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Venus in Capricorn: Material Girl…Only the Best will Do!

Venus in Capricorn: Material Girl…Only the Best will Do!
From December 10th until January 3rd, Venus will be in Capricorn, the sign of the goatfish.
Venus rules beauty, love and money while Capricorn is career-minded, goal oriented and practical. When Venus is in Capricorn, relationships take on a more business-like tone and love gets serious... People want only the best in life and we all have more of a glint in our eye walking around the shops - just in time for the Christmas holidays (not to mention the sales to follow...) If you want to remember what that feels like, think back to last Christmas when we had Venus in Capricorn once more… 
Last year, Venus spent 4 months in Capricorn (5 November 2013 - 5 March 2014), urging us to ask serious questions about love and relationships and giving us a crash course on aspects of the material world: our work and professional image, the way we handle our finances and material possessions, our ability to create, initiate or build something on the world stage and other practical matters. This year Venus will spend a mere 25 days in Capricorn. But you may expect some of the issues that it awakened last year to be revisited for clarification, consolidation or resolution! Make sure to put everything that Venus taught you last winter into practice!

Venus in Capricorn Tips for Christmas

With Venus in Capricorn until January the 3rd, here's the best way to approach the coming holidays: 
  • LOVE: Time to get serious about love show someone you care. Actions speak louder than words! Do what's simply within your power and it will be appreciated. You can cook a lovely meal, do something to help someone out, or give them something of yours that you know they will love. Keep it real.
  • BUSINESS: Use Christmas lunches and dinners to carry out business - and expect that others will be taking advantage of the pleasantries to pursue their own agendas in a rather business. Or you may choose to work over the holidays to impress your boss.
  • GIFTS: Less is more this year. Opt for a few choice quality pieces as gifts this Christmas rather than lots of tat. Go for classic, expensive and timeless pieces. Be practical, just do the best that you can afford.
  • LOOKS: Get out your little black dress!  Serious, understated and sophisticated is definitely the way to go for this year's festivities. Stay on the conservative side. When it comes to make up, highlight your bone structure. You can also accentuate your back with a backless dress. It is simple expensive chic that rocks. Expensive minimalism.

Venus in Capricorn in the Flesh

Women with Venus in Capricorn are often great business-women and experts at using their assets for professional advancement, witness Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Tyra Banks, Scarlet Johansson, Cindy Crawford, Lolo Ferrari and Dolly Parton, whose quote below, epitomises the realism and dedication to hard work of this position: 
The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain
Venus in Capricorn is also found among hot male celebrities like Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake, James Dean, Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper.  Steve Jobs, for whom beautiful design and practicality go hand in hand also has Venus in Capricorn. So has Michael Jordan, who popularised NBA and Beethoven with his serious romantic tunes...  Venus in Capricorn loves to work, making this often the key to their success:
The only way to do great work is to love what you do – Steve Jobs 

Making the Best of Venus in Capricorn

  • Revamp your work-image
  • Get a good work outfit - something high-powered, structured and fitted
  • Come up with a work/business plan
  • Set goals, think about what you would like to achieve
  • Think about where you want to be in five years
  • Tend to practical matters, finances, valuables, possessions
  • Earn someone's respect or admiration
  • Show your love in real and tangible ways
  • Work hard toward a goal you are passionate about
  • Invest in something of timeless value
  • Secure business partnership
  • Understand the power of appearances 

Watch out for

  • Getting too serious: all work and no play
  • Being overcome by materialism, envy or greed
  • Becoming too snooty and brand-conscious...
  • People being calculating - being nice because they want something from you
  • Bouts of melancholy...

Good Questions to ask yourself

  • Am I selling myself short? (in love or work)
  • How can I vamp up my image and enhance my reputation?
  • What do I want to achieve in the world that would give me real joy?
  • What do i enjoy the most about my work?
  • Am I being realistic in my relationships? Am I being treated with respect?


Two Hot Venusian Weekends: Make a Note in your Diary!

13th-14th December: Venus sextile Neptune

This weekend offers the perfect opportunity for love and romance!  You can enjoy a candlelit dinner at a good restaurant - something chic and well to do, or get a beauty treatment or makeover - maybe learn how to do smoky eyes or highlight your cheekbones. Or just enjoy a bottle of nice wine or a fancy cocktail with someone special. Dress up and show someone how much they mean to you!  Sun in Sagittarius trines Jupiter in Leo too on this day, which guarantees that whatever you do will feel aspirational and uplifting!

