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Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune: Under Love’s Spell…

Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune: Under Love’s Spell…
Love Goddess Venus enters Pisces on January 27th 2015, where it soon conjuncts spellbinding Neptune (lord of Pisces) on February 1st. With Mars in Pisces these days too, get ready for a trip down the enchanted forest, filled with fantasy, magic and romance! Until February 20th that is when Venus and Mars leave Pisces.
If there was ever time to believe in fairy tales - saviours, knights in shining armour and in a happily ever after - this is it! It's no time to be cynical… Anything is possible with the sign of Pisces, the otherworldly fish, hosting astrology’s lovers Venus and Mars and dreamweaver Neptune in the skies! Neptune is also a master of illusion, deceit and misdirection however too, so best keep our wits about us!
Venus rules attractive things like love, beauty and money. It's exalted in Pisces, making us all the more loving and romantic but also gullible and spendthrift. With Venus in Pisces, we cannot stand ugliness, die without love and need unlimited funds to rescue lost souls and preserve our beautiful world’s magic spell. Love can be sublime with Venus in Pisces, or it can be a trip down the garden path… Which will it be? (Do you have Venus in Pisces in your birth-chart? Check out our Venusian beauty tips and Venus in Love for a sign-by-sign breakdown!) 
Venus conjuncts Pisces’ ruler Neptune on February 1st heightening our desire for romance and opening the channels of divine inspiration. Like Cinderella going to the ball, dreams can come true under Venus-Neptune! Just so long as you are prepared for your carriage to turn back into a pumpkin once the spell is broken. But don’t loose heart! Remember, Cinderella got her prince after all, even when she was back in rags. As long as it’s the real deal, you have nothing to fear!  And you won’t know that until after the spell is broken. So live the dream, then wait to see what happens. 
Venus in Pisces - especially conjunct Neptune - can easily fall for snake-oil salesmen, get-rich-quick-schemes and sob-stories. All that glitters isn't gold and we need to be careful not to fall under someone’s sway or spend all our money for something or someone false in the end… Keep out a discerning eye!
Venus-Neptune comes right on the heels of Venus square Saturn in Sagittarius on January 30th. Venus square Saturn may well be a moment of rejection and of romantic or financial disappointment - a cold front. But if we water down our wine and learn to compromise a little (rather than wallow in our pain), we may make good progress, despite the sobering tone of this aspect. As Venus-Saturn comes right before Venus-Neptune on February 1st, we can use the lessons it brings to re-evaluate our dreams.
Venus also sextiles Pluto in Capricorn and conjuncts Chiron in Pisces on February 8th-9th. That weekend can bring an experience of renewed trust, transformation and healing. With Venus and Mars in Pisces closing in on each other all month too, things are sure to get steamier and more passionate as February unfolds!
How to maximise love and pleasure with Venus in Pisces:
  • Get artistic and allow your imagination free reign
  • Relax by the water-side
  • Get a pedicure – as Pisces rules the feet!
  • Inject some romance in your love life
  • Spend time visualising and daydreaming
  • Catch a show
  • Listen to music
  • Be kind to strangers... 

How Venus in Pisces Affects Each Star-Sign

This is a magical time for you when you can daydream and lose yourself in beautiful reverie. Make a note of your dreams when you wake up – especially around February 1st and 8th-9th - as they may reveal a beautiful message. This is the perfect time for a creative retreat or romantic getaway to recharge your batteries. You may also have a secret admirer!
This is a wonderful time to see dear friends! It's a time to out and socialise, form alliances, meet benefactors and recognise what an asset the people in your social circle can really be. You can increase your influence and pursue cherished dreams now too, with February 1st and 8th-9th being especially inspiring. Let your friends shower you with gifts!
This is a great time for your career, where you can shine and receive applause, admiration or even gain followers. You will be much-loved by the public now and can really enhance your professional image.  February 1st and 8th-9th are especially conducive to making your mark and to success!
Venus in Pisces brightens up your outlook giving you hope for the future. You may meet VIPs who can help realign you with your purpose, expand your horizons and widen your base of operations. You can also daydream about travelling and plan a long journey, as well as study subjects that you love, with the 1st and 8th-9th February being especially conducive!
Venus in Pisces is an especially steamy position for you dear Leo, bringing a need for love and closeness and many happy private moments with a special someone - especially around the 1st and 8th-9th February! It can also bring you a financial benefactor, bonus or grant and help you if you need to amicably sort out the division of property or arrange a payment plan.
Your one-to-one relationships are now imbued with a special kind of magic, with love and romance increased to the max - especially around 1st and 8th-9th February.  With Mars in your relationship sector too, things might be intense, but Venus' entry will definitely also bring beauty and agreement with your special someone. Professional partnerships are also favoured, and you can form good collaborations now.
Your working life is about to get much more pleasant with Venus in Pisces, with little kindnesses brightening up your days. You can also beautify your working environment now and bring greater creativity and romance into your day-to-day existence, especially around the 1st and 8th-9th February. This is a good time to sort out a health matter too and invest in your wellbeing. Try and avoid too much self-indulgence if you can.
Venus in Pisces increases your allure and brings you some attractive propositions in return - especially around the 1st and 8th-9th February. It increases your appetite for love, fun and self-expression. Creative projects and speculation can pay now, but beware not to loose your discerning eye. Children bring you happiness and this is a good time to try and conceive. Get ready for some joyful moments!
Happiness now can be found in hearth and home, dear Sag. This is a great time for you to renovate, decorate and beautify your home. Your can have happy moments surrounded by family and loved ones, or inviting people into your home for a private get-together, with February 1st and 8th-9th proving especially enchanting. You may also enjoy spending time alone and retreat into your sanctuary to recharge your batteries.
This is a great time to put yourself out there, network and meet interesting people - especially if you are single, as there may be a romantic proposition. February 1st and 8th-9th may give you a boost and make your environment seem especially attractive. It's also a great time to take a short trip for pleasure, study something that you enjoy or smooth relationships over with siblings and neighbours.
Venus in Pisces may increase your earnings but also your expenditure, as many alluring things suddenly capture your eye and tempt you with their beauty - especially around the 1st of February. Your creative gifts are heightened, as are your relationships with those who can help you make the most of them - especially around February 8th-9th.  Time to increase your self-worth and to take pleasure in your assets!
Get ready for a beautiful makeover with Venus, the goddess of love and beauty in your sign! You can renew your wardrobe and overall look now with great results, maxing out your allure - especially around February 1st. This is perfect, for you are in the mood for love!  You may also enjoy the favour of VIP's now with the financial rewards this implies - especially around the 8th-9th February. The only danger is that of too much self-indulgence and spending for pleasure now. Then again life is for living...  So go on, dear Pisces, take your fill!
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