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Venus goes into Pisces on April 6th – love and romance are in the air!

Venus goes into Pisces on April 6th – love and romance are in the air!

Venus, the planet that rules love and money, is exalted in Pisces which means that this is an especially positive placement and it’s there until May 3rd.

The positives with Venus moving into Pisces:
-        You may fall in love at first sight
-        Your creativity will be very powerful
-        You’ll only see the good things in people
-        You’ll want to bring more romance into your life
The challenges:
-        Be careful you are not easily influenced by others
-        Don’t trust someone’s kind words, make sure you see their actions
-        Don’t put your faith in the wrong people
-        Someone may disappoint you
Keep in mind the old adage ‘if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.’
You might want to have a little flutter on the lottery or the horses as Venus in Pisces is very intuitive and can often sniff out a winner.
It’s an extremely romantic placement and favours anything in the creative and artistic field: Poetry, music, painting, flowers, chocolates, love letters (or emails / texts), moonlit dinners, and anything that makes you feel special are all highlighted. If you are not in a relationship, that’s no excuse. Make sure you do something romantic for yourself. Cook a special meal made with love and eat it in candlelight. What are you going to do to make yourself feel loved and valued?
Pisces does have a tendency to ignore healthy boundaries, so make sure you are not over-extending yourself by giving too much to someone, only to feel resentful afterwards. Be firm, do whatever you feel you can, but remember that you cannot save everyone.
Neptune is also in Pisces, which is going to give many of you the illusion of being in love rather than the reality of it.
Be careful about drawing someone into your life who is not telling you the truth about their current situation. It’s often done by omission rather than an actual lie. I have had clients during this transit start a new relationship, fall in love and open up their heart, only to find out later that the person is already married or in a relationship.

Favourable activities for when Venus moves into Pisces:

-        Anything that gets your creative juices going:
-        music, dance, art, play, movies, games, water, colours, nature, gardening, cooking, crafts, daydreaming, writing, poetry.
-        Go swimming, be near water or in nature
-        Go to an art gallery or a concert
-        See a romantic movie
-        Pick some flowers out in the countryside
-        Be around animals and in nature
How will it affect you personally?
Listen to your dreams as they will contain powerful messages. Have a pen and paper by your bed so that you can capture them as soon as you wake up. You may have a secret love affair or someone from your past may come back into your life.
This transit could bring some beautiful new friends into your life. If you are looking for romance, you may turn a friendship into an intimate relationship during this time. Volunteering or doing something for the greater good will bring you deep gratification.
This transit focuses on your career and your public image. If you are in the entertainment business, it could mean a new contract, success in an audition or being recognised in your field. You could receive a raise or a promotion or even just appreciation and acknowledgement for all you do.  

This is a wonderful time to plan that dream trip you have been wanting to do or to go on a retreat where you can get in touch with your spiritual side. Travelling, especially long distance trips are under favourable aspects. You may meet someone from overseas with whom you start up a friendship or a romance.

You could receive financial help from someone, a sponsorship, a grant or an inheritance. If you are in a relationship, your partner’s income may increase. You may have a deep sexual attraction to someone, or you may become more intimate with your partner if you are in an existing relationship.

If you want to get into a relationship, this transit will help you. If you are already in a relationship, you can bring some of the spice back into it easily. You will attract people to you more easily and they will be more amenable to your wishes. If you are proposing marriage, this is a good time. It’s also favourable for a business partnership or deal.

Your relationships at work will receive a positive burst of energy. If you want more favourable working conditions, or you would like to work from home, this is the time to ask for it as it is likely to be approved. Be careful about eating too many sweet things as Venus in Pisces can indicate an over-indulgence.

If you are looking for romance, make sure you go to places where you can meet an eligible partner, because with this transit, the odds are greatly in your favour! It’s a good time for starting a business and also for making more profit from an existing one. You’ll be popular and people will want to be with you.

This is a good time for connecting with your family or people who feel like your family. These relationships will give you that warm fuzzy feeling. Invite people to your home or do something to beautify your surroundings. You might decide to renovate or refurbish your home.
This is a great time to network and meet new people either in person or through social networking. You could make productive business contacts and romantic personal connections. It’s a favourable time for undertaking a new course of study especially in something that you feel passionate about.

This transit focuses on your finances. It could bring gains and even a windfall. Make sure you’re not being too extravagant, and don’t spend beyond your means. A new business idea could take off.

You’ll be popular and in demand and if you want romance in your life, you’ll be able to have it. It’s a good time to have a new hairdo, to change your style of dress and to present yourself in an aesthetically beautiful way.  
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