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The Best Christmas Gift for Each Zodiac Sign

The Best Christmas Gift for Each Zodiac Sign

What’s the best Christmas gift for each star sign? Astrology can help you hit the sweet spot this Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again, when you have to unleash yourself onto the streets (or the internet) in search for the perfect Christmas gift. Racking your brains as to what to get someone? If you’re at a loss about what your sweetheart, friend, boss, niece or mother in law would like, astrology can help. All you need to know is a person’s star sign, then you can arm yourself with our handy Christmas gift-giving guide based on some expert astro know how. So read on to find out about the best gifts this Christmas for each zodiac sign!

The Astrology of Christmas: Presents for every Star Sign

Scroll down and check out what gift would bring a smile to someone’s face this Christmas, based on their star sign! 


The keyword for Aries is “new”! Nothing second-hand please. Get them the newest technology, whether it is the new i-phone, cutting edge drone or whatever novelty gadget or fashion fad is hot off the shelf so they can be the first to sport it.  Aries needs to feel like they’re first on the scene.  A flashy or teen accessory will make them feel young. Toys and games also make good gifts (as long as your Aries can keep winning!). Failing that, buy them an adventure. Take them go-carting, rent a Ferrari for a day or book tickets for the front row of their favourite rock concert.  An electric guitar will also allow them to let off some steam. As long as they can open and enjoy the thing right now. No promissory notes.


Comfort, safety, quality and timelessness, those are the Taurus keywords. Get Taurus something that speaks to their senses, that feels soft to the touch or that smells or tastes divine. An expensive perfume, a timeless bag or a cashmere or silk accessory are good ideas. Taurus rules the neck so you can’t go wrong with a quality scarf (no polyester) or a beautiful necklace or choker but nothing faux or too flashy. Cheap metals will give your Taurus a rash. Greens and blues, as well as soft earth tones suit them well. If none of that is a possibility, get something affordable yet wholesome, like real beeswax candles, natural scented oils, a beautiful plant or a luscious body cream so they can enjoy a few moments of luxury. You can never go wrong with a cook-book, or a spa voucher at a beautiful, respectable place.


Gemini is not all that attached to stuff so you need to do some clever gift-buying here. A subscription to Netflix or to their favourite Youtube channel, website or blog might be the way to go, as would vouchers for their favourite book and media store. Gemini needs food for thought - and conversation of course! So, they might enjoy a coaching session, a class you can take together, a trip to the theatre followed by dinner or a city break for two. You can’t go wrong with a phone, fancy tablet or other communication device so they can stay connected 24/7. Or a book. If you’re at a loss, get them a basket of lots of little goodies to keep their curiosity piqued for 10 minutes or more as they unwrap little nothings. Make sure to write a note.


Things soft and squishy, preloved or of historic value that make a great investment are great gifts for a Cancer. You need to put some thought into the gift, rather than buying the first piece of tat you find in a knick knack shop. Make it personal. Show you know them well. Cancer is a homebody, where comfort and safety are key so anything from a pair of felt sippers, natural woolly socks, silk pyjamas or even warm fleece jimjams that they can lounge around in are a good bet. So is the softest, warmest blanket you can find. Get a couple. Cancer also loves to cook and eat good foods so they will love a top quality ceramic cooking pot or oven dish. A family heirloom, photo album or picture frame are options. If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with the softest jumper or even a cuddly toy.


With Leo, you have to go all out. How else can you make them feel special? Difficult to do, when they already have everything and what they still want you cannot afford. Getting gifts for a Leo is an expensive pass-time and you can’t go wrong with something from Tiffany’s. Or any other fine piece of jewellery. Failing that, find an exclusive boutique shop - preferably one they know and love - and get something from there.  If you want to impress them, opt for something bespoke like a private yoga session, a celebrity makeover, an astrology reading where they can talk about themselves - their favourite topic - or a personal portrait. Engrave their monograph on some silk or precious metal, like a necklace, scarf or organiser. Theatre tickets are also an excellent choice, as is a bottle of champagne. Failing that, just get them the most chi-chi, luxurious bubble bath that you can find.


Virgo loves efficiency and clean lines. Get them something that solves a problem and improves their performance - like a clever machine, a tool or organiser, or take them to a seminar. This is a star sign that won’t be offended if you get them a blender or, better yet, a juicer - Virgo is so health conscious - as long as you pay attention to detail. Not just any generic machine will do. Get the one that preserves all the nutrients and is state of the art, modular, storable and easy to clean. Make sure to keep the receipt in case they are better informed than you are. An exercise watch or a membership to an organic farm veggie box will also satisfy their desire to stay healthy. If you can’t spend much, introduce Virgo to a neat organiser that keeps their life super-sleek and tidy.


