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Venus in Gemini 2020

Venus in Gemini 2020

Venus, the love-goddess is in flirty​ Gemini from April 3rd  2020 to August 7th 2020. Venus in Gemini wants to be free, to flit from one thing to another, to try new things and have some light-hearted fun! That’s the kind of energy that you’ll want to bring into your relationships during this transit. Venus in Gemini wants you to keep your options open so that you can be spontaneous and go with the flow. Don’t weigh yourself down with too many plans and prior commitments or you’ll feel suffocated.  

Gemini, as a sign, belongs to the air element and is attracted to intelligence, mental ability and interesting conversation. It is the most social sign of the zodiac and wants to interact with as many different people as possible. This is a wonderful time for socialising and meeting lots of different people, so thank goodness for social media.

Parties and other social occasions should be particularly fun and interesting from April 3rd  2020 to August 7th 2020. If you have been feeling isolated or stuck, this transit will feel like a breath of fresh air and will enable you to connect with people in new and exciting ways. It’s a great time to plan or go on a vacation, to travel and see new and interesting places. 

How will the transit of Venus in Gemini in 2020 affect my sign?

If your Sun or Venus sign (check out your birth-chart) is in either a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), or in an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), you are likely to experience the effects of this more acutely than the Earth and Water signs. This is because this transit is favourably aspected to your sign.

Venus in Gemini is a natural flirt and loves to tease and play jokes. Because Gemini is a dual sign, be prepared for people to say one thing and mean another. Or you may find yourself wanting to go out and you get all dressed up and the minute you arrive at a party or an event, you want to go somewhere else! People will change their minds and jump from one thing to another like butterflies.

Venus rules love and romance and Gemini is the sign of limitless curiosity, just cannot sit still in one place for too long. Like a butterfly, it will flit from flower to flower, trying a bit of this and that, sticking around only as long as the conversation is interesting and on condition that nothing else grabs its attention. Even then, your chat has to be top-notch to keep Venus in Gemini's interest! This sign is easily bored and at some point its attention will naturally begin to wander...

Venus' transit in Gemini and your career

Venus rules not only your love life but also your finances. In the sign of Gemini she represents the exchange of ideas that lead to money-making products and services. Under this transit, you have the potential to generate money from multiple sources. It’s a great time for small businesses and start-ups and for coming up with ideas for generating streams of passive income.

Since Gemini rules all forms of communication and transportation, good businesses to consider are: computers, mobile phones, the internet, logistics, cars, travel, exporting and importing, biotech, science, medicine, children’s products and services, education, languages, books, video, film, and all forms of media

2020 Venus in Gemini forecast for singles

If you’re single, this transit can encourage you to get out and meet new people. Don’t have high expectations for getting into a long-term committed relationship, but just go out with the intention of enjoying yourself. This is more a time for casual dates rather than serious relationships. Now is a great time for some innocent fun! Go out and experiment: try some speed-dating, socialise and meet people from all walks of life, as Gemini is a very outgoing sign. With Venus in Gemini as spring gets into its stride, it is intelligence and flexibility that are the most attractive features in the love game... Go for a youthful, playful and teasing look, flirty and non-committal. This is your moment to survey your options in love, sample ideas and see what you like best.

2020 Venus in Gemini forecast for couples

If you are already in a relationship, this transit will offer you plenty of opportunities for fun and new experiences. Take advantage of Gemini’s curious nature and see what you can learn about your partner that you didn’t already know. Go on a shared adventure or holiday and see your partner in a new light. Plan exciting little excursions to brighten up your days, go out on the town with your sweetheart in places you haven't been before, read and discuss a new book, learn something new together or do anything that sparks your interest and which you both find fun, playful and intellectually stimulating! This will add spice and new energy to your relationship, infusing an existing relationship with some sugar and spice! These are sure-fire ways to rekindle romance with this transit!

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Be sure to give your partner plenty of space and independence. Try to live in the moment and do unplanned things either separately or together. 

