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Venus in Leo September 2020

Venus in Leo September 2020

On September 6th 2020 love planet Venus moves into majestic Leo. Get ready for a dramatic, romantic and fabulous new season! Love planet Venus rules your love-life and relationships, and your finances in astrology, and while Venus is in the dramatic sign of Leo this is a good time to take a closer look at these important life areas.

If you have Venus in Leo in your birth chart, you are generous, affectionate and very loyal. Venus in Leo is a born romantic, loves the grand, dramatic gesture, needs plenty of attention and craves appreciation and adoration.

It’s a time to shine, to wear bright colours and to do anything dramatic that makes you feel great!

With so much positive energy in the stars, this is a time to concentrate on the good things in your life. Focus on what you are grateful for, what you truly appreciate and watch yourself blossom. The more you look for the things that are working in your life, the more you will find. This is a time to increase the momentum of good things coming to you by visualising and seeing them coming to you. Be open to magic happening and it will!

Ask yourself: What do I love? Who do I love? Think about it and then take action. If you love astrology and you’ve always wanted to learn it, check out available online resources, listen to videos, read blogs, get some books, go on a course, find a mentor and start focusing your energy on learning it.

Venus in Leo and your love life

If you are in a relationship that’s gone a bit stale, resolve to bring some romance into it. Show your partner the things that you appreciate about them rather than the things that annoy or frustrate you. The more you focus on what you want, the more it will grow. If you want to bring romance into your life, you need to express the feelings of romance: excitement, passion, appreciation, love, joy, pleasure…..think about them, feel them, visualise them and you are well on your way.

It’s up to you to make the inner changes and, as soon as you do that, your outer world will magically change. Often it’s just a simple focus of attention away from the things that are bugging you and towards the things that you enjoy. If you can consistently focus on being generous, appreciative and loving, everything in your life will turn around for the better.

Now that love planet Venus is changing signs, is the best time to get your personalised Love Life Forecast for the next 12 months!

Great things to do - for yourself - with Venus in Leo

  • Treat yourself like royalty and dress like a king or a queen
  • Stand tall, become aware of your posture and walk with confidence
  • Get a new hairdo, go to a spa and luxuriate, do something that makes you feel pampered
  • Wear some bright colours, especially, yellows, oranges and reds.
  • Take some acting classes
  • Develop your creative skills
  • Do something you are passionate about
  • Entertain someone or go out to the theatre, movies or a concert
  • Play a musical instrument or learn how to play one
  • See the creative potential in other people
  • Give words of encouragement and praise to the people in your life
  • Express warmth and affection
  • Do something nice for someone you love
  • Play with children
  • Treat yourself to something special

This is a wonderful time to turn a hobby that you love into a business. Leo wants you to stand out from the crowd and to be your unique self. Too many of us still think that work and play have to be separate entities. During this transit, you have an opportunity to merge the two so that when you wake up in the morning you are saying to yourself: oooh goody! I am so excited to get to my work. It no longer feels like work because I am enjoying it so much. That’s the flavour of this transit of Venus in Leo. 

Famous people with Venus in Leo:

Dalai Lama, Tom Cruise, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Pamela Anderson, Mother Teresa, Whitney Houston, George W. Bush, Nicole Scherzinger, Sylverster Stallone, Greta Garbo. 

Wow will Venus in Leo affect your love life?

Still waiting for love to find you? Hoping for a little holiday romance? Or maybe planning to relight the spark with your sweetheart? September 6 - October 2 is just the ticket! Love is proud, chivalrous and out there for all to see with Venus in Leo! Pamper the one you love. Worship them. Buy them expensive gifts. Express your appreciation. Nothing's a bigger turn on than being treated like a prince/ princess right now! And nothing's a bigger turn off than being miserly with your love or - god forbid - your cash. Don't count the pennies. Don't be emotionally stingy or keep tabs. Say it big! Make generous big dramatic gestures! One danger? Getting sucked in by all the drama and mistaking that for love. Or letting ego and pride get in the way of happiness. Venus in Leo says: wear your heart on your sleeve and have a happy new beginning!

