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Venus in Gemini April 11th: Flirt Your Way to Love and Happiness!

Venus in Gemini April 11th: Flirt Your Way to Love and Happiness!
It's that time of the year again, when love-goddess Venus enters Gemini, the insufferable flirt, on April 11th to stay for 4 weeks until May 7th. So polish up your chat-up lines and get ready to flirt your socks off!
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Venus rules love and romance and Gemini is the sign of limitless curiosity. Venus in Gemini just cannot sit still in one place for too long. Like a butterfly, it will flit from flower to flower, trying a bit of this and that, sticking around only as long as the conversation is interesting and on condition that nothing else grabs its attention. Even then, your chat has to be top-notch to keep Venus in Gemini's interest!  Gemini is easily bored and at some point its attention will naturally begin to wander...
If you are single, Venus in Gemini is a great time for some innocent fun! Go out and experiment: try some speed-dating, socialise and meet people from all walks of life, as Gemini is a very outgoing sign. With Venus in Gemini as spring gets into its stride, it is intelligence and flexibility that are the most attractive features in the love game... Go for a youthful, playful and teasing look, flirty and non-committal. This is your moment to survey your options in love, sample ideas and see what you like best.
If you are happily coupled up, then Venus in Gemini is perfect for infusing an existing relationship with some sugar and spice! Plan exciting little excursions to brighten up your days, go out on the town with your sweetheart in places you haven't been before, read and discuss a new book, learn something new together or do anything that sparks your interest and which you both find fun, playful and intellectually stimulating! These are sure-fire ways to rekindle romance when Venus is in Gemini!
Air and Fire signs feel most at ease with Venus in Gemini. If that's you, prepare for your popularity and attractiveness to soar, alongside the fun, love and romance factor in your life! Earth and water signs: you may have to put a little bit of effort into it, but it's worth it.
If you don't flirt you're probably dead inside. -- Katherine Towne

Hot Venusian Dates for your Diary

Venus is making some key aspects whilst in Gemini, which are sure to cast a major romantic (and financial) influence over the rest of the month - some positively so, others not so much. Here is what's what:
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Weekend April 11-13: A Tricksy Start
Venus winks at the Uranus-Pluto square just as it enters Gemini, so the first few days of Venus in Gemini may be a little disruptive. Wait a little for Venus to settle in before making heads or tails of your situation.
April 14-19: A Love No-No
Venus opposes Saturn in Sagittarius in the morning of April 15th then squares Neptune in Pisces on the morning of the 19th. Neither of these aspects bode well for love or for financial happiness. They symbolise disappointment, disillusionment, limitation and rejection, so if you are looking to plan a hot date with someone new, steer clear of 14-19 April. If you are in a relationship, then these days may represent an important reality check with respect to where you are and where dream to be. The same goes for your finances - avoid major investments between 15-19 April.
April 19-20: Past and Future Lovers...
Venus harmonises with the Lunar Nodes in the morning of April 20th. Sunday 19th and Monday 20th may bring serendipitous meetings your way, an opportunity to make peace with someone from your past and find your way to future happiness. Keep an eye out!
**April 21-26: Love Rocks!**
This is a super-star period for love! Venus links up with Jupiter in Leo (April 22nd) and Uranus in Aries (April 26th) via sextile, activating this year's luckiest configuration (the Jupiter-Uranus trine) and putting it in service of love and lovers everywhere! A great time to plan a date with someone new or to fan the flames with your sweetheart. A really exciting few days for love and romance, and money alike. Air and fire signs will feel more at ease with the outgoing nature of this configuration, but there's goodness here for everyone!
April 28-29: Love Hurts...
Love (and money) hurts when Venus squares Chiron in Pisces the planet that exposes all our wobbly bits... The aspect is exact Wednesday (29th) morning, so go easy toward month's end.
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