The love planet in Gemini in the natal chart, especially a man’s chart, often indicates he has two lovers. He is easily bored and needs lots of mental stimulation. Love goddess in the sign of Gemini is naturally charming and has the gift of the gab. If your partner does have Venus in Gemini, you probably feel as though you can never pin him down. Give him plenty of space and he’ll keep coming back to you. Try to tie him down, and he’ll run for his life.

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How will the Venus' transit in Gemini affect my love life?

Gemini rules communications of all kinds. If you love someone, tell them! Say it verbally or in writing. Express your love with words, texts, videos, blogs, photos, posts, Tweets, on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram……..and even in an old-fashioned snail mail letter or card. It’s important that the people in your life know that you love them and this is the best time to get that message across.

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Aries: Love is All Around You

Get ready for your everyday life to get all that more pleasant, dear Aries. This is a super-sociable time for you! Your popularity rises sharply and there seem to be all sorts of interesting people brightening up your world. You can also use this fair-weather time to promote your interest, bring in new business and improve your finances. 

Singles: Love is to be found in your own back yard - the school, the local shop, the bus... So get out and mingle ASAP! Love is waiting for you in classes, workshops, bookshops, on the train and in all sorts of places that you frequent on a daily basis. A sibling may also introduce you to someone interesting. A familiar face may chat you up. Just be out and about! 

Couples: Invigorate your love life through reading something together, taking a short course or striking up interesting conversations! You can also spruce things up by planning a night on the town, taking in the local culture, or by going away together on short trips. 

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Taurus: Concrete Tokens of Love...

Venus just left your sign, where it showered you with love and attention and made you feel like you're worth it since March 30th. It's now moved straight into your money zone on 9 June to stay there until 3 July, during which time love will speak to you through your possessions and the things you would like to make your own - whether this be objects or even people, who, you feel, would be a real asset. Watch out that you don't spend yourself out of house and home, searching for love at the bottom of your wallet. 

Singles: This is a time to invest in yourself and showcase your assets. If you want to attract the kind of lover who values and cherishes you, you first have to value and cherish yourself. Take good care of your body, accessorise and think carefully about what you would value most in a mate, so that you can attract the kind of person best suited for you. Shops, restaurants, beauty salons, insurance firms, storage facilities, the bank or the gym are good places to meet someone new... 

Couples: Gemini rules the hands, so why not learn a good massage technique and begin practicing on your mate? Taurus is very sensual so you may find that you are naturally gifted. Otherwise, make sure to splurge on your special someone and have them splurge on you, for love is now measured in quantifiable terms. You can also go out on the town for a top-notch meal - another Taurean favourite.

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Gemini: Love's Favourite Child

You're the love-goddess' favourite over the next few weeks, with Venus in your sign, turning you into the zodiac's most attractive proposition. Your distinctive youthful look and spicy allure are practically irresistible now, and even your playful eyes seem more flirty than usual... Your popularity is at its zenith so get out there and go after what you want! 

Singles: This is the moment you have been waiting for! Love-goddess Venus is making sure that all eyes are on you and enamoured of your most attractive features. You feel more confident than usual, so make sure you get out there and mingle! This is an excellent time to refresh your looks too, for Venus will see to it that you get it right! 

Couples: You hold all the cards! You are looking pretty much irresistible right about now, which means you can seduce your partner all over again and spice up your love life with a little bit of extra fun and games. It's also a great time to refresh your look and remind your sweetheart that you're versatile and look great no matter what you do!

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Cancer: A Secret Admirer!

With Venus in the most hidden part of your chart, it's time for you to put on your dark glasses and go incognito for a while... Love is to be found among strangers, or in secret gatherings, behind the scenes activities, temples, hospitals and other secluded places. Also, you may have a secret admirer!

