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Venus in Taurus: Because You’re Worth It!

Venus in Taurus: Because You’re Worth It!

From April 30th till May 24th love planet Venus is in sensual and luxurious Taurus - the perfect time to treat yourself to all of life’s little pleasures and indulge your desire for love. Why you may say? Because Venus is in Taurus reminds you that you’re worth it!

Venus rules love, money and all things that we find attractive. Taurus, which is Venus’ home-sign loves to immerse itself in the physical world through taste, smell, touch, sound and colour. With Venus in Taurus for the next four weeks, get ready to slow down and engage all your senses!

Venus in Taurus may make you more lazy too, like a satiated cat purring happily and unwilling to budge… So what? It’s only three and a half weeks out of a whole fifty two per a year… Spring is here, the world is in bloom and it’s time for you to just relax and enjoy!

Earth signs will see their sensual allure increase ten-fold! Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, let others be wowed by your elegance and allure! Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will be more in the mood for love and socialising. Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius have just had Venus bring them love and happiness in April. This period till May 24th is more about work, business and finance. As for air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, it’s your nearest and dearest that bring you this period’s happiest moments. Do you have any planets in Taurus? Then Venus will bring them her magic touch of love, beauty and money. Find out by drawing your free birth-chart then check out the planets in astrology to find out more about the lucky planet touched by Venus in Taurus over the next few weeks!

How to 'Do' Venus in Taurus

  • With beauty-goddess Venus in Taurus, it’s the more curvy, feminine look that pulls the eye. Go for a classic style and do your best to look expensive. Less is more. A luscious fabric, a gentle perfume and a choice accessory are all you need to hit the spot.
  • Love and appreciation are measured in quantifiable terms with Venus in Taurus. A good meal, an exclusive gift, gorgeous-smelling flowers, great chocolate and wine, soft fabrics or a sensuous spa treatment are great ways to show someone you care. And above take your time. Taurus hates to be rushed. Make each romantic moment last as long as possible! No need to break the bank. Taurus is sensible. Just show someone that they are worth that little extra. Does a special someone have Venus in Taurus? Find out how to please them at Venus in Love: Where Does Cupid Strike?
  • Taurus is all about quality and things that last. If you are to make a financial investment, go for a timeless, classic and elegant piece or put your money in a safe place where you can see it grow, slowly and surely. (Indeed with Mercury retrograde in Taurus, be extra careful what you do with your money this month. If unsure just keep it safe or buy a voucher.)

May 8th-15th Save the Date!

Venus in Taurus has a gift for you: a few extra-special days for love, luxury and pleasure! Circle these days in your diary:

  • May 9th: Venus sextile Neptune in Pisces: Romance and love go and in hand. Beauty is alluring and you may spend on art, dreams, poetry and fashion.
  • May 10th: Venus trine Jupiter in Virgo: This is a happy day, when you're lucky in love and business alike. The only danger here is over-spending and over-indulgence, so stop while you’re wining!
  • May 12th: Venus conjunct Mercury retrograde in Taurus: A day of love-letters and business transactions. But with Mercury retrograde, triple-check all your facts before your open your heart or your wallet. 
  • May 14th: Venus trine Pluto in Capricorn: Love is all-or-nothing, sexy, satisfying, transformative! Finances receive a boost and you may go for more high end items.
  • May 19th: Venus sextile Chiron in Pisces: Love has healing powers. Think beauty and the beast when love has the power to redeem the ugliness in someone’s heart.

Your Love-Scope: How Venus in Taurus Affects Your Sign!

Venus in Taurus brings the desire for love, self-indulgence, luxury and pleasure in different ways for each star-sign. Read yours and find out where to venture in search of your heart's desires! You can also call our gifted love-psychics on 0207 111 6384 for a more personal romantic steer…


You just cannot resist splashing out on expensive items with Venus luxuriating in your money-zone.   Your self-esteem is up, and you are certainly worth it! Or you may want to make someone else happy sparing no expense. Go for quality. Keep on top of expenses with your daily money horoscope!


