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Sun/Venus trine Neptune: The Gift of Hope & Inspiration!

Sun/Venus trine Neptune: The Gift of Hope & Inspiration!
Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th October sees the Sun-Venus conjunction trine dreamy Neptune in Pisces.  This is a highly creative, aspirational, romantic and magical combination that can put you on track for the realisation of a cherished dream or the fulfilment a romantic wish, and open the channels of divine inspiration.
Sun trine Neptune
Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune - which happens twice a year - marks a powerful creative turning point. Neptune has been weaving its enchanting spell on our souls over summer, urging us all take a closer look at our most cherished dreams and deepest longings, with the end of August/early September marking a high point in that process.
Sun trine Neptune now marks a powerful release of the psychic energy built up over summer, woven out of our soul’s deepest hopes and dreams. This can take the form of creative inspiration, spiritual and romantic yearnings or a new vision for the future. It brings a taste of the sublime that can urge us to imbue life with greater beauty or seek transcendence of mundane concerns through art, culture, prayer, love or whatever it is that speaks directly to our soul.
Venus trine Neptune
The special gift this year is that Venus in Scorpio blesses this inspirational turning point with love and imbues the magic with spell-binding beauty. Venus-Neptune strongly favours fashion and the arts - especially anything to do with glamour and imagery. If you are in the creative fields, this might mean an artistic achievement or a divinely inspired idea.  As Venus rules money too, if you are hoping for some sort of financial deliverance, then this combination might see you find benefactors, give freely yourself, or receive rewards for selfless, dedicated and inspired effort.  Finally, Venus rules love and attraction, which means you could use this trine to enhance your pulling power or, if it is love that you yearn for, find your way to true romance!

How to make the most of Venus/Sun-Neptune

  • Plan a romantic getaway with your loved one
  • Enjoy idyllic moments with friends or family
  • Get your camera, brushes or notepad out and let inspiration flow
  • Be an inspirational leader for others
  • Pray for divine guidance
  • Believe in the power of dreams
  • Enchant someone in aid of your cause
  • Beautify your surroundings
  • Revamp your own image
  • Go out and take your fill of art and culture: fashion, cinema, photography, fine art, theatre - anything that you find inspirational.
  • Do some creative visualisation: visualise your deepest dreams coming true! Use the total range of your senses in full Technicolor: see, hear, feel, smell, touch and taste your dream as if it is real. Infuse yourself with the vision and sensations of your dream coming true!

How Sun/Venus trine Neptune affects your Sign

Here is an indication of where this magical Sun/Venus-Neptune trine is likely to play out in your own life, based on your Sun-sign and Ascendant. Read both! (Their themes are likely to be intertwined) Don't know your Ascendant? Get you free birth-chart! Alternatively, speak to one of our experienced astrologers for more personalised and detailed advice.
Sun/Venus trine Neptune is likely to be a deeply emotional and personal experience for you, hidden from prying eyes. It is likely to involve your most intimate relationships or any joint financial agreements. With Neptune in the most impersonal part of your chart, it may be that you decide to make a difference in the world by offsetting your taxes against a charity of your choice, or - if you are more inwardly inclined - you may enjoy a highly intimate and passionate evening with those closest to you.
Sun/Venus trine Neptune may see a partnership energise a cherished dream or vision for the future. Your business- or marriage-partner may be instrumental in the realisation of your dream, or you might work together toward a common goal. It might also be that you see profits from partnership or that you join a group of kindred spirits, with the help of your partner - one that shares your ideals and hopes for the future.
You, dear Gemini, are likely to experience the magic of Sun/Venus trine Neptune in your work and career. This might come in the form of a work assignment that gives you pleasure whilst also glamourising your public profile. Or it might be that a work-colleague facilitates a more creative (or even spiritual) approach to your career and public image. Alternatively, a new daily routine or health treatment might inspire a new direction.
This is a hugely inspirational, quixotic and creative Sun/Venus-Neptune trine for you, dear Cancer.  A romantic escape would make the best use of it, as you are likely to feel a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in life brought on by romance.  Alternatively, you might experience an inspired creative breakthrough that changes your outlook and renews your optimism. You may also see a creative breakthrough if you are involved in publishing, religion, education or the law. If you have children, they may provide you with a renewed sense of faith and purpose right now.
Sun/Venus trine Neptune may bring sweet release in a highly personal, private matter, most likely involving your home and family.  You might settle on a gracious division of property, agree a house-sale or purchase, show your commitment to a family member through financial aid or deepen an intimate relationship by deciding to put down roots together. Personal relationships are likely to be highly rewarding right now, rejuvenating you on a deep level and renewing your trust.
This trine is a God-send when it comes to opening the lines of communication with your partner – especially when it comes to the sharing of common visions and dreams.  A short romantic getaway can work wonders to bring you closer and create a romantic sense of union right now. Alternatively, you may enter into positive communications, transactions or negotiations aimed at securing a longed for business or romantic partnership.
Sun/Venus trine Neptune is likely to bring new hope and inspiration at work and in how you handle your finances. You may choose to get a beauty treatment or otherwise invest in your own health and wellbeing.  Alternatively, you might get a bright idea as to how to make your money work for you or how to put your existing skills to good use.  This combination has the potential of creative inspiration with concrete financial and professional rewards!
Sun/Venus in your sign is making you darn irresistible right now and the trine to Neptune in your love-house should make it easy for you to get whatever it is that your heart desires. So take your fill of love and pleasure dear Scorpio! If you are in the arts and entertainment industry, this is your moment to shine, as all eyes are on you! And if you have children, now may be the time for you to be there for them, offering your help, love and leadership and deriving the kind of pleasure only a parent can ever know.
There is something going on behind the scenes for you, dear Sagittarius... It is as if you have found a hidden benefactor or guardian angel, one that is willing to lavish you with love and attention.  Keep things under wraps for the best outcome and let this person call the shots.  The Sun/Venus trine to Neptune in your house of home and family means that you can now set a good foundation for your endeavours - be this an actual home, a family or people that you can call your own, or a deeper sense of belonging and commitment to your own truth - as long as you remain relatively selfless in the process.  Just let the universe shower your soul with gifts!
Sun/Venus trine Neptune vamps up your social scene, bringing you into contact with powerful, creative and inspiring people from all walks of life!  Go out there and mix to make the best of it.  Find like-minded people with whom you can share common dreams and goals! This is likely to deeply enrich your mind and open the channels of your own inspiration and self-expression.  Invite creativity into your life and enjoy glamorous interaction!
Neptune in your house of finances has been slowly eroding old values to replace them with new, more idealistic and refined yearnings.  The trine from Venus/Neptune in your house of fame and honours may well bring you a moment in the limelight, a point of worldly success, honour and acknowledgment. This mayfuel your bank account, showcase your superior skills and inspire you to commit more deeply to your own personal values. It is a moment of professional success for you - especially if you are involved in creative, spiritual or artistic endeavours.
Sun/Venus trine Neptune is here to broaden your mind and expand our horizons. If you are involved in education, law, publishing or broadcasting, you might promote yourself successfully now and even become an inspiration for others.  Travelling abroad might also prove highly romantic and creative this week, as will any contact with people from foreign cultures. With Neptune in your sign for another decade at least, you are undergoing a slow and subtle process of soul refinement that affects your body, self-image and entire outlook on life. This trine can help you see the bigger picture and set goals for the future that are in line with your highest ideals.
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