Libra is an absolute sucker for beauty - beautiful things, beautiful people. Since you can’t buy the latter, look presentable. Then opt for some nice jewellery. It can be faux as long as it’s tasteful and sophisticated. Libra just loves things that sparkle. Pretty little things for the home, as well as clothes and accessories are all great gifts for Libra but do keep the receipt in case you get the colour scheme wrong. Go for something that feels soft and luxurious to the touch and avoid nylon fabrics. Libra is very sociable and loves to bring people into her home so you could also get them a conversation piece like a coffee table book or a beautiful vase. Failing that, you can never go wrong with a nice perfume, flowers and chocolates or a romantic dinner for two.


Scorpio isn’t big on material things - unless perhaps it’s sexy underwear. Get them something from the local sex store if you dare. Failing that, leather goods are always a safe bet and their preferred colour is black.  If you can’t afford leather, opt for a mix of velvet and transparency to enhance their natural mysteriousness. Add a pair of shades. A steamy night of passion is the best gift for Scorpio but that’s not always practical so, where does that leave you? Give them something they can really sink their teeth into, like a fascinating book or a ten-hour-long opera box set. Find out what they’re passionate about. Is it crime novels? Video games? Scorpio is an adrenaline junky so, you won’t go wrong with taking them to a horror show or doing something that gets the blood pumping.


Sagittarius is in it for the experience. This sign is not all that into ‘stuff’ so, most gifted items will probably end up lost, re-gifted or thrown away. Your best bet is to get them a holiday. Failing that, if you want your gift to stick, a book that will take them on a different sort of adventure. Plus, once they’ve read it, the physical item has done its job and can be discarded. Sports is another big theme. If your Sagittarius is the outdoorsy type, you can’t go wrong with gear for their favourite sport or, better yet, tickets to see a live match. A night out on the town with friends will also go down well, like a pub crawl or rock concert. The key here is “good times” so you can’t go wrong with a full wine crate and an impromptu party to liven up the evening.


Status is everything for Capricorn. Whatever you give them needs to reflect their good name so, if you’re serious about Capricorn, buy quality. This sign is not easily moved by gifts. Jewels and accessories are a good bet as long as you don’t go too far or your Capricorn will feel obliged to return the favour. Opt for understated status symbols. Shoes. An understated watch. Nothing flashy. How about a personalised pen or a leather organiser so they can look good whilst achieving their goals? You can’t go wrong with a phone or tablet if it’s what they need to get to the next level. A single malt whisky they can open when they have fancy guests at home will also go down well. Alternatively, find out what hobbies your Capricorn’s into and get them expert equipment, lessons, whatever so that they can beat the competition.


You’ve gotta do your research before you shop for Aquarius. They like their home minimalistic and will happily throw out stuff if it means they get to rest their eye on an orderly universe. No knickknacks please. They love the sleekest most advanced technology, as well as all things wireless so they can control their world at the touch of a button. Bluetooth speakers? A remote-controlled thermostat? Maybe a sleek but sturdy powerbank to keep everything charged. Thing is, they’re probably better informed than you are so, best keep that receipt. Aquarius loves science-inspired anything, be it science fiction DVDs or the latest research on sound-waves or nutrition. Is your Aquarius vegan, gluten free or lactose intolerant? Get them a sprouting kit, a planting by the moon how-to or a dairy-free ice cream recipe book. Failing all that, you can always make a donation to their favourite cause.


Magic and romance - that’s what every Pisces lives for. Pisces is easily moved so the fact you bought them something already brings a tear to their eye. Anything that puts a twinkle in the atmosphere is a good bet - like perfumes, incense sticks, aromatherapy oils, candles, fairy lights, coloured glass or crystals that shimmer in the twilight. Try floating bath candles.  Better yet, a spa break complete with koi carp. Anything that makes their world that little bit more magical and allows them to day-dream a little works wonders. Pisces is creative and spiritual too so, they might enjoy a knitting kit, tarot deck, or a glass-blowing course. And as for their escapist tendencies, they can easily be fulfilled with a Netflix subscription or a yearly cinema pass. Pisces rules the feet and this is a sign for whom socks work as a gift - especially imaginative ones like yoga toesies and lacy items.

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