Singles: This is no time to look for love, for love is all around you! It's in the birds and the trees, in the beauty that surrounds you and in all kinds of small acts of kindness. Feel the endless potential for love that surrounds you now and ready your soul... Beautiful Venus enters your sign on 3 July, handing her favours over to you and you had better be ready! 

Couples: Love takes on an otherworldly hue over the next four weeks. Love may require sacrifices right now - or it may go under-cover and get channelled into other pursuits. Your sweetest moments? Quiet, clandestine moments stolen away from the crowds with your special someone!

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Leo: More Than Friends

Venus in Gemini from 9 June to 3 July 2019 lights up your hopes, dreams and friendship zone. Love is to be found in clubs, groups and societies, in your social community, and in your friends and their friends... It is also to be found in the plans and dreams you have for the future! This love transit makes you incredibly popular in your social circle and brings pleasant and interesting encounters your way both romantically and to help raise your profile with VIPs. 

Singles: You are rather popular right now, so this is your cue to go out and mingle! Let the invitations pour in as your friends arrange various get-togethers and introduce you to their friends and acquaintances. This is no time to say no. Besides which, you will definitely make an impression!

Couples: This isn't the time for saucy meetings behind closed doors. Love is very much out there in the open for you! Great news if you want to spice up your relationship by accepting any number of social invitations or going out on the town and taking in everything that it has to offer. Not so great if you want to keep a secret liaison under wraps, for you may find you have little time for clandestine get-togethers.

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Virgo: Love in High Places...

There are all kinds of love and love for your vocation is no less worthy. This is more of a professional month for you, dear Virgo. Unless you are actually in the middle of an office romance, your sense of feeling loved and happy will simply come from a job well done. Venus at the top of your chart from 9 June to 3 July 2019 is intent on giving you a high profile make-over to raise your social status and enhance your public image. Higher ups look upon you with increased favour now. If you are given responsibilities and have to oversee people in turn, then Venus will make sure you act graciously and are well-liked by those working under you. 

Singles: Pour all your energies into your work! Success looks really good on you right about now and you are sure to attract the kind attention you desire. Love is to be found in executive meetings, PR events and anything that enhances your visibility and shows the world all the reasons why you are simply wonderful! 

Couples: You may be more in love with your career than your partner right now, unless, that is, you have married your boss, in which case you cannot make a distinction... As you well know, success is a great turn on, so if you're simply working hard, keep up the good work! Why not take your other half out to celebrate? Choose a well-to-do place, where one goes to see and to be seen and show your loved one that you are proud to have him or her by your side.

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Libra: Exotic Love...

Venus in Gemini from 9 June to 3 July 2019 awakens your wanderlust and puts you in the mood for a little holiday romance. Love is to be found in far away exotic places, on a plane or train or boat, or on a university campus. Get ready for your popularity to soar too, just when you are in the mood to experiment a little and try something different! 

Singles: Step out of your comfort zone! Love is to be found in places you have never visited before, so expand your search-field! If you are a student, love seems to blossom in your institution about now, right alongside spring...

Couples: Plan for some exciting adventures to spice up your love life! Go travelling, study a new and exciting subject together, or just do something completely different to what you would normally do. Making travel plans, debating the meaning of life or planning a major publishing campaign are strangely erotic activities over the next few weeks - a great way to enjoy the sweet evening breeze...

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Scorpio: Hot Stuff!

Love and sex are one and the same with this transit in your X-rated zone, so things should be hotting up nicely from 9 June to 3 July 2019. Time to spice up your personal life! Your glance carries extra magnetism until 9 June and you may find that you are that much more passionate with your significant other (and intense in general), with the love goddess in the sexiest part of your chart! Where to find love this spring? Well, in the privacy of your bedroom of course!  You may also receive a financial boost or special gift... 

Singles: This is your moment to employ your profound skill in the good old art of seduction and conquer your object of desire! There is a mysterious allure about you at the best of times, but this love transit gives your chat extra pulling power right now, filling it with sexy hints that hit all the right buttons without scaring people off.

