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Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces 8-9 March 2016: New Possibilities Come Alive!

Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces 8-9 March 2016: New Possibilities Come Alive!

March 2016 brings a total Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces throwing the cosmic dice and blowing the field wide open to new possibilities. The eclipse takes place on March 9th at 01:54 GMT in the UK and on March 8th at 20:54 EST/17:54 PDT in the US.

Get ready for your world to be flooded with dreams and visions. The veil between fantasy and reality is already quite thin in Pisces and this eclipse rips this veil wide, opening the floodgates to a deluge of feelings, insights and delusions. Such a tear in reality’s fabric makes you conscious of that magical space between sleep and wakefulness. This eclipse may feel to you like a lucid dream, when you’re suddenly aware that you are dreaming. Or it may feel so ‘out of this world’ that you will have to pinch yourself to make sure you are not dreaming.  Developments may leave you tired with a very thin grip on events, as it happens when you have gone a few days without sleep and are living on the edge of your senses.  If you’ve had a powerful dream, you can always check in with us to find out the dream's meaning.

So what can you do with such a powerful spiritual awakening? The best advice is to let it all wash over you - dreams, visions, illusions, feelings, reverie, inspiration, insight, longing, confusion and a whole other cloudburst of data, false and true. This way you can sidestep a danger of getting sucked down a rabbit hole. Another way to make the best of this would be to immerse yourself into a creative project or anchor yourself in some other imaginative or meditative activity that provides a safe framework for this deluge. Then, once the flood subsides, you can open your eyes and see what untold jewels of the deep the great waters may have left behind for you.

This eclipse amplifies and distills your goals. This sets you on a new path, as time undergoes a magical rearrangement, branches of your past falling away just as new possible futures start to grow... You will not see the real upshot of all this for another six months and events may even influence you for nine years.  We had another new moon total solar eclipse in Pisces in March 2015 and the current one follows hot on its heels. So whatever began for you last March now gets a powerful new injection of energy. 

There are helpers and challengers to aid your journey through this magical land. Saturn in Sagittarius is putting up a valiant fight to help you discern what’s real. Meanwhile Jupiter in Virgo is shouting from the far side of the ocean, illuminating your goals and calling you back ashore. But the real challenge may be Chiron in Pisces, making you keenly aware of your insecurities and human fragility. If you are feeling at a low ebb, then let Pluto in Capricorn unlock your powers of healing and regeneration. This is a very rich and potent eclipse indeed. Plan as little as you can and get ready for life to pick up pace.

The eclipse affects you most if you have planets/points between 13-23 degrees Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini. Check out your birth chart to find out for sure. You can also read more about what eclipses are and about the eclipses that are coming your way in 2016.

Your March Total Eclipse of the Sun Horoscope, Sign by Sign

So let’s take a closer look at what this eclipse means for your Star Sign. You can read your rising sign/Ascendant too for added layers of information. And don’t forget: you can always get the full treatment with a personal reading by our talented psychics! Just dial 0207 111 6384. If you’re unsure what to expect from a psychic reading, check our Psychic Blog! 


This eclipse’s lost dream-like energy is very unlike your own dynamism, overwhelming you with strange images and feelings. It may be something you see on TV, a powerful dream or a piece of personal news that opens the floodgates, so be ready. Why has this happened? It’s all part of your spiritual journey. A free tarot-card spread may be just the answer you seek. Here’s what you can expect:
1. A time of endings: You may hear news of people, projects and concerns passing out of your life. 
2. A spiritual awakening: Remove all the noise, pray, meditate and reclaim your connection with the divine
3. Health matters: Yes it does! Stop running around like crazy and get some rest.
4. Offer your services: You may be needed now, more than ever.
5. Revelations:  Big secrets may come out now. Brace yourself!


Taurus likes things to be solid, but your world suddenly becomes soft and malleable like putty during this eclipse. Let’s hope it’s putty in your hands so that you can mould it as you wish, because if it falls in someone else’s hands, wishful thinking won’t get you far. If your calendar is looking rather full, why not check out this week’s fashion horoscope? You gotta look the part after all. Here’s a few things that can happen: 
1. A new friend: This may be a brand new start in your friendships, whether this means reuniting with old friends, making new ones or getting rid of hangers on.
2. Wishes come true: Just be sure it’s truly what you wish for.
3. Obsolete dreams fall away: Are your dreams still relevant to who you are becoming? Have you checked recently? Now’s the time.
4. New aspirations: Time to aim for something better.
5. Welcome to the club: You may gain entry at an elite and dreamy group or club. 


