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Venus Conjunct Jupiter – Lucky in Love and Money

Venus Conjunct Jupiter – Lucky in Love and Money
The planets Venus and Jupiter are known as the two benefics in astrology as they are the most fortunate of all the planets. Venus rules your finances and your love life, while Jupiter adds the Midas touch to each.
On August 18th, these two wonderful planets come together in the sign of Leo. As Leo rules games of chance and speculation, this could bring you a windfall, an unexpected sum of money just dropping into your lap, a business proposal, a marriage proposal, promotion in your work, meeting a new and exciting romantic partner.
If you are already in a relationship, this can spark a new blossoming of your relationship. If you are single and looking for a new partner, this could be your lucky day! Make sure you put yourself out there – either on dating sites or in person in order to meet that someone special. Planetary aspects can be great, but you need to do your part to help in its positive manifestation in your life. They don’t work on their own. For example, if you don’t play the lottery and buy a ticket, how can you expect to win? If you don’t put yourself out and go to places where you can meet eligible partners, how can you expect to meet someone new?
For those of you who are lucky enough to have this conjunction in your birth-chart, you’ll be blessed with good fortune in whichever of the 12 astrological houses it falls. For example, if it falls in your 2nd house, you’ll have divine protection when it comes to money. It could mean that you have an artistic streak and a love of beauty, which you turn into a very profitable career. It can indicate abundant finances and lucky breaks in business. If it falls in your 9th house, you will have many opportunities to travel, to live and work overseas, to become very well-educated and share with others the exciting discoveries you made from your adventures. If it falls in your 7th house, you will have many marriage opportunities and you may have many lovers. Your greatest learning experiences will come through relationships.

How to make the best of Venus-Jupiter

This is a great day to do anything that is uplifting: play sports, try a new adventure activity you haven’t done before, play games, invent a new game, play music, go to a concert, go to the theatre, do anything that is entertaining and takes you out of your everyday life.
Leo is ruled by the Sun and this is a day to be the Star of your own life. Where do you shine? What do you love to do? When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself: What would I like to do today? Let your mind run free and give yourself permission to do at least one thing that is exciting to you today. It could lead to something special that you could never have imagined.
You’ll attract what you want in your life more easily.
Things to watch out for: because Jupiter magnifies whatever it touches, you have to be careful that you don’t overspend and buy things that you cannot afford. The same is true of relationships: Jupiter in the 7th house, for example, often brings several marriages. Make sure you are not going overboard in love either: having many lovers at the same time can not only be confusing but also destructive.
Jupiter is very optimistic and doesn’t like to see any downsides, so it can go merrily on its way without heeding warning signs. Jupiter and Venus love pleasure and the good life and they don’t like to have to work for it. There is a tendency to be lazy and to expect others to serve them. Make sure you don’t get into an attitude of entitlement and that you express your gratitude and appreciation for what you do have in your life. Moderation is the keyword for making this aspect work in your favour. Don’t allow yourself to go over the top.
People who have strong Jupiter aspects in their birth-charts have a tendency to go completely over the top with everything: spending money, changing lovers, finding a new career and getting bored with it and moving onto another one, always wanting more, more, more. They are generous and kind-hearted which is why they can attract great abundance, but they can also lose it just as quickly if they don’t allow themselves to stop, and to appreciate what they do have and to be satisfied with that.
Famous people with Venus conjunct Jupiter: Mother Teresa, Liz Greene, Paul Newman, Drew Barrymore, Steven Spielberg, Peter Fonda, Roman Polanski, Garth Brooks.


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