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Uranus Square Pluto: Make or Break... It’s Now or Never!

Uranus Square Pluto: Make or Break... It’s Now or Never!
December 15th sees the penultimate Uranus-Pluto square (i.e. a 90 degree planetary aspect) in a series running between 2012 and 2015. If some part of your life has been going haywire since 2012 and moving increasingly beyond your control, this is Uranus square Pluto at work! Want to know how to come out on top? 
From 2012 to 2015, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (stay tuned) have been wrecking havoc in our lives, pitting us against seemingly fateful or insurmountable forces and asking us to make a break for it – even if this means jumping off blindly into the unknown! We are now reaching the final stages of this process and it’s time for each and every one of us to make a decision: Are we going to be brave? Are we going to take action and carve out a better path for ourselves? Or are we going to capitulate, give in and let the powers that be call all the shots? 
This square can be so stressful at times that we just want it to be over with so that we can get on with our lives...  But this is not the way forward. This isn't simply a passing storm. No matter how hard it feels, we have a real chance to shape our destiny right here and now! So no quick solution will do. We cannot just ignore our survival instincts and jump off the proverbial cliff. Nor can we just stay put and disregard every fibre of our being screaming for change. So what to do?
The first step is to accept that our agonies and dilemmas are real. Indeed they are universal. The times, they are a-changing! We are in this together. The ultimatum seems to be the same for all of us, in whatever area of our lives it has struck. It's a feeling of: "Change or perish! Make a break for it or capitulate! It's now or never!"
The next step is to determine exactly the essence of our own crisis and see what it requires of us, so that we can aim for a win-win situation. Neither Uranus nor Pluto like to lose...  As long as we have to ignore one side to satisfy the other, we are caught in a tense struggle. But if we can figure out a path of action that allows for a little compromise on each side, with both sides scoring some wins, then we may yet find a creative way to resolve the conflict. And that is the most that anyone can ask of us!
We have already experienced six out of the total seven squares: two in June and September 2012; two in May and November 2013 and - now - another two: April and December 2014. After this December's square we will only have one left on 17 March 2015, by which point the battle will be over and whatever changes Pluto and Uranus have in store for us will start becoming hard fact.
The best thing to do? Use this final stretch between now and next spring to fight for what you want, to actively embrace change and to consider how you can transform parts of your life to achieve greater freedom! 

How does Uranus square Pluto affect Your Sign?

Uranus-Pluto is affecting each of us in different ways. Where has your life reached breaking point? Each sign's crisis involves a Win-Win scenario that you can aim for as you fight the good fight. Give it your best shot! (Read both your Sun-Sign and Ascendant - get your free birth-chart to find out more!)  


A Rebel with Good Cause...
You are struggling to assert your individuality despite inexorable outer pressures and to live the life that you want! Keeping up appearances is suffocating and you want to break free. Whilst your ambition is at an all time high, you still want to do things your way! Oppressive authority figures may force you to stage a coup and assert your individuality. Crisis: Who are you and who do you want to be in the eyes of the world? Can you break free from the establishment and go it alone? Win-Win: Stand out as an individual in your own right while transforming your career and consolidating your public image! 


Prophet or Lunatic?
You are caught between the intellectual establishment and the mad underdog – whether these are fighters, gurus or tech-pioneers. Where do you belong?  You may be trying to break free from the stronghold of your religious beliefs, morals or education and follow your sixth sense into the future. Time to change your programming and break free from old karmic patterns! Crisis: Can you be a pioneer despite criticism from the intellectual, religious or broadcasting elite? Do you have enough faith to jump off into the unknown? Win-Win: Establish or preserve your intellectual authority while championing the new, the whacky and the untried! 


The Survival of a Crazy Dreamer!
You are struggling to follow your dreams amid financial and emotional turmoil. Pursuing a daring vision puts pressure on your intimate relationships and challenges your ability to survive. You may need to relinquish control or break free from emotional and financial bonds that have a powerful hold over you to find your people as part of a pioneering community. Power plays, controlling behaviour and issues of trust can hold you back. Crisis: Where does your power lie? Do you have what it takes to pursue your dreams? Can you rally others and their resources to your cause? Win-Win: Masterfully navigate powerful bonds and joint finances, as you join people with whom you can pursue your vision. 


Trailblazing past Friends and Foes...
You are caught in a struggle to break free from an outworn public image and revitalise your professional life, whilst being challenged by others. Your career is destabilised by transformative encounters – whether by a partner, an agent or a fierce competitor. Paranoia about potential enemies blocking your path may not be totally unfounded!  Other people can be experienced as ruthless, urging you to publicly rebel and carve your own path.  Crisis: How do you want to relate to others? What do you want to stand for in the eyes of the world? Can you break free from others’ hold on you and discover your true vocation? Win-Win: Establish or preserve strong relationships while you pioneer a new career path. Strike out on your own professionally despite powerful opposition! 


Inspiration or…Perspiration?
You are struggling to break out of entrenched work and health routines and develop greater vision. Don’t let the nitty-gritty hold you back from expanding your horizons! Irrational fears around health may be disguising psychological resistance to change, just as your soul yearns to rid itself of outworn beliefs and spread its wings. Radical changes at work may spark a journey into the unknown. Crisis: Can you overcome your practical fears and limitations and develop purpose and vision? What is your quest? Can you make it work for you? Win-Win: Find or sustain fulfilling work while giving your spirit room to soar – through travel, education, broadcasting or whatever ignites your sense of vision and purpose. 


