes out with a big bang as the Sun gets ready to oppose Pluto on July 4th. These two heavenly bodies are about as far away from each other on the cosmic scale as you can get, with Pluto shivering its socks off right out in the iciest and furthest reaches of our solar system, and the sun radiating its heat right at the very heart of everything we know.
On the last day of the month they begin to form an uneasy, yet powerful planetary aspect when Pluto in Capricorn pits itself against the Sun in Cancer. In simple terms this represents the public world vs. the private, and as the past master of exposing what is hidden, Pluto has the capacity to blow the lid right off anything that has been trying to avoid detection.
We’re already seeing the effects of Pluto’s relatively short stay in Capricorn by what’s being played out in the world around us. Scandal rocking the establishment and major disturbances in what we regard – or regarded – as the status quo, all of which is contributing to that great big gaping tear in what we thought of as the very fabric of our daily lives. No institution is too powerful, and no corruption or misdemeanour entrenched enough to give Pluto the slip, so perhaps we’ll see more things come to light around the time of this aspect.
As with any aspect involving the sign of Cancer, this is also going to resonate with us all on a deeply personal level, and an opposition planetary aspect can be tricky.
It’s essentially two contrasting energies clashing together, and some astrologers see this as being fairly heavy, whereas others take the view that it clears the air, like the brooding energy that builds up to a thunderstorm, that’s immediately followed by the sweetest air you can breathe, a feeling of settlement, and birds start singing again.
Anything involving the sun is a biggie, and Pluto for that matter, despite its downgrading to a dwarf planet, so here are some likely repercussions…

What to expect with Sun Opposite Pluto

No more drama
Mary J Blige could sing the theme tune to what’s going on skyward because she’s right on the money with her song No More Drama. Pluto is the planet of psychology, and when the sun activates it, it casts us in the role of therapist. We try to work out why we, as well as others, are feeling a certain way, and why, in more extreme cases, psychodrama continues to surround us, and how we can better understand our unconscious moves and motives. This opposition will stir up exactly this kind of intensity, although Capricorn slightly deadens Pluto’s potency and, thanks to the sun, this also strikes up our inner strength, and that steely determination in us all to make the changes in our own lives that we’ve somehow lost sight of recently. This opposition therefore has the power to rid us of tense situations and dramas, for the moment at least.
Come in from the cold
Pluto is enriched by the sun’s energy in spite of the combative nature of their meeting. Like any clash of personalities they’re grudgingly aware of their similarities as well as their differences, and this has an immensely transformative and rejuvenating effect on us all. The cleansing properties of Pluto are accentuated, which could bring anything brooding in a relationship, or a family rift, to a head. It might be all a bit raw and sore at first, but plumbing the murkiest depths of our souls can lead to ecstatic highs and genuine forgiveness, and it’s at this point when healing is allowed to begin, even a kind of re-birth. The sun in Cancer lights the way back home for any lambs out there that have been lost in the wood.
Behind closed doors
This is the time when we feel the need to stick like glue to the person we love the most, or decide to commit to someone in a newish relationship, as bonds are strengthened and valued more highly than usual. Secrets hold people together, but this energy goes way beyond this and to a level where blowing hot (the sun) and cold (Pluto) is cancelled out in favour of consistency. One that turns us on to the kind of passion that is neither extrovert nor introvert, simply physical, mental or spiritual, but an immensely powerful compound of all of the above.
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