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Venus in Libra 2020

Venus in Libra 2020

Venus enters Libra on the 28th of October 2020. During this transit, it’s time to bring beauty, love and harmony into your life. Venus rules anything that is beautiful. If you’ve been too preoccupied with work or you’re stressed with summer travels and activities, it’s a good time to take a step back and look at ways in which you can find inner peace. Make sure you slow down enough to appreciate the little things in life, for example, a glorious sunset, a walk in nature, sitting by a lake. You’ll probably feel like doing something cultural or artistic like going to an exhibition, attending a concert, going to a movie, eating out at a luxury restaurant. Make sure you devote some time to savouring and enjoying the pleasures life has to offer.    

The influence of Venus in Libra in your personal life

This transit could trigger a desire to bring more beauty into your home or your appearance. Look around you. Could you rearrange the furniture to achieve more balance? Could you add some colourful and tasteful accessories to brighten up your surroundings? The same could apply to your personal style. Is it time to get some new clothes, to try out some new colours and maybe get some different jewellery? (Check out Venus in the 12 signs for tailor-made astrological style tips!) Venus rules beauty and people with Venus conjunct their Sun are often physically beautiful. If you have this planetary aspect in your birth-chart, the likelihood is that you are softly spoken and have a gentle nature.  If you have Venus in Libra, you have a love of beauty, you like comfort and luxurious colours, and are drawn to culture, music and the arts in general.

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If you have Venus in Libra, you always want to be in a relationship. You thrive on sharing your life with someone else. If you go on a holiday, you want to share it with a partner, if you go to a movie, you want someone by your side. You hate going to a restaurant and dining alone. 

During the transit of Venus in Libra this is a wonderful time for bringing peace to a difficult situation. If feathers have been ruffled, either in business or personally, during this transit, you can bring accord into your relationships.

If you are negotiating an important deal, the persuasiveness of Venus in Libra will help you, especially if you are gentle, courteous, you look good, you compliment the other side and you treat everyone with respect. Make sure you listen especially well because that’s a great way to make someone feel valued and appreciated. They’ll be more willing to come to an agreement with you if they experience your full attention during the negotiations.

Ask yourself: Does this feel fair? Am I compromising too much? Am I asking for too much? What would be an equitable solution? Try to come up with win-win options.

If you are in a long-term love relationship, this is a great time to bring romance back into it. Generally after a couple of years, the relationship starts to lose its ardour. With Venus in Libra, think of the things that attracted you to your partner in the first place and try to re-create those positive experiences.

If you are single and looking for love you might be swept off your feet by someone who is very charming. Enjoy the flirting, but don’t rush into the relationship too quickly until you see whether their charisma is real or just an act. 

There is a tendency to compromise more than usual at this time. Make sure you don’t lose out in your attempt to make everything acceptable to everyone else.  

Good things to do with Venus in Libra 

  • Look for the beauty in the life around you
  • How can you make yourself more attractive?
  • What can you do with your surroundings to bring more aesthetic balance?
  • How can you bring peace into your relationships?

Venus in Libra does very well in a career in the arts and entertainment field, interior design, as a personal dresser, human resources professional or mediator. If you are in any of these professions, this should be a good time for you. Make sure you are networking and promoting your services during this transit as you are likely to be well-received.

Someone with Venus in Libra in their birth-chart has very high standards for the physical attributes of their partner.

True story: a woman with Venus in Libra noticed every single physical characteristic about a prospective mate. She had very specific requirements. E.g. he had to have a very special balance of hairs on his forearms, the exact spacing of his eyes, the shape of his ears, the way he walked, his voice, etc…

She would automatically discount a man who didn’t have her list of ‘perfect’ physical features. This greatly limited her pool of possible partners and subsequently she stayed single well into her fifties at which point she decided to adjust her stringent requirements. Sadly, she missed out on the opportunity of having children and a family because she was so focused on finding her ideal man.

This is a negative way in which Venus in Libra can operate.

Where in your life are you being too particular about the way things look?

Can you drop some of your high expectations to give yourself an easier life?

Famous people with Venus in Libra 

Bill Clinton, Beyonce Knowles, Prince Harry, Richard Gere, Claudia Schiffer, Hugh Grant, Karl Lagerfeld, Freddie Mercury, Christopher Reeve, Bo Derek, Jacqueline Bisset, Boris Becker, David Cameron. 

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