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Venus in Gemini until July 18th

Venus in Gemini until July 18th

Some Venus in Gemini Keywords 

·      Flirty
·      Playful
·      Fun
·      Socialising
·      Parties
·      Lovers
·      Courtship
·      Soul mate
·      Weddings
·      The birth of ideas
·      Excess
·      Intellectually curious
Some details have recently emerged from the private 14-year correspondence between Jackie Onassis and her friend and confidant, an Irish priest named Father Joseph Leonard. One of the many things they discussed was her husband JFK’s flirty nature. She wrote: “He’s like my father in a way — loves the chase and is bored with the conquest — and once married, needs proof he’s still attractive.”
JFK had Venus, the planet that colours what and whom we think of as attractive, in Gemini, the sign of the flirt. His sun was in this sign too of course, so this man would have been an incurable one, although this is an extreme case fuelled also by the power he wielded.
After being in Taurus, the sign that it rules, and where it was able to relax and be itself, Venus hits the sign of Gemini on 24th June in our own sky. This causes a bit of a step change in cosmic energy, and keeps that midsummer feeling alive.
Being expelled from Taurus is a bit like emerging from a dark tunnel, blinking and rubbing the eyes to readjust to a new, sparkling environment. But Venus soon gets used to its new home in Gemini, the sign associated with the tarot card, The Lovers, so there’s some cohesion happening here.

What does Venus in Gemini mean for us all?

Venus was the Roman Goddess of Love, and in the zodiac she embodies love, beauty, sex, and traditionally in a man’s chart is said to dictate what ‘type’ of woman he will be attracted to. However, it shines a light on all our personal preferences in love, regardless of gender, how we operate, and our relationship with our inner pleasure-seeker.
The film Four Weddings and A Funeral is all very Venus in Gemini. Lots of fun people making heaps of social connections, and two of them eventually finding true love. People born under the sign of Gemini are on a husband/wife hunt most of the time, and their flirting can be nothing more than a smokescreen.
We’re therefore definitely all a little flirtier, playful and more intellectually curious when Venus is here, but wouldn’t complain if it spawned something more serious. As is always the case in this practice, the intensity of this heat depends on so many variables in the chart.
With summer officially started and the sun activating our desires, this is a time for basking in what makes us feel good, and a meeting of the minds is what binds people most closely together now. So, if you’re single, then you could meet someone special, with the power to capture your hard-to-pin-down interest.
Gemini knows a little about a lot of things, and Venus is therefore more content with surface knowledge than it would be, in say Scorpio. The top layer can be all that matters, and people can be fickle in this climate, and their allegiances aren’t as rock solid as they could be. But the sun in the sign of Cancer anchors these tendencies and brings some emotional balance to the picture, and a sense of commitment.  
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Venus in Planetary Aspect to Neptune and Mars

Venus will square Neptune in Pisces from 25th June until 4th July, and this may cause some blockages in the way that we all express our emotions. Perhaps this will be expressed in a need to intellectualise what we’re thinking, because we aren’t fully able to tune in to the instinctual side of our natures. This heightens the unrealistic and idealist nature of love, and can make it more about seeing what we want to see rather than what is really staring us in the face.
Any courtship begun under this transit may peak very quickly before the curtain is unceremoniously whipped back to reveal what has been behind it all along: fantasy and illusion.
The very next day (5th July) it will make a lovely trine to Mars in Libra, and this goes a long way to bringing us all back down to earth. This will be felt particularly strongly from the 14th July until the 18th July, when Venus leaves Gemini. The best thing about this transit will be the positive and uplifting energy it will create.
There’ll possibly be a good deal to crow about in love, because these are regarded as the love planets – and they are in harmonious aspect. This energy radiates throughout the zodiac and keeps us all in a positive frame of mind. Summer fun gets the green light, and we all of us are in the mood to pursue pleasure and make more of our dreams come true.    
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