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Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026

Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026
Uranus in Taurus

Astrology's planet of change, Uranus, enters Taurus on 6 March 2019, where he will stay until March 2026, changing your life in radical ways! Uranus first entered Taurus on 15 May 2018, giving you a taster of what's to come, then wobbled back into Aries on 7 November 2018 only to return in March 2019 and make Taurus it's permanent home. Till 2026 that is... Because nothing is permanent as you will soon discover with Uranus in Taurus!

The next 7-8 years are not just business as usual... Uranus in Taurus will bring some very tangible changes in your life! You might decide that enough is enough, sell up and go, change the way you earn your living, move countries, switch careers, look for more authentic relationships, travel in search of riches, step into the spotlight or go live on an organic farm somewhere.

Uranus is the great awakener. It breaks down the old order - suddenly and quickly - and makes way for the new. Taurus is Earth energy, (check out the Taurus characteristics) all that is practical ‘hear it, see it, feel it, touch it, smell it, taste it, spend it’ in your life. Things you have always taken for granted, and which seemed stable, will now come into question. An entrepreneurial spirit will serve you best with Uranus in Taurus. Remain flexible. Be prepared to move on and not stick to old security patterns.


What to Expect with Uranus in Taurus

Globally there are three major arenas of change. One is the world financial system. Money, currencies, banks and assets. We might see some of these collapse or go through turmoil. We might see a new reserve currency, a restructure of the banking system, as well as internet technologies and cryptocurrencies changing the face of money.

The other arena is land, food and farming, as well as energy resources like fuel and ore we draw from the earth. Uranus will bring innovation and urge us to clean up our act. It's time to become more aware of how we use our resources, how we mine and till the earth and what we put in our bodies.

The third place of volatility is political. Uranus in Taurus is often marked by insecurity and the search for safety in absolute values. But this could lead to political extremes! It could lead to vigilantes and excess surveillance. It could also lead to an “I want it, you have it, so I just take it” attitude - a total disrespect for others’ property.

The last time Uranus was in Taurus (1934-1942) coincided with Nazi Germany and the start of WWII. Before that we had the 1850s marked by Western Imperialism, the Crimean and 2nd Opium Wars and mass migration to America. There is a silver lining. WWII ended the Great Depression. And the migration to America resulted in a massive economic boom. Uranus in Taurus will surely awaken our slumbering economy. But let’s hope we can do it better this time. Check out Uranus in all 12 star signs! 

Uranus in Taurus Prediction Sign by Sign 

The time has come to take nothing for granted. Money, food, land, security, it's all up for grabs! Uranus in Taurus is about to refresh your values, reset your priorities and reshape your world. Let’s have a look at the Uranus in Taurus prediction for all star signs.


Ready to climb onto the wheel of fortune, dear Aries? Uranus in Taurus brings financial instability, ups and downs and surprises. On the plus side, you might get a raise, enter a whole new earnings bracket, discover unexpected sources of income or monetise new and unusual talents and resources. On the downside, you might just as easily experience losses and be forced to think outside the box to make ends meet. But it's easy come easy go for the most part. If the way you earn has felt restrictive to you or if you secretly yearn for something more exciting, you will now get your wish. It's time to become much more financially adventurous and adaptable. Be true to your own values and first principles.

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Time to reinvent yourself, dear Taurus! Your life could change in a flash as you decide to put the past behind you and make a clean break. This will allow you to come into your own and emerge from this period a new person. You may well have your own personal revolution and decide to change your attitude and your looks, your career and public persona. You could even shoot up into fame or notoriety with your crazy antics! It's time to go on a journey of self discovery and find out what you are capable of, what you want and how far you’ll go to get it. Allow yourself the freedom to experiment and do things differently in the next eight years. You will even surprise yourself! Life will be exciting, full of travel, adventure and new experiences and you won't be bored for a minute.

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You're about to experience a spiritual awakening, dear Gemini. It won't happen overnight - although you will get many instant 'aha' moments! - but you will come out of this period with your finger on the pulse. Uranus in Taurus will heighten your intuition. If you work in the healing professions, in spiritual body work, behind the scenes, in government, charities or as part of a large institution, you could achieve a lot and quickly in the coming years. But you may have to set some of your personal concerns aside. You might prefer to remain anonymous and there might be an air of mystery around you. Frequent outside changes, which you cannot possibly control, will turn your attention inward and toward the bigger picture.

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Get ready to burst onto the scene, dear Cancer! You're about to be introduced to a whole new world - new places and faces, new people, new communities, societies and circles, and a whole new mentality. Your ideals and ambitions, your hopes and dreams will radically change as a result. Your new social circle might be composed of forward thinkers, outsiders, brilliant and inspiring people from a whole new walk of life. You could also experience sudden success and recognition amid these new people and it could happen overnight, admitting you into an exclusive club. This could be a time of great reward, but only if you are true to yourself and follow your dreams. You might do especially well in finance, energy, body and nutrition or other such earthy endeavours.

