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Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries: All's Fair in Love and War

Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries: All's Fair in Love and War
Get ready for sparks to fly! Love planets, Mars and Venus enter Aries (February 19-20) and conjunct on February 22nd.  For lovers everywhere, who want to fan the flames of passion, this is good news all around!  
Keywords: Passion, desire, dynamism, sexual love, energy-influx, charm, attraction, ambition, new beginning, immediacy, conquest, drive, confidence, willpower, courage, impulse, power-boost, self-starter
Venus in Aries (until March 17) values freedom and independence. It’s impulsive and proud in love and needs to be first and best (see Venus in love). It’s direct and passionate, easily bored, competitive and reckless.
Mars in Aries (until March 31) is ultra-confident, self-assured and driven to excellence. A self-starter, it loves a challenge and takes the initiative, neither wasting time nor taking no for an answer. It exudes sexiness.
With both planets receiving a beam by Jupiter in Leo as they enter Aries, they are sure to make a grand entrance! Get ready for a head-rush!
Mars rules Aries, whereas Venus in Aries is in detriment (i.e. not in her element). So, not only do we have warrior Mars in full armour, but his lover, Venus has also put on her amazonian war-girdle - more Xena warrior princess than Botticelli’s curves…  Out go the niceties and the desire to please - and in comes the direct approach. And so to battle! Bring it on! Time to conquer, charm and seduce.
This may not be a particularly soppy or harmony-loving combo, but its raw passion can do wonders for your sex-life. If you feel less likely to compromise - which you will - then you can at least make up for this in the bedroom.
Oh, and Aries is a sign that wants everything yesterday.  So, do not wait for others to show patience. Move quickly. No time to dilly-dally!
Venus-Mars: The Lover’s Dance in 2015
Mars and Venus meet on February 22nd at 2 degrees Aries to begin their 9 month love affair. This is the first of three Mars-Venus conjunctions in 2015, so watch this space! They will meet again at 15 Leo on September 1st for their most intense tête-à-tête, then again at 23 Virgo on November 3rd to part as friends. This is an exciting year for love!
While Venus and Mars conjunct every 2 years or so, this triple conjunction only happens every 5-6 years, if that.  And we haven’t seen this particular pattern (with Mars conjunct Venus while it’s retrograde later on) for a few decades.This suggests that 2015 is a seminal year for relationships - a year for us to really hit pause and think about how we want to move forward. The same goes for our finances - it’s time to decide what we value most and commit to it passionately and with our actions!
If we’re lucky, we should be able to see Mars and Venus conjunct in the skies on February 22nd in the west, not long after sunset, once the lights are dimmed. They will be right next to the fresh crescent moon…
How to make the most of Mars-Venus in Aries? You have vast reserves of energy at your disposal right now!  You can inject your endeavours with fresh life force and literally pull yourself up by your bootstraps! It’s much easier to put in the effort when your heart is in it. This is the time to go after what you want with real conviction!
Famous People with Venus-Mars conjunction in Aries: Christiano Ronaldo, Julia Stiles, David Gallagher, Chris Rea, Baudelaire, Priscilla Prestley, Orson Welles, Thierry Roussel, Samantha Morton, Karen Blixen, Queen Victoria.
The Lovers Converse with the World: Dates for Your Diary:
Venus and Mars form a number of aspects over the course of their first encounter. Make a note in your diary:
24-26 February: Channel Your Energies!
As soon as they begin their affair, Mars and Venus receive a steadying beam (a trine) from Saturn in Sagittarius. This sanctions their relationship making it official.  Aries is a highly volatile sign, so the trine from Saturn can help discipline their potency and pour it into constructive channels. Use the last week of February to kick-start projects dear to your heart and channel your energies.
1 March: Unfinished Business
Venus conjuncts the South Lunar Node highlighting past agreements, desires and relationships that are holding us back. It’s time to sort out unfinished business. But try and seek fair solutions.
4-5 March: Relationship Mayhem!
