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Venus in Aries: Fast Love!

Venus in Aries: Fast Love!

Love planet Venus moves into fast and furious Aries on 20 April 2019 until 15 May 2019. Venus rules relationships, love and pleasure and when it’s in Aries things can happen pretty quickly. You could fall in love hard and fast, fall out of love at the click of two fingers or look for a bit of instant gratification without any of the boring in between bits. Love is all about the thrill of the chase and the excitement of the new with Venus in Aries: spontaneous, passionate and full of bravado! It’s got an “I want it and I want it now” attitude with little or no regard for intricacies and diplomacy. Watch out for any signs that a relationship is becoming tenuous. If so, get ready for changes! And with Aries, it could all happen very fast! Relationships progress fast, one way or another! Venus rules money too and you could find yourself acting more impulsively with your cash.

Venus in Aries lives for the moment. The downside? A search for instant gratification could cause you to spend carelessly, jump into a relationship without thinking, fight or have a series of one night stands… The upside? Venus in Aries brings you passion and excitement in the here and now! This can help you re-light the spark with your sweetie, stand up for what you want and experience total renewal in your love-life!

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Simply irresistible! That’s how the song goes and with Venus in your sign, your hot-factor is off the charts! You can seduce most anyone and get your way, no matter how outrageous the thing you want. You’re passionate at the best of times and now more than ever! Tend to your looks but don’t do anything drastic…yet!

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You are attracted to all things strange and wonderful  - metaphysics and psychology, secrets and whispers and all things that are hidden from plain sight. You gain more pleasure from being alone, whether in yoga and meditation, painting or composing, or enjoying a passionate clandestine affair. This is not a time to socialise. A relationship may end or you may finally gain closure. 

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Bring on the parties! Socialising is especially enjoyable right now, especially when you are sharing your space with truly likeminded people. A friendship could turn into something more or you could start having feelings for someone in your circle of friends. You are popular right now and can rally others to your cause or act as a mediator and peacemaker in the group. 

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Your charming manner can help you get ahead in your career now. Bosses and VIPs like you and bestow favour on you, especially as you’re able to project a capable yet non-threatening image to the world. You’re attracted to high achievers and feel really motivated to reach your own goals too. Professional relationships fare well and you could have many opportunities to socialise at work.

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Does speaking in foreign tongues turn you on? Now it does! Exotic places and faces draw you in and you could get really passionate about that holiday, a learning programme or moving abroad. Or you could form a relationship with someone from a totally different culture. Your popularity soars and you can use this to promote pretty much anything.

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This is not a time to socialise with a whole lot of people. It’s the private intimate encounters that give you the most pleasure now. Anything that allows you to get to know someone truly or bond more deeply with a loved one. You’re a soothing influence to have around during a crisis too. Others may want to help you financially and it’s a good time to work on the relationship with your bank.


Certain people seem irresistible right now and relationships are heating up - whether you are trying to get together with a mate, form a business partnership or beat the competition! Are you easily flattered? Or maybe you get jealous? Use your diplomatic skills to smooth things over. You’re graceful with others and enjoy spending one on one time with someone special. The public loves you!


Work is about to get that much more enjoyable. This could be down to increased business-socialising, a work romance or you becoming the office favourite. You want peace and harmony at work now - from pleasant working relationships to a nice looking desk. This is also a good time to address minor health problems and restore your body to balance.

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You’re a real charmer, now more than ever! You’re feeling good and up for a bit of fun and this draws people to you like a magnet. You can use your soaring popularity to attract and enjoy a new romance, perform on stage, draw people to a creative project or gain favour with your kids. Love is spontaneous and passionate!


Home and family is where it’s at and you may want to spend money to enhance your living space. Romance blossoms at home too, whether you’re inviting someone over for dinner, rekindling the romance with your childhood sweetheart or welcoming a hot new flatmate. You can defuse tensions in the family and could find joy in antiques and family heirlooms.


You’re stimulating company to be around and others are drawn to you. Invitations, phone calls, meetings and talks are full of intensity and bring you much pleasure. It’s a great time to network and exchange ideas, smooth things over with siblings, classmates, neighbours and colleagues or enjoy a budding romance. A short trip brings lots to get passionate about!


Your spending could go right up now but you’ll enjoy it - especially if you’re putting your money and energy into something you consider important. That thing (or person) you want becomes that much more irresistible and you won’t let anything stand in the way of you getting it! Hot new bod? Now’s the time to dress it up and show it off!

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