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The Luckiest Aspect of 2016: Jupiter trine Pluto! Where is Your Luck?

The Luckiest Aspect of 2016: Jupiter trine Pluto! Where is Your Luck?

The luckiest aspect of 2016, Jupiter in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn, is now in full force, offering amazing opportunities for growth and progress! Let’s take a closer look at what this means for your star-sign. How can you make the most of it?

The planet Jupiter rules luck, growth and abundance. It expands anything it touches, allowing you to reach for the stars. Your luck may come  through a new relationship, a lucrative business opportunity, education, travel, publicity or whatever opens the door to a vast new world for you to explore

Pluto rules power and transformation. It rules anything that changes you on a deep, fundamental level and awakens you to your own personal power. It also rules wealth and sex. 

Big profits are a real possibility with this aspect, as are life-changing journeys. You have faith that can move mountains now. Think positive! Now is the time to dare to make changes that you were too afraid to attempt before.

Jupiter makes everything BIG while Pluto digs deep. This means that your choices have the potential to make a big and profound positive difference in your life. The presence of the North Lunar Node next to Jupiter brings a karmic touch to it all, meaning that what happens is meant to be, getting you to the next evolutionary level.

Jupiter trines Pluto on March 16th and June 26th 2016. This means that you have until June 2016 to make this fantastic lucky energy work for you! The period from March to June is especially powerful, when you can really go for it. 

This is an easy, trine planetary aspect, which means that nothing will happen if you do nothing. If you just cruise on good feelings, you’ll have nothing to show for it at the end. Don’t just sit there waiting for good things to fall in your lap... Don’t discount opportunities thinking that better is on its way. No. This is your chance! Grasp it! If you want your luck you need to actively reach for it!

You may feel invincible and super-confident but avoid morally questionable acts if you can (a darker tendency with this 'might makes right' influence)... The benefits will only stick if you do the right thing.

Jupiter trine Pluto Sign by Sign: Find Your Luck Here!

Read your Sun-Sign and Ascendant to find out where Jupiter trine Pluto brings amazing luck and opportunity to you in 2016! 

This aspect favours signs of the earth element and anyone with planets or points at 10-16 degrees of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - check your birth chart to find out if that's you. Water signs (Scorpio Cancer Pisces) also get some wonderful opportunities to enrich their world and everyone will ultimately feel Jupiter-Pluto in a particular area of their life - all you need to do is take action in that area!

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Aries: Time for Promotion!

Have you been meaning to take the next step in your career? This is the time! The next six months are an excellent time to put in the work to expand your business, aim for that promotion, improve your efficiency or branch out on your own. Begin setting things in motion in February, when your ruler Mars is in helpful angle to Jupiter and Pluto. This is a lucky energy for catching the eye of your superiors - especially those that truly have the power to change your life - just as much as it is for enjoying the well-wishes and support of your co-workers, assistants or employees. Make sure to put in the work from now and until June 26th.

Taurus: Expansion, Love and Happiness!

Get ready for love to change your world! You could meet someone special, go on a life-changing journey, have much more fun and sex with your current flame, or expand your world through the birth of a child. This is also an excellent time to launch your own business, a successful marketing campaign, or a creative venture that you want to share with the world. It’s also a great time to make leaps of progress with your studies. Just do what you love to do, follow your heart and aim high. The rest will follow!  Start putting things into motion now - you have until June 26th to make your mark, with the month of May standing out as especially powerful.

Gemini: Get Intimate/Buy a Home!

Have you been hoping to buy your first home? Or maybe you are wishing to start a family of your own? From now and until June 26th the stars are in your favour!  This is an excellent time to apply for a mortgage to secure a spacious and fantastic home. This is also a golden opportunity to deepen your bonds with your partner and get real intimate. If you would like to have a family of your own, this is the time to set things in motion and get your significant other on board. You may also receive fantastic financial favour from a parent or your home-land now. You have until June 26th to make the most of this great wealth available to you. 

Cancer: Power-Networking!

Whether you are dreaming of professional success or romantic bliss, this is the time to get out there and mingle! Single? Lucky meetings in your very neighbourhood and through people around you can introduce you to someone who can change your life. Looking for the next career opportunity? Networking is your power-tool right now, bringing you into contact with VIPs. Make the best of your contacts and communication channels. A life-changing trip or partnership is possible now. But you must take action - travel, communicate, link up with people - by June 26th. Do you work in the media? Expect to have a powerful impact!