These promise to be exciting and volatile days! Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries will have us crave greater freedom and independence in our relationships and financial agreements, while Venus trine Jupiter in Leo will bring a sense of entitlement. We are enthusiastic, optimistic and eager to gamble for big returns! Mercury in Aquarius harmonises with Venus putting heart and mind in synch. Meanwhile, Venus square Pluto in Capricorn brings power-struggles and coercive, manipulative tactics. As Mars also conjuncts the South Lunar Node, all this takes place against a backdrop of latent aggression. Old conflicts may come to the surface and we need to avoid acting compulsively and blindly. With the Full Moon in Virgo at the same time, these days will be absolutely crucial for our relationships and the things that sustain us.
9-12 March: Mars Attacks!
Shortly after Venus, Mars links up with the Uranus-Pluto square (which culminates this March!) and the Jupiter-Uranus trine (stay tuned). Mars’ activities follow those of Venus, which suggests that negotiations are likely to be followed by a more direct and confrontational approach, possibly leading to rebellious and reckless behaviour, but also intense power-clashes. This may cause a stalemate and a break for freedom. Mars trine Jupiter meanwhile strengthens our moral conviction, granting us boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Your Mars-Venus in Aries Horoscope: An Injection of Pure Energy!

Find out where the lovers’ meeting, galvanises you into action! Read your zodiac characteristics and ascendant. (Draw your free birth-chart to find out which of your personal 12 astrological houses is activated.)
Aries / 1st house
You are irresistible! Mars-Venus fall in love right under your roof and their passion brings a boost of energy to all your endeavours. Time for a new beginning on all fronts! Your desire nature is strong and you have intense likes and dislikes. Take charge! A new life awaits. Learn more for the characteristics of Aries.
Taurus / 12th house
A spiritual awakening! Time to retreat and recharge your batteries. Psychological renewal. Time to let go of the past! Clandestine affairs. Power behind the scenes. Creative inspiration. Learn more for the characteristics of Taurus.
Gemini /11th house
All systems go on your hopes and dreams. Time to make it happen! Love-hate relationships. A colourful social circle galvanises you into action. Friends turn lovers. Learn more for the characteristics of Gemini.
Cancer / 10th house
Kick-start your career! Boost your image! You can make a grand impression and land a high-profile position. A love-hate relationship with your boss. Professional achievement! Learn more for the characteristics of Cancer.
Leo / 9th house
Your travel-lust is ignited. Great future prospects. New adventures: pursue your vision! VIPs are charming. Romance expands your world. Love speaks a foreign tongue. Learn more for the characteristics of Leo.
Virgo / 8th house
Time for a total personal transformation! Joint finances receive a power-boost. Time to open up for business.  Passion in your relationships. Invigorate your sex life! Learn more for the characteristics of Virgo.
Libra / 7th house
Relationships heat up! Someone is extremely hard to resist. Love-hate relationships. Challenges extended - time to take others on! Intense negotiations. Learn more for the characteristics of Libra.
Scorpio / 6th house
Your work heats up! Your skills are much sought after.  Time to go after the job you want. A boost of energy for your health. Kick-start a new sleep, exercise and diet routine! Learn more for the characteristics of Scorpio.
Sagittarius / 5th house
Time to fall head over heels in love! Sex is fantastic and romance is hot right now. A creative project receives a powerful boost. If you are trying for children, this it the moment to give it your all! Learn more for the characteristics of Sagittarius.
Capricorn / 4th house
Real-estate matters receive a new lease of life - time to get everything done! Your home and family life heats up too. Enjoy passionate intimate moments at home. Learn more for the characteristics of Capricorn.
Aquarius / 3rd house
Your world bursts into life! You have magnified persuasive powers: your words galvanise others to action. A sudden attraction with someone in your immediate circle. Learn more for the characteristics of Aquarius.
Pisces / 2nd house
Get ready for a powerful financial boost. Time to get your dues and act to increase your income. Love is passionate and makes you feel like a million dollars! Learn more for the characteristics of Pisces.
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