It is finally time for you to shine, dear Taurus. Venus, your ruler, has arrived home and her allure is making you look drop dead gorgeous!  In fact, why not treat yourself to a something special? A massage or spa break, a romantic getaway, a delicious meal, an expensive perfume or piece of clothing - whatever it is, do what you need to make yourself feel like a million dollars!  Venus in your sign is turning you into a very attractive proposition right about now and your love-prospects look good. Check out your extended daily love horoscope for day-to-day guidance!


You're normally an extremely outgoing and sociable character, but there is nothing wrong with beating the occasional retreat to recharge your batteries. Removing yourself from the hustle and bustle will allow you to slow down and ground yourself through simple pleasures. Spiritual pursuits can be very relaxing, and giving things away that bring joy to others may also feel particularly good. Stay in touch with your soul by reading our daily psychic tip.


Friends make life more beautiful these days and you may find that you have quite a few allies fighting your corner. You may feel that the world is a friendlier place as a result and let yourself relax a little in the supporting hands of others. Your dreams and future aspirations may take on a more materialistic hue during this time, which is fine with you, inspiring you to aim for more money, love, joy and pleasure in life. Wish you were more than friends? Find out how to make each star-sign fall in love!


Venus increases your popularity with higher ups, doing wonders for your career and public image. Maybe it is time to revamp your working attire?  Can you do so without breaking the bank? There is a gorgeous something you give off when you are in charge - which is to say when you’re in your element You can impress the right people right about now. Stay on top with your weekly career horoscope!


Travel is super-sweet right now. Planning to be somewhere exotic? Then make sure to try all the goodies that come your way: exotic foods, sensuous massage treatments, silk fabrics... Stuck at home? Then venture out beyond your comfort zone and try new experiences! Venus in Taurus increases your attractiveness and allure too and is an excellent time to market and promote yourself. If you are studying you will enjoy it more, as a subject begins to grab your interest. Look to the future with your personal year ahead predictor for the next 12 months!


Sex has never been more sensuous than when your ruler Venus is in Taurus, right at home there in your sex-zone…  Staying behind closed doors can bring magical moments. You also stand to benefit quite a bit from business deals receiving a nice juicy cut of the pie, as Venus protects your interests in all things to do with shared property. You may also receive an expensive gift. If it’s all getting too intense, have a look at what to expect from the star-sign you’re in love with and stay ahead of the game!


Someone is oh so alluring right now and there is little you can do to resist! You may be lavishly spending on your sweetheart or indulging in their every whim. Or you may have found that you have an admirer… This will remind you of how attractive you are and increase your overall cache. You are not alone - others bring you happiness now. Is it time to tie the knot? And would marriage suit you? Find out in Astrology and Marriage.


Going to work is much more pleasurable and fun when Venus is in Taurus. Maybe you have discovered a lovely little place for lunch around the corner? Or maybe some change at the office - fresh decor or a new colleague - has made the place more pleasing to the eye. You may feel lazier than usual now, but you should nonetheless see your work projects develop nicely and your health improve too, so long as you don't overdose on pâté, chocolate and wine…. Make life and work more pleasurable by checking out ‘it pays to know your boss’.


Spring is here and your heart will begin to flutter with notions of love and romance, even if you are normally the most business-oriented of the signs… Venus in Taurus increases your allure, making you a very attractive proposition in turn, which is no bad thing. You may see your popularity rocket with everybody wanting to be by your side. You may also feel wonderfully creative and enjoy putting beautiful, quality finishing touches on your projects. In the mood for love? Check for love compatibility between the star-signs!


Gripped by a sudden urge to redecorate, beautify your home or finally buy in that gorgeous rug or painting you have been eyeing for a while? No expense is spared as you seek to surround yourself with quality, beauty and luxury to lift your spirits. And while you’re at it, find out what Venus has to say about good taste! Family gatherings also bring the sweetest pleasures right now. Maybe a banquet at home is all that’s needed to experience warmth and happiness as well as show of your beautiful acquisition?


Love and pleasure is all around you! Maybe there’s talk of your financial situation improving? Or maybe you’ve met a handsome stranger around the corner from your house? Has someone caught your eye? Check for signs that he or she is really into you! You’re becoming increasingly popular and have lots of pleasing news and subjects you love to discuss. Your mind is on enjoying yourself and so you should. A short trip could prove especially enjoyable and all kinds of encounters with others seem to bring you luck now. Good times!

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