Couples: Lots of social invites? Forget it! The next four weeks are given to you locking yourself in your bedroom with your partner in tow... Sex-games? You practically invented them! Venus in Gemini may also bring a beautiful and very thoughtful gift!

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Sagittarius: Love's in the Eye of the Beholder...

This transit makes your relationships that much more enjoyable, bringing all sorts of beautiful and lovely people into your life. Someone looks incredibly attractive to you right about now and you cannot resist their playful games and innuendos. Let others seduce you! You may also feel like indulging in someone's every whim - and why not? What is life without love, after all?  

Singles: Look around. See anything you like? Someone is bound to pique your interest over the next four weeks. It may even be two people (Venus in Gemini likes to do things in twos), making it hard for you to make a choice! And do you have to? Why not experiment a little? 

Couples: This is the time to indulge your partner's every whim! He or she brings out a desire for beauty, love, pleasure and self-indulgence in you, so why not find clever ways to enjoy said things together? Dinner and a movie? Shopping? A trip around town? Passionate discussions? You name it!

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Capricorn: Office Romance...

This transit is more about work and less about love, unless, that is, work and love happen to be intertwined... An office romance is one possibility or you may simply love your work especially much during this period (something that should come as no surprise for a Capricorn).  It's also an excellent time to renew your love affair with a particular health and exercise programme and get yourself looking fitter and feeling happier!

Singles: Make sure you look your best for work these days, as you never know whom you may meet. Love lurks at the office, the doctor's surgery, the gym and your local health shop. This is a good time to take pleasure in yourself and your daily routine - a healthy mind in a healthy body as they say! For feeling happy in your own skin, day in day out, is the best way to attract the kind of mate who will perpetuate that feeling! 

Couples: This is a perfect opportunity to enlist your sweetheart's help in embarking on a diet, health and exercise routine to welcome spring. You surely want to look and feel your best, so why not take pleasure in it? You can also get your partner to assist you with a work project, for nothing is more of a turn on for you than a job well done! 

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Aquarius: Prince Charming! 

You have hit the love and romance jackpot, dear Aquarius! Sexy goddess Venus finds herself bang in the middle of your love and pleasure zone! Time to flirt like crazy if you're single, embark on some really romantic moments with your sweetheart if you are deeply in love, and just enjoy great popularity all round! Your confidence, creativity and attractiveness also soar with Venus in Gemini, so prepare for four weeks of immense fun. 

Singles: This is the best window of opportunity in the entire year to find your special someone to love. Just wear your heart on your sleeve and get ready to impress a whole variety of potential suitors with your knowledge, intelligence and witty banter! 

Couples: Love is at its sweetest over the next few weeks. Make sure to plan for some true romance: go on a date as if it were the first time and rekindle the sense of fun, joy and discovery in each other. Baby planning? This is your time-window to give it a proper go! Family already here or baby on the way? Get ready for some memorable moments that celebrate this fact.

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Pisces: Love Makes a House a Home

This transit sweetens up your home-life, making you feel much happier around familiar places and faces. This is a great time to renew your bonds of love with your nearest and dearest and to beautify your home. If romance is on your mind, then invite that special someone to your abode for some of your exotic home-style cooking!

Singles: Throwing a house-warming party is probably your best bet at meeting someone new now. Another place to find love is by going back to your place of origin - whether this is your parents' house or your home country - and letting old memories pleasantly flood back in. Falling in love with a flatmate or potential flatmate is also a possibility, so if you don't want that to happen, steer well clear... 

Couples: Loved up Pisces have the best of all worlds, for you have everything you need right here at home - no need to venture beyond your front door! Love is homey over the next few weeks and spending time at home with your sweetheart makes you glow. You can also get on good terms with your family now if you make the effort. A home-cooked meal may be just the ticket. Why not invest in a few pieces to make the place prettier while you're at it? Time to play happy families! Also a good time to consider having a family of your own.

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