Do you crave fame? Notoriety? Maybe it’s all the same to you and this eclipse will make it hard for you to discern the difference. Up-up you go to be deified or…down, down to be vilified. Which? Read more in your 2016 career horoscope! Your ideas of success are undergoing a magical transformation and so are your goals as a result. Here’s what could happen:
1. Bye Bye to old bosses: Who is to have authority over you? Here’s an idea. Maybe no one, or at least no one who abuses that privilege. 
2. New goals replace obsolete ones: This is the moment for you to consult your inner compass and change direction if need be.
3. Reinvent your public image: What do you want others to see when they look at you? You have a chameleon-like quality and can be anyone you wish. So what do you wish for?
4. Hit ‘reset’ with a parent: Time to clear the decks with your mother, father or other relative you consider older and wiser.
5. Fame and fortune here we come: Put the world under your spell!


This eclipse is a dream within a dream within a dream. Whatever you thought was possible for you, you are probably not using your imagination enough! Unless you are following your keen intuition of course, which tells you that something magical is taking place, calling you to distant shores and to do something totally different with your life. The open ocean calls. Check some hot destinations out if you’re dreaming of a holiday from heaven. Things that could happen:
1. A brand new vision: Say bye bye to thinking small. The vastness of the world stretches before you.
2. Educated much? If not enough, now’s your chance to go back to school, if that’s what you want. 
3. Reaching out: A new publication, broadcast, marketing or media project could really take off. Time to lay down the law.
4. A life-changing journey: You know that trip to distant and exotic places you’ve been meaning to take for so long? It’s now or never.
5. Try new experiences: This is no time to stay in your comfort zone!


You may have been hurt before by trusting someone who proclaimed to be one thing and then turned out to be completely another. If that was only last year, then it’s time to undo the damage that’s been done. Just let the floodgates of your soul open up again and release any grief. Trying to figure someone out? Knowing more about the star-signs and cheating could help. Things that could happen:
1. Reclaiming your own power: The buck stops here! Say No to time- and money-wasters and invasive people. 
2. Changes in your relationships: The balance of power is shifting...
3. Money merry-go-round: Are your financial entanglements so chaotic you don’t even know what’s going on? Time for a more imaginative approach. 
4. Lessons in trust:  Is he or she really worthy of your trust? Check you are not putting your faith in the wrong person. 
5. It’s good to be vulnerable: Opening up to someone, especially when you know the dangers, is the bravest thing you can do. And there is no love without intimacy. Dare to get close again.


The veil of reality has been ripped open in your relationship allowing fresh life, light and energy to enter. Get ready for your partner or someone you consider your equal to surprise you big time this month. You cannot help them just now. Just let them shape-shift until they find the shape they’re happiest with. You can find some pointers about your partner’s oddest behaviour at what to expect from the star-signs in love. Things that could happen:
1. New people in your life: Plenty of fish in the sea. Get fishing!
2. A relationship reborn: Time to re-envisage what you two are doing together.
3. Reach out: Dare to open up and share your dreams with another.
4. Who’s this person? Has someone changed beyond recognition? Or have you changed so much that you are looking at them differently.
5. Popular much? You may be an absolute hit just now and swamped by fans…


This eclipse may wreck havoc with your physical body. Watch out for contagious bugs and the like that could find their way through your lowered defences. Sleep it off. If all chaos breaks loose at work instead then wait for the flood-waters to subside before you make your mind up. Here’s what could happen:
1. A new lifestyle: Inject your everyday life with music, fashion, magic and romance!
2. Changes at work: If it’s all a bit disorienting wait for the dust to settle before you focus on the details.
3. Health craze: Something as simple as a deep tissue massage or juice cleanse can make you feel like a brand new person. But don’t take it too far.
4. Pet(ty) matters: Don’t get lost in a sea of detail. Alternatively a little furry friend may need your attention.
5. Routine? What routine? Everything is all up in the air just now.