19th-21st December: Venus conjunct Pluto, square Uranus, sextile Chiron

The last weekend before Christmas sees sparks flying, heat and passion in matters of the heart! Love is deep and transformative today, and nothing you say or do is taken lightly! Are you up for a game of truth or dare?  You may be faced with a crisis, urging you to consider what it is you value most, or dare make an emotional or financial investment despite all the upheaval. Beware of suddenly becoming dictatorial, rebellious or erratic - or too jealous, obsessive and controlling. With Uranus in Aries about to station direct, the air should sparkle with electricity! Whatever happens, Chiron in Pisces brings an opportunity for healing in matters of the heart. So be brave and rip off that Band Aid! 

Venus in Capricorn's Christmas Gift to You

Venus in Capricorn will favour each sign in a different way from December 10th to January 3rd - especially helping you consolidate the lessons and achievements of November 2013-March 2014.  Here is the lowdown:
Time to vamp up your public image and put on the charms... Peak over the parapet and let the world fall in love with you! Venus in Capricorn spent four months last November to March teaching you how to publicly project yourself and asking you what it is you really want out of your career. Time to capitalise on its gifts!
What are you really passionate about? What do you believe in? Time to put your money where your mouth is, pack a suitcase and speak up about the things you love most! Venus in Capricorn spent four months last November to March indulging your travel-lust and aligning you with your worldly purpose. Can you now see the bigger picture?
Things are hot-hot-hot for you and someone special and your libido loos to be on a high! Time to seal the deal...or maybe open a joint bank account. Venus in Capricorn spent four months last November to March giving you a crash course in intimate relationships, joint finances and professional business dealings. Time to cash in on it.
Your partner looks particularly alluring right now - a real asset by your side! The holidays offer a chance to fortify your marital bonds or forge strong and useful working partnerships that can help you get ahead. Venus in Capricorn spent four months last November to March bringing you attractive opportunities for partnership. It's now time to put your diplomatic skills to use.
Work may be a source of considerable pleasure in the run up to the holidays, with Christmas parties putting you in a pleasant mood. Time to get some hot work-pieces, show off your table manners and and mount a charm offensive! Venus in Capricorn spent four months last November to March urging you to think more deeply about what you want to do at work. Time to reconnect with those plans.
Is there a hobby or favourite pastime that you have been meaning to return to? Now is the time to take it more seriously and give it another go. Alternatively, time to shower your kids with gifts... Venus in Capricorn spent four months last November to March reconnecting you with your creativity and urging you to think about your attitude towards children. Time to reconnect with what it is your heart truly wants.
Why not decorate your home and throw a lavish party? Opt for chic and sophisticated for you can now be the perfect host! Family gatherings promise to be warm and loving. Venus in Capricorn spent four months last November to March urging you to think more deeply about what home and hearth mean to you. Time to revisit your family values...
Pleasant exchanges all around promise to bring you joy! You can be very convincing with your words, especially as you seem to be talking sense now. Also, a good time to give your car a five-star service. Venus in Capricorn spent four months last November to March creating a lot of commotion in your immediate environment and putting you in the midst of it all. Time to practice your diplomatic skills.
Shop, shop until you drop, but do not forget to pick up that sexy little black number and some fabulous outfits for the professional opportunity/ work-placement of your dreams! Invest in quality items. Venus in Capricorn spent four months last November to March urging you to sort out your assets and revisit your values. Time to make a wise investment.
You are so hot you sizzle right now, and nobody can resist your charms. With the goddess of love showering you with gifts, the Christmas holidays are sure going to be lovely, with you the fairest of them all! Why not get a facial or haircut while the goddess of beauty has you under her wing? Venus in Capricorn spent four months last November to March helping you get yourself on top form  and take more pleasure in life. Time to let your hair down and feel the love!
This Christmas is not so much about shopping or stuffing your face as it is about retreating from the world for some much needed rest, for you at least. Get into the spirit of Christmas! Immerse yourself in the magic of ritual, or get worldly and give to a charity of your choice. Venus in Capricorn spent four months last November to March, showing you the pleasures of peace and solitude. Time to take a bow and go step the scenes for a much needed rest.
Why not relax and enjoy the company of good old friends this Christmas? You can get some much precious face-time with people from your wider social circle now too and seek favour with VIPs. Venus in Capricorn spent four months last November to March asking you to reevaluate your dreams and to assess who's really on your side. Time to consolidate your friendships and invest in your dreams!


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