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George Michael and his astrological birth chart

George Michael and his astrological birth chart
Whether you care for his music or not, nobody can deny George Michael’s prolific song writing ability. He has what everybody else seems to be so desperate for in this Neptunian, fame-hungry age: talent.
Although to some he has squandered it. In a career spanning four decades he’s released relatively few albums, and hits the headlines more these days for the mishaps in his private life rather than for anything creative.

George Michael’s Birth-Chart

His birth-chart is of course immensely revealing about the man behind it all, and providing us with a few clues as to why his life took the path it did.
With transiting Uranus conjunct Jupiter in his tenth house (see the 12 houses in astrology), he’s not out of the woods yet when it comes to attracting unwelcomed publicity. With these two planets colluding it’s likely that he’ll continue to be thrust under the spotlight quite unexpectedly, and possibly for all the wrong reasons.
He is a double Cancerian, sun and ascendant, and this means that he has Pluto in his house of health and work right now. This planet can bring about change of a terrific magnitude, and in this house it will unearth anything that’s dormant, and force him to deal with it. This relates to both his working world and his personal well-being.
Not far behind it will be Saturn. This planet will transit the same house in December 2015, so between now and then he should concentrate on keeping fit and paying particular attention to his health. This energy could bring him a more structured approach to his life, and force him take the whole business of his health/work more seriously.
There are an above average number of Cancer ascendant people in the spotlight. Cancer is a trusting sign, and dominating such a sensitive part of the chart, can makes a person appear vulnerable and very human, i.e. flawed, and the public quickly picks up on this, so they take these people to their hearts. And most people do seem to have a genuine affection and warmth for this man, or care for his welfare, in so far as you can when you don’t know someone personally.
The ruler of George’s chart is the moon and it’s in the second house, so he invests a lot of his energy into feeling secure, emotionally and materially. But it’s opposed by Saturn in the eighth house, and this stirs up a lot of deep-seated issues that will pop up from time to time. There are a few ways that these could manifest in his life, such as feelings of general inadequacy, or perhaps not living up to what is mother (the moon) expected of him. There will probably be a heaviness that can overwhelm him and even interrupt his life when it really hits hard, and probably more so since the loss of his mother in 1997.
A lot of Saturn-afflicted charts such as his don’t see, or refuse to see, what the rest of the world sees. It can take a lifetime to work with Saturn, and if he doesn’t get the better of it, it will get the better of him.
The fact of the matter is that as well as his wonderful imagination (Cancer), he’s also been blessed with some marvellous showmanship skills (Leo moon), poetic sensibilities (Venus conjunct Mercury in Gemini) and Neptune in the fifth house, that of creativity.  And all topped with a Pisces Midheaven, so this is an artists’ dream chart, and so to the world, he has everything.
Funnily enough he has Mars and Pluto conjunct in the third house, with Uranus near by, which does make him accident-prone at home and in its immediate surroundings. What’s more, he’s impulsive, and also enjoys being a loose cannon when he wants to be.
He released a new live album Symphonica earlier this year at around the time Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, was nearing his ascendant. This is always good for getting people motivated. Although his natal Jupiter in his tenth house suggests that people will be interested in him regardless of his commercial output. With Venus and Mercury connecting to Jupiter he has the power to move the masses with his words and music, and really is the perfect pop package. It’s just him that needs some convincing. 
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