Breaking Taboos …and Loving It!
You are struggling to liberate yourself from financial and emotional entanglements whilst pursuing whom and what you love. Your desire for love and creative self-expression is at an all time high, yet it seems to require you to break personal taboos and experience life raw. You may be in the grip of a powerful love affair that liberates you sexually; become parent amid joint financial instability; experience a shocking creative breakthrough; or seek to profit from your talents. Crisis: What do you love? What do you fear? Can you love fearlessly? Do you dare express yourself creatively without censorship and in absolute delight? Can you turn your creativity into passive income? Win-Win: Give yourself over to love with no strings attached and experience absolute joy and freedom! Break free financially and capitalise on your creative talents.  


Getting in Each Other’s Hair while it’s All Up in the Air!
Your relationships are pushed to breaking point while the rug is being pulled from under your feet. An all-consuming situation at home or with your family is putting pressure on your relationships, forcing you to try out unconventional paths together. Unpredictable or surprising behaviour by others shakes you out of deeply rooted psychological patterns and redraws the relating parameters. Intense competition may challenge your sense of security, home base or family. Crisis: Where is home? Where do you belong and with whom? Can you break away from inherited family patterns with the help of an equal partnership? Win-Win: Establish or preserve your sense of security and belonging whilst exploring new avenues in your relationships. Draw on your inner strength and relate to others as an equal! 


Necessity is the Mother of Invention...
Your daily life seems to be in disarray. Powerful shifts in your immediate environment are generating acute stress and instability at work. Oppressive circumstances in your day-to-day life put extra strain on your health and force you to consider new ways of doing things – ways that are more conducive to your freedom and your physical and psychological wellbeing. You may need to relinquish some control of your surroundings to reduce stress and nervous tension. Crisis: How do you see your day-to-day life unfolding? Can you change your habits to accommodate demanding changes in your circumstances? Win-Win:  Stay mentally in control by doing interesting work, changing your habits and implementing innovative solutions! 


Follow Your Bliss – You’re Worth It!
You have reached a crisis point, where you need to take a gamble despite your financial insecurities, in order to reach for greater joy and creative self-expression in your life. Do not let fears around your financial wellbeing hold back your creative talents. Time to take a risk! At the same time, you may be struggling with fears around your self-worth, which create difficulties in love and romance. Crisis: What do you love and think worthwhile? Can you break free from outworn values and insecurities and follow your heart? Win-Win: Express yourself and let your creative talents raise both your income and your sense of self-worth. Fall in love and feel like a million dollars! 


A Free Spirit Rising from the Ashes!
You are experiencing total physical and psychological transformation. Disruptive changes in your home base and family clash with your personal desires, generating tension.  Amid all this, something deep within is trying to set itself free – free from the past and from family conditioning! This is a lesson in non-attachment. You are challenged to disentangle yourself from family dramas and travel light as you come into your own power!  Crisis: Who are you where do you come from? Can you let yourself be reborn and find inner freedom? Win-Win: You achieve a sense of renewal and rebirth while being released from the past and from oppressive home and family obligations. You experience total freedom and personal power! 


Biting Your Tongue…
Collective forces or powerful people behind the scenes block your free expression. You may be involved in confidential activities that prevent you from speaking out openly, or it may be that you have hidden enemies thwarting your efforts and twisting your words. You may be attuned to collective currents, struggling to give voice to what is mysterious, hidden or even scary! This is a productive time for therapy and the arts.Siblings can offer a fresh perspective. Crisis: What are the facts? What lies underneath? Can you act as an expressive channel for the powerful forces of change? Win-Win: Use your sharp intellect to give voice to things that scare and fascinate. Overcome your fears and transform hidden power-hierarchies by expressing yourself freely!  


Risky Business!
You are struggling with financial instability amid a radically changing social scene. As you question your values and seek alternative sources of income, this creates friction with your wider social community, which is becoming too stifling and oppressive. You cannot allow your friends or social milieu to determine your self-worth or thwart your talents! Time to seek innovative ways to make a living, while you pursue your dreams as a valuable member of your community. Crisis: What do you find worthwhile? Who are your people? Can you take a risk and invest in your dreams? Win-Win:  Gain allies and establish yourself as a powerful force in the community by monetising your talents. Find innovative ways to earn money whilst being true to your ideals.

Pluto-Uranus on the World Stage: Growing Pains

Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries signifies a powerful clash between the establishment and the individual, as structural changes and fundamental power-shifts come into conflict with individual freedoms and self-determination. This square – which happens every 100+ years or so – represents a powerful crisis point!
Both Pluto and Uranus are concerned with change, but they disagree as to how it should be effected. While Pluto in Capricorn believes that we need powerful and centralised regulation, with tougher rules and increased controls, Uranus in Aries believes in the power of the individual and its right to freely pursue its ends without interference!  We can currently see these issues unfold, for instance in the west in the form of a power struggle between the individual (including individual countries) and a centralized power that increases its financial and political controls, and in the Arab world’s on-going fight to transform entrenched power-structures. 
The seed of this Uranus-Pluto square lies in the 1965-66, when Uranus conjoined Pluto in Virgo unleashing powerful energies for change. The 60's transformed our lives through civil rights movements, cultural and sexual revolutions, alternative therapies and new technologies, including the first successful computers. Now - from 2012 to 2015 - we see the first crisis point of these new beginnings, as the ideologies, industries and technologies born in the 60s are being put to the test. This is a decisive moment for human freedoms the world over, attitudes towards women (e.g. in the Muslim world), technological advances (with portable electronic devices transforming every aspect of our lives) and alternative health therapies (which are increasingly finding their way into the mainstream). Which way things go now will determine how these matters will develop in the future. As freedom fighter Uranus in Aries breaks away from the centralised control of Pluto, the world struggles to reform outworn hierarchies and test the ideas of the mid-60s. Do not just wait for the storm to pass! Our future may well depend on our individual willingness to embrace change and to fight for what we want! 
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