Venus in Leo brings majestic beauty, big love and intense pleasure to a new area of your life. Which is it? It’s all in the horoscope for your zodiac sign!


You’re in the mood for love - big, dramatic love! If falling in love is off the menu then just a bit of fun and romance will do, to relight the spark or refresh you for the year ahead. It’s time to have fun, dear Aries! You’re popular and looking great! You might also enjoy throwing yourself into a new enterprise, hobby or creative project, or enjoy spending time with your kids. 

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Love blossoms at home, dear Taurus. Take your sweetheart by the hand and stay in, or go somewhere where you can be alone. You have the urge to beautify your home right now and might spend considerable time and money buying designer objects and giving it a bit of colour. Family gatherings are warm and passionate.

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You’re flourishing, dear Gemini! You have a way with words as it is but now everyone can appreciate what a whiz you are! Glamorous women might feature strongly in your environment in the next few weeks, especially if you work with the media. Single? Opportunities for love are all around you, just step out your front door! Attached? A short trip with your sweetheart is sure to rekindle the passion! 

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You’ve a soft spot for the good things in life and more so now! You want to be a big spender and a big earner too! What you want right now is a little luxury… You’re also passionate about making money and this is an area of your life that is seeing big changes so even if you can’t afford everything you want right now you might well soon enough!

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Simply irresistible! You've been chosen for big changes this year and becoming a ten - if you weren’t already - on the hot-factor scale is one of them! Venus crowns you the fairest of them all and you’ll have no trouble attracting love or money to you. Time for that new haircut or wardrobe to go with that new identity you’ve got!

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You’ve paid your dues, dear Virgo. Time to disappear off the face of the earth and enjoy life when no one’s looking. You might have a secret admirer or enjoy a clandestine affair and escape your daily cares. Spiritual pursuits fulfil you now and exploring your creativity brings you pleasure. Take your sweetheart by the hand and go AWOL! 

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It’s a time for smooching and socialising, dear Libra, something you excel at. There might be rivalry between you and a friend or you might have an admirer in your circle! A holiday with your mates or a collective endeavour can show off your graces and bring pleasure and happiness now. You’re passionate about what’s going on around you. Network and pursue what inspires you. Your popularity is high!

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Are you seeking favour with bosses and higher ups, dear Scorpio? Use flattery! Or maybe it’s time to stop thinking of yourself as playing second fiddle and take the lead? People are more likely to accept you as a leader now, because you are graceful and don’t rub anyone up the wrong way. Not to mention looking really good in that power suit! You’re passionate about pursuing your goals! Love-wise, you’re attracted to power and status right now.

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As we’ve not tired of saying, step out your comfort zone, dear Sagittarius! Love and passion take you into foreign lands and new experiences! If you’re off to university it’s a brand new start and you will love it! If a late holiday is due, then do go: romance is certain to flourish! A media or international project you’re passionate about goes well and makes you popular!

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Big business is what you’re all about, dear Capricorn. You’re simply incapable of thinking small or earning small… Your joint finances have seen lots of action recently and it’s time to get passionate about any deals or mergers you’re involved in! Sponsors, lenders and investor relations are sure to please! In other news, if the bedroom has not seen much action recently, isn’t it time you begin?

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Love knocks on your door, dear Aquarius! Others appear especially alluring right now, shining brightly and drawing you in like a moth to a flame! You’re also looking good and enjoying great popularity which makes it easier to take your pick. Public relations please you and your public adores you! Financial exchanges with others bring pleasure. There’s peace and happiness in your relationship.

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You won’t find it a chore returning to work, dear Pisces! Pleasant developments await you at the office - maybe you simply like the people, you’re the office favourite, the’ve redecorated in a pleasing manner or a new hottie joins your team. Either way, going to work is not half bad right now! If you’ve enjoyed a few too many drinks over the holidays, you’ll love getting back to a healthy regimen.

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