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What’s next, dear Leo? Where are you headed? Time to forge a brand new reputation as Uranus in Taurus blows the field of career possibilities wide open! You're not willing to be pigeon-holed under some meaningless professional label and will rebel against any authority or any oppressive notion of who you are and what you should be doing. It's time to carve out your own path and discover your true calling! You are searching for excitement in your career. Be willing to experiment and consider paths that might have seemed crazy to you before. Stay flexible, as you might experience sudden changes of direction, profession, even residence, until you find what works. 

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You're a little brain box, dear Virgo, and studious as can be, so Uranus in Taurus - your learning and travel sector - is good news for you! Pack a suitcase and keep it handy. You will most likely travel loads over the next eight years. You could take off at a moment's notice, go back to university, fly frequently for your job or even emigrate! If you work in broadcasting, publishing or research you could achieve a breakthrough, publish your first book or even go on the air and become a media sensation. You will come into contact with totally new cultures, people and ideas and this will invigorate and excite you, radically changing your philosophy of life. This is a period of adventure and optimism.

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You're about to embark on a financial rollercoaster, dear Libra! You might receive a sudden windfall - a debt write off, a lottery win, an inheritance - or your family or partner might suddenly come into money showering you with gifts. Sudden reversals of fortune - losses, theft, high taxation - are also likely and you might experience both in equal measure. Stay on top of taxes and debt payments to minimise surprises. And be inventive in how and where you save or invest your money! Uranus in Taurus could also bring a sexual liberation and a greater awareness of your sexuality and your body. New technologies could help with a health matter and you might experience instant transformation or a therapy breakthrough. A sudden fascination with the occult is also possible.

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Have you ever wondered how the other half lives, dear Scorpio? You're about to enter a period of exciting encounters with people unlike any you've ever met! All kinds of unusual individuals will come and go, parading through your life and exposing you to totally new experiences, ideas and values. Most won't stick so enjoy the ride. Existing relationships will go through a period of instability and change. If attached, give your relationship freedom to breathe. Enjoy finding new and stimulating ways of being together, even if it has to be long distance or in more unusual circumstances. This is a very exciting time in business for you too, especially if you are an agent or have dealings with the public. You could come into the public eye all of a sudden, out of nowhere, your popularity shooting through the roof.

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Get ready for a major shake down at work, dear Sagittarius! If you already do the work you love and are being true to yourself, you could now become much more inventive, experimenting with new technologies. If you've been making do, all this will change in a flash. You need greater freedom at work now, whether this means temping, becoming a freelance consultant, hiring an assistant, moving somewhere new or working for yourself. You will want to keep your own working hours and function in a way that inspires you. Be willing to change your lifestyle, learn new skills and reinvent your job. Uranus in Taurus is also the perfect time to tend to your health. Discovering the latest developments could make you passionate about exercise and nutrition. Pets might surprise you.

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Oh to love, to play, perchance to be happy, dear Capricorn! Uranus in Taurus puts you in the mood for Fun and Profit! Yes, you might be a conservative sign...but the time has come to take a gamble, experiment in love and in life and see what actually rocks your boat! You might experience more than your fair share of love affairs over the coming years with romantic dalliances coming and going on short notice. A no strings attached attitude works best! Just enjoy these romantic travels. This is also an immensely creative period for you, when you can excel at a hobby, start your own business or showcase your talent in sport or the arts. Let your creative genius show! Take a chance on yourself! Luck is on your side. Children could surprise you. A sudden pregnancy is also possible.

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Get ready to change your life from the bottom up, dear Aquarius! Your ruler Uranus descends to the very bowels of your chart, and it's time to make some fundamental life changes. Are you considering a house move? A change of residence is highly likely now, followed by a total reinvention of yourself. If you stay put then you might embark on innovative landscaping projects or daring real estate deals. You're exactly the kind of sign that could decide to build a house for the future now, totally self-sufficient, organically farming the land and running on sustainable energy. Changes around your family situation are also likely, giving rise to a new order at home. This is an opportunity to sell or acquire property, establish a foundation or trust or build a successful business from home.

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Get ready to welcome lots of new and exciting people in your life, dear Pisces! Uranus in Taurus shakes up everything and everyone around you, infusing your life with many new places and faces. You might change neighbourhoods, jobs or school, expand your network or come across people in your daily movements that totally challenge the way you think. If you work in the media, writing, sales or communications, you will have something new and worthwhile to say. Your voice will ring loudly. This is a time when you can connect with many people and express more radical ideas. Your mind is hungry for more. Give yourself lots of mental stimulation and changes of scenery! This might be the time to change your car or learn to drive. Siblings will surprise you!

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