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Venus in Scorpio Transit 2020

Venus in Scorpio Transit 2020

On November 21st 2020 Venus enters sexy Scorpio, paving the way for yet another autumn month to end with wow-fireworks. During this transit, it’s all about loyalty, obsession, power, control and intensity.

This is a time to look more closely at all the dynamics at play. What does this mean for your zodiac sign? It’s all in your Venus in Scorpio horoscope!

Venus is the planet in astrology that rules beauty, love and money - indeed all things desirable. The zodiac sign of Scorpio cannot stand anything false or superficial. Venus’ transit through Scorpio is a time to get up close and personal, deepen your relationships and purge them of false pretenses. Mystery is the biggest turn on with Venus in Scorpio and a sultry, sexy look works best. You cannot go wrong wearing black. If your personal life is riddle with secrets, it’s time to get your detective’s cap on and discover the truth. Venus in Scorpio also urges you to take an honest look at your finances, eliminate waste wherever you see it and address power imbalances in your sharing of money, energy and resources.

Good things to do while Venus is in Scorpio 

  • Look at your shadow side – the parts of you that you would rather keep hidden
  • End a dishonest relationship i.e. if you are involved with someone who is married, or you are no longer in love with the person etc.
  • Be prepared to break completely from a relationship that is no longer working
  • Allow yourself to experience surrender with a trusted lover
  • Catch up with friends who really went through something deep with you
  • Go on a detox and purge yourself of old energies
  • Cleanse, fast, purify your body
  • Go through your wardrobe and ruthlessly get rid of things you no longer wear
  • Study sexuality, eroticism and the art of love
  • Make yourself look and feel sexy
  • Treat yourself to good food and sumptuous surroundings

How does the transit of Venus in Scorpio affect your zodiac sign? 

What does Venus in Scorpio 2020 mean for your zodiac sign? Read your Venus in Scorpio horoscope and find out:


Aries is a highly sexed zodiac sign and Venus in Scorpio increases your libido. This is an excellent time for some hot intimate moments between the sheets. It’s also a good time to ask for a loan or a bonus, claim on your insurance or get a divorce settlement. What do these things have in common? Others’ generosity! Expect a nice gift.

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Venus in Scorpio generates powerful sexual attractions for your zodiac sign. Someone may look particularly desirable and may be hard to resist. You may be available, but make sure they are too. If you are hitched, now’s your chance to get closer with your loved one, address any power imbalance in your relationship and eliminate destructive patterns. You have an urge to spoil others.

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Now’s the time to splash on a sexy new work outfit, computer or other gadget with a gorgeous design. Efficiency and good looks go hand in hand in your Venus in Scorpio horoscope. You may also want to decorate your office or jazz up a work project. Strong attractions are possible at the office too. Try not to obsess about it.

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Venus in your house of love and happiness spells out one of the most romantic times of the year for your zodiac sign. You’re feeling sexy and up for a bit of fun and this makes you highly attractive. Your gambling instincts are also awakened and you may want to have a go at the casino or with stocks and shares.

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The urge to beautify your home is strong for your zodiac sign when Venus is in Scorpio. You may want to splash out on a beautiful piece or rip out something you’ve always hated to replace it with something much more to your liking. Having done that, this is the perfect time for a sexy dinner party. You may also get pleasure out of delving into family secrets.

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Your world is much sexier when Venus is in Scorpio. Maybe you’ve got a hot new neighbor or classmate. Or maybe it’s time to use your charm to dissolve a dispute in your building or uncover your sister’s secrets. You may also want to splash out on a first class train ticket, leather seats for your car or a sexier mobile phone - anything to jazz things up a bit. 

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Libra is susceptible to a pretty shop window and more so now. Invest in something that helps you flaunt what you’ve got! Take this chance to also go through your stuff and get rid of what no longer speaks to you. This way you make room for something new and more flattering. This is also a good time to purge your finances of needless expenses.

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Venus in your zodiac sign spells wonders for your horoscope! Scorpio is irresistible as it is but the presence of Venus makes you sizzling hot. This is your chance to ask for anything you want. Your powers of attraction are so great that you’re likely to get it! If you’ve been meaning to have a makeover or renew your wardrobe, now’s the time. Beauty smiles on you. Invest in yourself.

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This is a time of secret pleasures and clandestine affairs. Being alone is far more enjoyable now than engaging in superficial interactions. Suppressed desires rise to the surface. The same goes for other people’s secrets, coaxed forward by your charm. This is a good time to focus on something exclusively - whether it is a creative project, relaxing meditation or your new squeeze.

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Venus in Scorpio brings intense pleasures surrounded by friends. A friendship may develop into something more or you may get together with a person or group with whom you have a deep and intense connection. Power struggles with friends are not out of the question but, overall, this is a time to bond more deeply with those around you.

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Time to turn on the charm to get what you want in your career! Venus in Scorpio is the most opportune moment to invest in a sexy new power-wardrobe for the winter, revamp your professional life or jazz up your public image. You may even have secret admirers in positions of power who can help you get ahead.

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Dreaming of luxury escapes? The urge to splurge on a holiday abroad may be hard to resist now - especially when it comes to destinations that hold a sense of mystery over you. If traveling is out of the question, a sexy foreigner may catch your eye and satisfy your taste for the exotic instead. Academic research is satisfying now and religious feeling runs deep.

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Venus in Scorpio transiting in your birth chart

Whichever of the 12 houses in astrology Venus in Scorpio is transiting in your birth chart, will show the life-area that will be triggered during this transit. For example, if it is in your 4th house, you may have a strong compulsion to spend money on refurbishing or redecorating your home. If it is in your 9th house, you may feel compelled to take a trip to a distant country or destination. If it falls in your 5th house, you’ll have a desire to gamble: maybe on the lottery, at the casino or perhaps on the stock market. Wherever it falls, you will probably feel a strong desire to spend money!

As Venus rules your finances and your relationships, it could play out in either area for you. If it falls in your 7th house of relationships, you may meet someone that you feel very strongly attracted to – just make sure they are available and not in a relationship with someone else. Or you could end a destructive behaviour pattern in an existing relationship. For example, if you have found out that your partner has been lying to you, you may decide to give them one last chance, but if they do it ever again, the relationship is over. No going back.  

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Famous People with Venus in Scorpio: Silvio Berlusconi, Hillary Clinton, Marie Curie, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Efron, Jodie Foster, Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Uri Geller, Anne Hathaway, Milla Jovovich, Avril Lavigne, Bruce Lee, Charles Manson, Sophie Marceau, Demi Moore, Jim Morrison, Joaquin Phoenix, Vladimir Putin, Winona Ryder, Romy Schneider, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Gore Vidal, Denzel Washington, Tiger Woods, Jay-Z. 

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