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The Taurus George Clooney - finally ready to settle?

The Taurus George Clooney - finally ready to settle?
Taurus George Clooney (b. May 6 1961) broke many women’s hearts in late April 2014 when he announced he was engaged to his new girlfriend and human rights lawyer, Amal Alamuddin. The breaking news was timely as it coincided with the Taurus Solar Eclipse, which was exact on April 29th 2014. Eclipses symbolise endings and new beginnings and here was Taurus George saying ‘goodbye’ to his bachelor lifestyle and ‘hello’ to settling down and living happily ever after a powerful eclipse in his own sign. Or was he?
George Clooney was married once before to the actress Talia Balsam. He was 28 when they tied the knot in December 1989 but they divorced four years later with George Clooney vowing that he would never marry again or have kids. Since then, he’s been involved with a string of beautiful women and there have been periods when he’s been happier to hang out with his mates than be in a relationship. One of his friends reportedly said that the one true relationship in George Clooney’s life was that with his pot-bellied pig, Max, who he ‘parented’ from the mid-80’s to 2006 when Max passed away.
George Clooney is now a household name but that wasn’t always the case and he proved his Taurus credentials by going to Hollywood in 1982 and persistently plying his trade until he finally got his big break 12 years later when he took on the role of Dr. Doug Ross in the hospital drama ER. Taureans don’t give up easily and will keep putting one foot in front of the other until they reach their chosen goal.
He now has a string of celebrity friends, he’s one of the world’s most successful actors and won an Oscar for his role in the movie Syriana (2005), he’s an Academy Award nominated director, a screenwriter, he raises truckloads of money for charities and supports human rights in Darfur and Haiti, he’s been voted the worlds “Sexiest Man Alive”... twice, and when he needs a rest he retires to his mansion on Lake Como in Italy. Phew...
Even with all these accolades, privileges and big-hearted generosity, one of the reasons women all over the world are attracted to George Clooney is because he comes across as a regular guy. He’s a down-to-earth Taurean and a typical Taurus is happy to commit to a long-term relationship or marriage. Here’s the low-down on Taurus in love:


Taurus is one of the earth signs, loyal and dependable, and is a plodder rather than someone who’s going to rush into love. Taurus will want to check you out thoroughly before making a commitment but once Taurus is happily in love, s/he is ready to settle down and love is for keeps. Taurus is one of the fixed signs which abhor change and if anyone’s going to hold the record for staying in the same job/working steadily at a relationship, it’s Taurus.
Taurus is one of two signs in the zodiac that are ruled by the Goddess of love, Venus and this is what makes Taurus a hands-on sensualist. Taurus likes to savour the moment, enjoy a slower pace of life and indulge in all creature comforts, love-making included. A typical ‘earthy’ Taurean wants to get married, have babies and go and live in the country. So what’s so unique about George Clooney that makes him a Taurus who can’t be tamed?
George Clooney’s natal chart reveals the answers. Born on May 6 1961 at 2:58am in Lexington, Kentucky, USA, George is born slap-bang in the middle of the Taurus birthday month with his Sun at 15 Taurus.
The sign that was rising when he was born is romantic Pisces and his Pisces Ascendant shows that he comes across as a sensitive type who loves to be in love. This makes the sign on his Descendant (the relationship point in the chart) Virgo and here you start to get the first inklings of what George Clooney is really seeking in a partner.
Virgo is the perfectionist sign and holds high standards both in life and in love. Is George Clooney seeking the ‘perfect’ woman? It would seem so. His new fiancée, Amal Alamuddin, so far ticks all the right boxes as she’s not only beautiful but brilliantly intelligent as well.
The planet that rules his Virgo Descendant and therefore his ‘partner planet’ is Mercury, the planet of communication. In George Clooney’s chart, Mercury is next to the Sun in Taurus, so far so good as this is a stable combination and the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Taurus suggests a suave conversationalist.
However, Mercury makes a very close square aspect to the planet Uranus. Squares are challenging and Uranus is the planet of unpredictability. When Uranus connects with relationship planets in your chart, you tend towards impulsive behaviour in love with sudden stops and starts. Uranus isn’t a planet that takes kindly to being tied down.
The other key factor in George Clooney’s chart is his Venus in Aries. Venus rules love and in a man’s chart represents the type of woman he’s attracted to. Venus in Aries is independent and it’s not an easy placing for the love planet as Venus is said to be in detriment in the sign of Aries. This means it’s not strong here as Venus rules relating yet Aries rules the individual.
This says a lot about George Clooney’s own relationship behaviour in that he’s a free spirit when it comes to love. More importantly, however, his Venus is unaspected in his chart so the planet of love is cut off from the rest of the other planets and doesn’t fit in. Maybe this is one of the reasons why he doesn’t see love gelling with his own personality or fitting in with his lifestyle.
A date of birth for his fiancée, Amal Alamuddin, is not public knowledge as yet, so it’s impossible to comment on the synastry between the two charts. That would reveal a lot about whether the relationship is going to last.
What astrology can show you is what’s happening right now and where the planets are lends you insight into George Clooney’s motivations and reasons for getting engaged. First time around, George Clooney may have been too young for marriage as he tied the knot before his Saturn return, which typically takes place age 29/30, and Saturn plays a key role in his natal chart.
George Clooney has a Moon/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn and as the Moon is linked to emotions and inner needs in astrology, this suggests that he can be quite closed or defensive. When Saturn links to one of the feminine planets, you often find that happiness comes later in life and the Moon/Saturn type needs to be able to trust deeply before feeling safe enough to show his/her vulnerability.
This time around, there are major transits (planetary movements) which trigger George Clooney’s Mercury and his Venus. Saturn is currently in Scorpio and opposes his Mercury at 20 Taurus throughout 2014, starting in January and ending October. Saturn is the planet of commitment so maybe George Clooney finally feels ready to get married a second time although as it’s an opposition, this suggests some doubt or reservations on his part. He turned 53 earlier this month (May 2014) and as Saturn is known as Old Father Time, perhaps George Clooney feels it’s high time he settled down.
In his natal chart, Venus is at 13 Aries which means she’s currently caught up in the Cardinal Grand Cross that has been so powerful in the heavens recently, primarily over the Easter weekend in April 2014. Uranus, planet of change, is a major player as it goes back and forth over Venus which began mid-April 2014 and lasts until January 2015. Classically, this often indicates a relationship break-up, a split, but Uranus rules the unexpected and George Clooney’s most definitely shocked a few people with his breaking news.
There will undoubtedly be more surprises to come and, as his astrology looks lively for a few years yet, will we see the arrival of George Clooney Junior or a significant change of heart? There are some big progressions in his birth chart which hint that he’s at a major turning point in his life and moving into a new phase. He may even come to like the idea of being a happily married Taurean in a few years time, although his natal chart shows why he’s been a bachelor for so many years. 
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