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Venus Opposite Mars and Eurovision 2014

Venus Opposite Mars and Eurovision 2014

The Eurovision Song Contest invites countries in the European Union to put forward one of their ‘best’ singers to take part in an annual singing competition where one of them is voted the most popular. The winning song becomes the host country the following year and so it goes on.

The competition began in 1956 and includes some house-hold names amongst the winners, e.g. Abba (Sweden), Celine Dion (Switzerland), Julio Iglesias (Spain) and our very own Bucks Fizz (United Kingdom) who won in 1981. Their catchy tune “Making Your Mind Up” was equally memorable for the girls whipping off their skirts to reveal even shorter skirts underneath.
In recent years, the competition has grown decidedly kitsch. It’s colourful and over-the-top, the voting has turned political with fellow countries voting for each other regardless of the song and there are more gimmicks and some of the stage acts verge on the ridiculous.
This year’s event took place on Saturday 10th May 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark and included a hip-hop duo backed by sexy milkmaids (Poland), men singing about their moustaches (France), an ex X-Factor contestant, Ruth Lorenzo (Spain) and the eventual winner, Conchita Wurst, the ‘Bearded Lady’, who hails from Austria.


Conchita Wurst is actually a man named Thomas “Tom” Neuwirth , who performs as a female drag artist. This was intriguing astrologically as the dominant aspect on the night of Eurovision was an opposition between Venus (women) and Mars (men).  

This aspect is fairly rare as Venus is always relatively close to the Sun and when the two meet in opposition, Mars is either retrograde, i.e. in reverse motion or close to it’s station (i.e. the point in the heavens where it turns around and moves from retrograde to direct motion).
This opposition stood out as Venus and Mars were in each other’s sign which in astrology is called mutual reception, i.e. Venus was in Mars’ sign of Aries and Mars was in Venus’ sign of Libra. This makes them interchangeable and they work more harmoniously than they would in a straight-forward opposition aspect.
When you’re consulting natal charts, you can swap the two planets around giving strength to one or both and it allows more co-operation between the two planets. When the man Thomas Neuwirth turns into the female drag artist, Conchita Wurst, s/he uses female pronouns to describe herself. Here we see the direct interchange of the feminine and masculine aspects.
This is a wonderful symbol for the mix-up of the masculine and feminine energies embodied in a female drag artist. On the night of the contest, Conchita Wurst was wearing a stunning tight-fitting gold and glitzy dress wonderfully feminine and Venusian and yet wore a beard, a definitive masculine or Martian statement.
The name of the winner, Conchita Wurst, also fits the sexual symbolism of Venus and Mars, the significators of women and men. Conchita means literally ‘little conch’ or little shell and Wurst is German for ‘sausage’. Although Thomas Neuwirth states that he chose the surname Wurst because in German you say something is “wurst”, when you don’t care or you’re not bothered. He wanted to get across the fact that it doesn’t really matter where one comes from, and what one looks like.


There is currently no time of birth for Thomas Neuwirth but his natal chart is still revealing and shows why he was in tune with the zeitgeist and the spirit of our times. Born on November 6th 1988 in Gmunden, Austria, Thomas Neuwirth is a Sun Scorpio.
The title of his winning song “Rise Like A Phoenix” would make a perfect Scorpio anthem as the mythical bird, the phoenix, is one of Scorpio’s symbols. The legendary bird signifies ‘transformation’ as it rises out of the ashes to be reborn. In Thomas Neuwirth’s chart, Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, is closely conjunct the Sun, intensifying the Scorpio nature.
What’s immediately obvious in this chart, however, is the placing of Venus and Mars and the signs that they occupy. Mars is in his own sign of rulership, Aries, and Venus is in her own sign of rulership, Libra. The male and female principles are strong and powerful in Thomas Neuwirth’s natal chart. Plus they make a wide opposition to each other in the natal chart with Mars at 0 Aries and Venus at 9.
Both Venus and Mars square the planet Neptune in his chart, the chameleon of the heavens, an elusive and often intangible planet associated with shape-shifting. This illusory planet is linked with glamour and the stunning image of the ‘Bearded Lady’ confuses you. Is she a man, is he a woman? It also raises the question, ‘is it ok to be different?’
The opposition between Venus and Mars in Thomas Neuwirth’s natal chart is a replica of the Venus/Mars opposition that was applying on the night of the Eurovision song contest, except the other way around. Notice that Venus in his natal chart is at 9 Libra and when the opposition reached exactitude on the morning of May 11th 2014, Mars was at 9 Libra and Venus at 9 Aries picking up his own natal Venus.
This was Conchita Wurst’s moment, in line with her destiny. Thomas Neuwirth maintains that he created his alter-ego Conchita Wurst because ‘it’s a call for tolerance for everything that seems different’. In her acceptance speech, Conchita declared, “This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. You know who you are. We are unity. And we are unstoppable”.
Isn’t this a beautiful symbol of Venus and Mars in mutual reception and each other’s signs, opposed across the heavens, and yet willing to reach out with their differences and work together in a testimony of unity and harmony?

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