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Uranus in Aries – Wake Up Call!

Uranus in Aries – Wake Up Call!
Uranus went into Aries in March 2011, one day before the terrible Fukushima disaster, which changed the face of the world forever. It’s going to be there until March 2019 overall, with a short break in May 2018 when Uranus will move into Taurus. We are right in the midst of this powerful transit which is causing a huge shift both globally and personally. Many of you will be feeling as though your life has been turned upside down.
You may have had break ups in relationships, erratic finances, a change in career direction, a sudden move to another country….often these changes are unexpected which is why it’s important to know where this transit falls in your chart and how you can make the best of it.

What does Uranus in Aries want from us?

Uranus is the great awakener and it brings unforeseen changes. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and wants to pave the way for the new.
What Uranus in Aries wants you to do is to break out of your old ways of doing things, to be yourself, to be independent and self-reliant, to take risks, to get out of your comfort zone, to live life in the fast lane and to feel excited and passionate about the future.
Uranus in Aries will make you feel restless, impatient, looking for something more in your life. It wants you to add a touch of inspiration and excitement to everything you undertake.
Aries is a Fire sign (check out the 4 elements in astrology) and together with Uranus it will stimulate you to become more assertive, to proactively go for what you want. Keep in mind that Fire energy isn’t controllable. It’s combustible, noisy, loud and sometimes dangerous! Uranus in Aries may feel as though something inside of you is exploding.
For example, if you are in a relationship that’s no longer working, you feel held back, stifled, used, and abused, you might decide at the drop of a hat that you are leaving and you’re going to make it on your own. Perhaps you are in a job that is depressing you and making you unhappy, and you may hand in your resignation and decide to start your own business.
Uranus in Aries is about doing things differently. (check out The Outer Planets in Astrology )You might well surprise the people who think they know you. It’s a great time to do something completely out of character, but that makes you feel wonderfully free and alive. 
If you are not embracing your own Fire energy, the likelihood is that you’ll meet other people who are very fiery i.e. loud, unreliable, chaotic, crazily spontaneous. If this is happening in your life, take some time to meditate and get in touch with your own Fire. Every one of us has it, and with this transit, you really need to find it!

What Uranus in Aries means for each Zodiac Sign

Uranus in Aries is the time for you to assert yourself. You need to find your own inner strength and independence.
You’ll have an opportunity to move into a completely new direction and to reinvent yourself. It will mean a new social network, new dreams, new goals, new ideas, new inspiration. Allow yourself to explore, to take action, to do something you’ve never done before. Your life certainly won’t be boring!
This transit is shaking up your spiritual, deeper side. It wants you to find meaning in whatever you are doing. There could be unexpected events concerning governments and authorities. You’ll have an opportunity to develop a successful career with a big institution or a charity. You’ll meet interesting new people who bring a new zest to life, especially those who are psychic and into the metaphysical. 
You’ll be going through a restructuring of your networks and the way in which you promote yourself. Your social life and your friends will change dramatically during this transit. You’ll want to mix with new and exciting people. If you are in the entertainment business i.e. an artist, dancer, singer, musician or a writer, you could see overnight success. Your love life could take a sudden change and a turn for the better.
This will be an exciting time for your career. Expect changes and try not to hang onto what worked for you in the past. You’ll need to adapt at short notice, (not something you are comfortable with), and continue to come up with new and inventive solutions. You may become a parent, or your children may move out and declare their independence. You could achieve sudden high status within your job. Make sure you take time to relax as you may feel over-stressed.
This transit is likely to push you into widening your intellectual circles and into going back to school to study something you’re passionate about. Lucky pursuits include: travel, international business, cultural events, publishing, media, education and spiritual endeavours. The more you open up your mind to new things, the more optimistic you’ll become and the more you will benefit from this transit on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
This transit is going to shake up your finances and your security. You may suddenly receive a windfall, an investor may want to put money into your business or idea, or you’ll get rid of all your debts. Your partner may land a new job or contract, or lose their job. Your intimate or sexual needs will change – you may decide to go it alone, or you may decide to go deeper into an existing relationship. If you study the latest technological advances you could have a great competitive edge and manifest a large sum of money. Don’t allow yourself to get stressed out. Take time to be in nature and don’t be glued to your computer and cellphone.
Your relationships are going through great upheavals and changes. People come in and out of your life without giving you any notice. A new friendship can turn into a romance. If you are already in a relationship and you give your loved one freedom, you’ll be able to stay in the relationship. If you try to tie them down, they will be out of the door like a shot. The same is true in reverse. It can also disrupt business partnerships and any dealings with the public. Sometimes people come into our lives for a short while and then they leave. Don’t try to hold onto them because someone even more exciting is just around the corner!
Your work is going to be shaken up. You may move jobs, change location, completely change the direction of your career. Anything connected with technology, computing, electricity, solar power, green power, recycling are all great areas for you to work in. You’ll be extremely creative and you’ll want to be independent, so this would be a good time to start a new business or several new businesses. You can achieve great success if you are willing to do things differently.
Your romantic and creative life is going to be completely renewed. If you are unattached, you could meet someone new while travelling, through social media, or just by initiating conversations with lots of different people. If you are in a relationship, going on a long-distance trip together, starting a business or having a family are strong possibilities. You could win big on the lottery or any kind of speculation, but equally lose it just as quickly. Old friends may disappear while new and interesting ones come into your life.
You’ll be experiencing a shake-up of your home, family, foundations and general stability. You could suddenly buy or sell a house, move to another country, or move in with a family member. You might start a successful business from home, renovate or upgrade your home, or make new friends who become as close as family members. You may start a real estate business, and anything connected with computers and technology is especially fortunate.
Uranus is your ruler and therefore extra-powerful in your life. You may move unexpectedly, go on an exciting trip without any advance notice, or start a technology-based business. Anything connected with media, promotion, social networking, writing, travel, and communications of any kind is going to be fortunate for you. This is a great time for going back to school and for studying something completely new. Your social circle will go through some radical changes.
Your finances will be shaken up and could be more erratic than usual. Don’t allow yourself to get stressed about it, but rather concentrate on working in an area that you love – either for someone else or in your own business. This will bring you great success. Allow your mind to roam free and come up with inventive money-making ideas. One of them could be a real winner. Your spending habits might be erratic as well, so make sure you save money while it’s coming in to help tide you over during the leaner times.
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