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Sun opposite Uranus, October 7th – Sparks will Fly!

Sun opposite Uranus, October 7th – Sparks will Fly!
With the Sun in friendly Libra opposite Uranus in single-minded Aries, you can expect surprises in your relationships!

How to make the most of this year’s Sun-Uranus opposition

Today is a wake-up call for you to be different! Where have you been asleep in your life, where do you need to get alert and conscious? Are you taking your partner or loved ones for granted? What can you do differently? Force yourself to think outside the box and surprise your friends and loved ones. Take a risk! Do something that they wouldn’t ever expect you to do! Resolve to enjoy it!
Sun opposite Uranus is a catalyst for change. It’s encouraging freedom, a break-out from habitual patterns of behaviour and into something you’ve not done before.
Do something that you wouldn’t normally do. It might even shock people!
For example, a lady, 30 years old, in southern Austria, has been wandering around naked on trains and buses. All she’s been wearing has been a pair of white trainers and a pair of dark sunglasses! The police have caught her a few times on camera, but so far they have only given her a verbal warning. If it goes on much longer, she will incur a hefty fine, but she has been able to break out of society’s norms without being penalised so far. This behaviour is typical of Uranus opposite the Sun (see the Planets in Astrology to learn more). It wants to shock, to awaken and to do something that isn’t generally accepted by the majority.
Now I am not suggesting that you go to such an extreme, but I am suggesting that you do or say something that is controversial, eccentric, outside of something you would normally do.
Keep in mind that all of our greatest discoveries were first mocked and ridiculed until eventually they were accepted into the mainstream thinking. Think about aviation. Although many people who heard about the first powered flight in 1902 were excited and impressed, others reacted with uncontrollable laughter. They thought it was a complete joke. The Wright brothers were called impulsive idiots. Luckily negative reactions didn’t stop them and today flying in an airplane is as normal as riding a bicycle.
When you release the Uranus energy within, when you don’t listen to negative voices and opinions around you, you awaken a part of you that is spontaneous, new, exciting, untested and stimulating. Don’t be afraid. Embrace this energy as it will set you free and bring all kinds of new people and experiences into your life. When you keep in the same old habits and the same old behaviour, how can you expect anything to change?
When you make the changes from within, using these planetary aspects to help you, it is empowering. When you allow outside situations to knock you around from pillar to post, you feel disempowered. So be ready to take the bull by the horns and do something different!! Take a risk!!
True Story: An Aries woman aged 51 reconnected with someone she grew up with and had dated in her youth. She saw his picture on her best friend’s Facebook page and took the risk and sent him a friend invitation. He accepted immediately and they talked every day on the phone for three months. After that, he visited her for a week and they are now dating again in their 50’s! They are both single and the old spark is still there and the romance has been re-ignited!
Remember how it felt when you asked a boy or a girl to go out with you and your heart was beating in your mouth with fear that they might turn you down? But when they said yes, do you remember that feeling of exhilaration?  That’s what this transit is calling from you.
It could be something as simple as dying your hair a new colour, wearing odd socks intentionally for the day, calling someone you haven’t talked to for months or even years, or just turning up at someone’s house or office out of the blue and taking them out to lunch.  It could be doing a random act of kindness for someone that makes you feel great in the process.
Try to think outside the box. Come up with another idea and another one. Push yourself to keep thinking of something new.
Have some fun with this. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s a wonderful opportunity to break out of your ‘normal’ life.

On a global level, there could be an amazing discovery e.g. a new planet, a new drug, an advance in nanotechnology….keep your eyes and ears open!  

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