You are strong and not fazed easily, even when an eclipse is heading straight for your heart. Is there something that you wish for dearly? Something you would love to do or someone you would love to love? If the latter, check out your 2016 love horoscope to see where things are headed. This eclipse reveals your heart’s most secret desires! Your creativity is also unleashed like never before. Here’s what could grip you:
1. Love rocks your world: This eclipse is full to the brim with love, romance and rumpy pumpy!
2. Baby fever: Is it all happening on that front? If not, this eclipse gives you another chance.
3. Strike out on your own: Have you thought of having your own business? If not, this eclipse may inspire you. If you already do, then get ready for creative changes.
4. Have a blast! The eclipse is one big party, showing you ways to have much more fun in life.
5. Unleash your creativity! Please, do. Your imagination is at its height, your inspiration flows, and you can't let all this go to waste.


Home is where the heart is, and yours is rather wet and watery just now. Your dream for your ideal home could be turned on its head today, as the eclipse brings some unexpected developments. Your attention is drawn within, to your home-base, family or innermost, deepest thoughts and feelings. Here are a few matters that could require your attention:
1. Here come the waterworks: Literally. Check the water-pipes! A psychological cleansing may also be in order.
2. Changes in your family: New arrivals and sudden departures may change your family landscape.
3. Drawing on your inner strength: Time to go on a personal quest and retrieve the treasure that lies within.
4. Where is home? If a home-related matter has been dragging on, events may develop quickly now. Time to ask yourself where home truly is.
5. Back to the land: Who are you and where do you come from? Time to reconnect with your roots, your home-land, family or...the earth.


Your world becomes a blur of words and images with this eclipse. It has the power to melt your mind somewhat…but only to put it back together again. Do you know that feeling when a sudden piece of news or meeting changes your world, simply by making you look at all the same old stuff differently? Expect some of that magic to rub off on you today.  Has someone caught your eye? Read the five signs that he or she is also into you! Here’s more of what could happen:
1. A brother or sister changes your world: Your sibling may act a little crazy, needing your steady touch. Ditto with someone else in your vicinity.
2. News not to be trifled with: News may be big and overwhelming. Watch out for gossip which could be merely vague or downright deceitful. 
3. Changes in your network & relationships: An influx of new faces and places turns your world upside down.
4. Is it time to find your voice? Spread the word and it will soon go viral!
5. Feed your curiosity / back to school: There’s always more to learn. A sudden thirst for the classroom may awaken within.


Is something or someone drilling a hole into your savings? This eclipse certainly means business, especially when it comes to finding more inspired ways to put food on the table. Here are some clever tips about how to improve your finances through astrology. You may feel slightly weak and ethereal just now too, so give your body plenty of fluids and time to rest. Here’s what to look out for:
1. Show me the money: Expenses may be boring a hole into your pocket. Let your imagination guide you toward greater riches…but avoid get-rich-quick schemes that may leave you worse off.
2. Flesh and blood: Your body is extra sensitive now. Treat it gently.
3. Changing priorities: What’s really important? The eclipse is about to turn the tables.
4. Discover latent talents: Waste not want not - and especially so regarding a hitherto untapped resource that this eclipse brings to light.
5. Lost and Found: Have you misplaced something? Or are you giving things away? It's all part of an urge to travel lighter... 


The words ‘colossal change’ don’t even begin to capture what you’re going through. This is a transformation of your life, relationships, priorities, outlook and even your appearance on all possible levels. Embrace it, dear Pisces, it’s destiny! In fact, why not take advantage of our special offer and see your destiny revealed? Let the past fall away and reinvent your identity. Here’s a few matters that may intrigue you:
1. A brand new you! Bored of your looks, clothes or hairdo? Think carefully. Anything you do now will be a major and permanent change upon your person!
2. Put everyone under your spell! You have the power to sway the masses with your magical aura now.
3. A fresh outlook: Whatever you did want all these years, this is rapidly changing. New desires are born.
4. Take the lead! Time to focus on what you want, put yourself first and go after it in no uncertain terms.
5.  Shapeshifting... You are transforming yourself in broad daylight. Let the morphing commence. Show everyone how it’s done!
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