Leo: Your Work Pays Off!

This year is all about lucrative financial opportunities. The proverbial treasure at the end of the rainbow is right there, waiting just for you. All you need to do is believe in yourself enough to reach for it. And put in the work of course. The work that you do every day has the power to transform your finances and make you feel amazingly good about yourself. A powerful routine can transform your body too. Have you been meaning to get back to health? This is the time to have faith and go for it! Your body’s regenerative powers are monumental now, so make the most of this golden period of strength and abundance! The energy peaks by June 26th, so put things into motion before that point.

Virgo: The World is Your Oyster!

What can we say, dear Virgo. This is the time of your life! Whatever it is that you want the world is your oyster. Is it love? The Cosmos is here to cater to your every romantic desire! Is it success? Now’s your time to go for it - go get them! You can find true love, successfully launch your own business, unleash your creativity, expand your family or simply have as much fun as you can handle. This is a time to rejoice. All you need to do is DARE! Dare to take a risk; dare to express what’s in our heart; dare to go after your dreams!  The energy peaks by June 26th so use the first half of the year to go after your heart’s desires.

Libra: A Psychological & Spiritual Awakening!

You have the privilege of special insight and divine protection. Whatever is troubling you, you can get to the bottom of it now and close the chapter - indeed the whole book - on it once and for all! Family and real-estate affairs can undergo a powerful transformation releasing you for bigger and better things. Act between now and June 26th to favourably resolve such personal matters. It’s time to say good bye to the past and get ready for a brand new start. Therapy of any sort can also have mind-blowing results for you now - whether you are recuperating physically or investing time in some psychological and spiritual soul-searching. Your intuition is off the charts too and you can experience a very powerful emotional and spiritual awakening by June 26th.

Scorpio: Powerful Friends/A Time of Reward!

Have you been trying to gain membership at an elite club? Or maybe you’ve been trying to establish a friendship or make your ideas count in your community? You have never been better placed to make the most of who and what you know. Expect powerful people in your surroundings to help you pursue your dreams and become a force to be reckoned with! Short trips and meetings can be life-changing now. Do not miss a single opportunity to travel, chat, meet and mingle! Your friends are your strongest allies now and until June 26th, when you should be pulling out all the stops to get your ideas out there and put yourself firmly on the map! Sales and trades can bring big profits now.

Sagittarius: Lucrative Career Opportunities!

This is a golden period for your career.  Never have you had such strong indications that success and money go together. Have you been waiting for that promotion? Now you can go for it and for a big fat raise to go along with it! Recognition and success are accompanied by substantial gains now. Making a relationship official could also see you become much better off. Get ready for a rise in status and access to some powerful resources to match. The sky is the limit! But you must act now and certainly by June 26th at the latest to take advantage of this amazing and lucrative career opportunity!

Capricorn: Media Mogul!

Capricorn loves power and you get a chance to taste rather a lot of it now. If you work in sales, publishing or marketing get ready to score some amazing victories in the first half of the year. Launch your business or marketing campaign as soon as possible and you could see yourself headed towards media mogul-dom in no time. Alternatively, get ready to tap into an incredible avenue to expand your business and increase your profits. A legal victory, major publication or life-changing journey are also possibilities. Enjoy your popularity and potency! This colossal window of opportunity begins to close after June 26th so act now!

Aquarius: Big Backing!

Aquarius always thinks big, searching for ways to impact or improve the whole community.  But big ideas also need big money, usually harder to come by… Guess what? You can score huge sponsors and powerful backers for your ideas now! Some secrecy may be required on your part - working behind the scenes and in the corridors of power… But it will pay off and any collaborative projects you initiate now can have a big impact. Get the wheels turning before June 26th.  On another note, this is also an excellent time for psychological healing, physical recuperation, spiritual insight, metaphysical breakthroughs and mind-blowing sex. Anything that can be done behind closed doors and you'd rather not talk about…

Pisces: Fame and Fortune!

Fame and fortune here you come! Others in your life are your guardian angel and fairy god-mother rolled into one just now.  This may be your husband or wife, literally making your world a better place; it may be a close friend who becomes your everything, or it may be a business partner who opens the door to success and profit.  Single? You could meet your soul-mate through your friends or social community now. You are very popular and sought after, so don’t deprive others of your presence. This is also a great time to promote your ideas; you will find that you can gather a powerful following indeed… It's time to take your place in the world. Act by June 26th for best results.

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